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Joseph DiMartino Architectural Portfolio

01 Underwater Antiquities Museum 02 Rainbow Network Headquarters 03 Writer’s Studio for Stephen King 04 Rountree Neighborhood Library 05 Homeless Assistance Center 06 St. Louis Hills Community Center

01 Musem of Underwater Antiquities The city of Piraeus has a vacant grain silo building that the port administration wanted re-purposed into an underwater antiquities museum. My concept for this project was to create a landmark for the port and the city. The building’s form resembles natural landmarks found in the nautical world. The program for this project includes different types of exhibition spaces, a rooftop restaurant, and restoration laboratories.

02 Rainbow Network Headquarters The Rainbow Network is a non-for-profit organization that helps underprivileged families micro-finance homes and provide structure in their lives. This project was a headquarters for their efforts in Nicaragua. Programmatic elements include spaces for administration, education, dormitories, vehicle maintenance, and a health clinic. The concept of this project was to capture as much of the rain as possible during the 5 month wet season. The center of each of the 5 structures on the campus has water cisterns capable of containing thousands of gallons of water.

03 Writer’s Studio for Stephen King This project was an exploration into the world of construction documents. A small program consisted of a writing space and basic living spaces. The design, conceptualized for Stephen King, was generated as a team of 4. Less emphasis on aspects such as site and context allowed us to concentrate fully on the tectonic nature of the project.

04 Rountree Neighborhood Library The Rountree Neighborhood in Springfield, MO had a vacant lot near a rail road crossing. The purpose of this project was to design an acoustically sound space. My approach to this problem was to embrace the railroad and exploit its unique characteristics. A triple pane glass facade would showcase the train but also mitigate the volume of noise that penetrated into the space. The major programmatic elements of this project included storage for books, a cafe, and a children’s play area.

05 Homeless Assistance Center This project was for the class Hypermedia Technology. The objective was to work collaboratively with other students in a digital format. Organization of ideas and electronic files was the overall purpose of this class. The public opinion was critical in the design of this building. Electronic surveys were developed via the internet to discuss design ideas and provide feedback. The information was then synthesized and used to impact the design decisions of the group. The final product was submitted into a national competition.

06 St. Louis Hills Community Center This Project focuses on the idea of an Accountable Energy Community. In this case, the community was already in place, but the means of educating its residents was non existent. This building offers a hub for the STL Hills Neighborhood Association while providing sustainable solutions with an emphasis on accountability towards utility consumption. The community aspect of the building takes up the first floor, which includes a Bistro/local market, Fitness Center, Youth Center, and Venue/ Meeting rooms. The second floor hosts 10 apartment/loft style living quarters that overlook Francis Park. cell: 314.497.4634

Joseph DiMartino Architectural Portfolio  
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