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Slow Panic

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Joseph Goodwin

Mob: 01603 700394


Joseph Goodwin



Joseph Goodwin



Joseph Goodwin


Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen): Band members playing their instruments separately with a white backdrop and strong white light. The strong white light will give a good contrast with the musicians especially if they wear black. This has been done in the Kabeedies video jitterbug.

Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming: At my own house and Chris's house, using bedrooms and kitchen. I will also film in the suburbs of Norwich, down by the river wensum and in Cary's meadow to create a cold dark theme that will go well with the song, and in Aylsham town centre.

Summary of Production: My music video will start of a shot of Tom looking at a picture of a girl in a field with her back to the camera, it will zoom into the picture and the shot will carry on showing the image of the girl walking in a reverse mode through a marsh. A new shot will come in with the band members each singing a line of the chorus. It will then go back to the girl who at this point is by a river still in walking reverse mode. Shot then shows cup smashing to pieces, but as we are still in reverse mode it goes back up and shows Chris dropping the cup and his shocked face when seeing who the girl is. Cuts back to band members singing a line of the chorus each. Then cutting to a shot of Chris the girl jumping off something which will be in slow motion and the other half of the shot being Chris running in normal motion. Then cuts out to show a shot of the girl sitting on the bench and when she looks around it is Tom in a wig who has been the girl throughout.

Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you): I have been influenced by special effects which would be impossible to create in real life. A range of different videos use these including Coldplay's video for The Scientist as I like how everything happens in reverse, as if you are seeing it in rewind mode, this ties in well with what Joe Gow calls the 'Enhanced Performance' type of music video, in his book ‘Music Video as a Communication: Popular Formulas and Emerging Genres’, as the effects used blend in the performance by Chris Martin and it also fits in with the Lyrics as in the last line of the chorus it says 'lets go back to the start. I was also influenced by Kora's video for Politician this video also uses the reverse effect well throughout the video. Radiohead's video for Street Spirit also uses interesting special effects which involve one half of the shot in slow motion and the other half in normal motion, this appealed to me because it is unusual and unique

Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.): Sony A1 or Canon legria (AVC HD) and a tripod.

Dates you need the equipment: 7th and 8th of December as well as the 14th of December.

Times and dates you need the TV Studio: 14th of December in the afternoon

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