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Photograph Analysis Armada Way, Plymouth

This booklet holds a written analysis of the photographs that illustrate Armada Way in Plymouth City Centre and its surrounding area. The users movement and journey has been analysed using these photographs.

The Southern end of the Armada Way has a pond. It is located in between the Guildhall and Plymouth City Council. Just next door to the East is a round cafĂŠ with chairs and tables surrounding it. Trees and greenery branch over the pond.


The Royal Parade was built in the 1950s for an easier route through the centre for cargo transport. Today it is used by public transport and personal cars. The crossing here is used every two minutes for pedestrian traffic which brings the transport traffic to a complete halt for the majority of the day.


Bicycles are allowed to cycle through Armada Way but it is against the law to cycle in a public area. Here a young man rolls through on his BMX possibly finding the attention of local ladies.


This tall tower, the Guildhall, over shadows the pond in the South of Armada Way. It’s a very dominant building and has the features of a face.


Brightly coloured bin men. Collecting rubbish is what they really do. They stroll the whole City Centre in search of mess. Would it be wise to design an area in which they can gather?


The Royal Parade oncoming traffic is scary and unsafe for little humans. What if there was an easier rout to be made for pedestrians? Will it benefit their journey and safety?


Little old ladies. There is a lot of this genre in the City Centre. They seem to be alone and independent. From their wobble as they hobble it would be wise to create all areas accessible for them.


Pigeon fever.


Bins are located up and down the stretch of Armada Way. This waste scheme is in order. The City Centre is a clean City Centre.


Smartly dressed man with red bag. He must have been January sale shopping. I had only seen a few smartly dressed people in the Centre: I wonder why?


Benches are positioned down the Armada Way strip but are not used very often. The user tends to rush through quickly ignoring the benches existence. The weather is a problem as rain congregates on top of the surface.


The users who walk through Armada Way are on their own the majority of the time. Their route is literally to pass through the piazza as quickly and in the shortest way possible.


The materials of the shop fronts have a very interesting colour. The stone has a historic tone.


As in all the Cities there are very eccentric characters. I need to think about what users of the space will benefit in the proposed designs.


Directly in the middle of the City Centre is an iconic water fountain. It has a large mirrored spike that points to the sky Northbound. The users walk around this feature occasionally stopping to have a closer look.


A disused small out building. Boarded up. It has a locked ladder in which authorised personal can use. I wonder what Armada Way would look like up higher?


A lonesome mid 30s man sits on the low stone wall on his phone possibly waiting to meet up with someone. Would he like a more desirable place in the Armada Way piazza?


The start of the greener side of Armada Way.


Bench with a person resting wearing a blue jumper. The benches faces the shop fronts and not the greenery in between the Armada Way shops.


Two ladies perched on the low wall catching up with gossip and news. A cheeky seagull hiding behind most probably waiting for a victim with hot food.


Trees hide and reveal certain parts of the shops fronts.


Lady in red casually walks from the City Centre after her successful shopping spree. A man is camouflaged into the background eating a baguette. I wonder if he is in his element?


Outlook from Starbucks coffee cafĂŠ. Shop tables and chairs almost full of customers socializing and catching up with each other. One of the main activities that people venture to the city centre is this.


Outlook from Starbucks coffee cafĂŠ overlooking the public toilets. These are located underground which saves space for above ground. People linger in the square above for the females to spend a penny. Would the waiting people enjoy an activity to interact with while they wait patiently.


Barclays has recently been upgraded to a modern looking building. A sleek glass facade is what you are greeted with when approaching it.


The bus stops are found on the Southern edge of Armada Way behind the apartment store. This is the start to some visitors journey through the space.


House of Fraser. Five levels with the top level a cafĂŠ that overlooks parts of the Armada Way.


A man sorting out shopping into different bags. He uses the bench to place his bags but they are too wet to sit upon. Shame.


Individual users stroll through not taking any notice of the surrounding area instead focusing on their steps by looking at their feet.


Bikes stored unofficially to benches and trees which stops the correct use of the object. A bike stop would be an idea to insert into the design.


A man sits on the edge of a wet bench while configuring a cigarette. 70% off at House of Fraser.


Couples heading in different directions through Armada Way looking at the floor more times then not.


Young teenagers walk in groups on this occasion towards the fountain in the Centre to meet more friends.


Users passing through the Centre around the fountain.


Mum and children walk past the fountain. Would the kids like an area for climbing upon or venturing around?




Old couple enjoying a walk round the City. Would they like a more desirable journey?


The start of the greener side of the Armada Way.


Middle aged lady enjoying her own company. Or is she? Would she like a companion to talk to?


Overhaul of pigeons. A small water feature in Centre with a bench that overlooks this.


The two ladies catching up with gossip that can be seen closer on page 21.


Two friends stop in the street to talk just before I caught them walking off. Barclays in the background that can be seen clearer on page 26.


Group of college students strolling into the City Centre. Would they want an area for socializing and activities?


Access for vehicles on behalf of the council. They can drive anywhere around the Armada way to access what they need. Thought for vehicle access to be within the design.


Families attend the Armada Way for shopping. Would there be a design for families to interact with an object and a design to make their journey more desirable?


The square above the public toilets surrounded by a small wall and metal bars. The husbands usually wait for their other half to finish in the toilets. Would there be a chance for them to interact with an object whilst waiting?


Facing down the South of Armada Way looking at the fountain and people occupying the space around it.


A family of four looks closer at the small seats that surrounds the fountain.


A close up view of the fountain. The mirrored spike that faces the sky Northbound reflects the buildings that surround it. Would mirroring the surrounding area stop people journey and distract them?


Two young teenagers congregates the fountain gossiping to each other. I’m sure that during the summer months this fountain gets quite busy with people wanting to sit around it.


A young man cycles through the Armada Way piazza. Maybe a cyclist route could be designed for these types of users.


Facing down south of Armada Way showing the amount of people using the piazza. The buildings around are very dominant and overlook the Armada Way.


Facing up North of Armada Way showing the amount of people using the piazza. This old lady is struggling with large bags. Would there be a design to make her journey more desirable?


A bike clamped to a tree.


Two bin men standing around socialising above the public toilets. Two phone boxes on the right hand side.


A man stands in front of the House of Fraser Apartment store alone possibly waiting for his wife. Would he like a better waiting area?


Facing North of Armada Way showing the users journey. It is a wide space spanning 44 meters.


A big screen stands at the South of Armada Way displaying the BBC news. Events like sports and Olympics are probably played at sometime. This is a focus from the Armada Way piazza.


The traffic light crossing that overlaps the Royal Parade dual carriage way. Here can be seen the amount of people crossing at one time.


Overlooking the Southern part of the Armada Way from the House of Fraser with the pond in between the Guildhall and the Plymouth City Council.


Overlooking the Royal Parade at the Southern part of Armada Way looking at the traffic using the Road. The majority of vehicles tend to be public transport buses.


The pond in between the Guildhall and Plymouth City Council.


Š Joseph Holder 009/010

62 Written Photography Analysis Armada Way, Plymouth  

Written Analysis of Photography Taken in Armada Way, Plymouth

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