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==== ==== How to Make Money Selling Ebooks on Amazon Kindle ==== ====

Want to write a Kindle ebook? You can literally complete your ebook today, upload it to Amazon, and sell it tomorrow. Here's how. Write Your Book: Start Now Obviously, before you can sell your book, you need to write it. Perhaps you're already well on the way to completing your book (that may be the reason you're reading this article). If so, write on -complete your book. If you haven't started writing, consider your own expertise. What do you know that you'd love to share in a Kindle ebook? Perhaps you're an expert on gardening, or cooking, or real estate. Go ahead, share your expertise; write your book. If you haven't yet started writing, and you're looking for a topic, go to Amazon's Kindle book store, and look at the various sections. Fiction of all kinds is popular, as is nonfiction. Also, visit your bookstore, and check out the bestsellers. I've written many books, so I know that the easiest way to write is to stick with your passions. When my children were small, I wrote parenting books. When I started running my own business, I wrote books on business topics -- time management, working from home, marketing a business, and so on. What's happening in your life? If you're a retiree, or a work from home mom, you have knowledge and insights for which others in your situation would be grateful. If you're a storyteller, you can publish your short stories and novels on the Kindle. Pick a popular genre, like romance, or mystery, and go ahead and write your novel. You can make money out of thin air, simply by using your imagination. One of my friends has grandchildren. She loves to make up stories for them. A year ago, she started writing down the stories. She's now publishing them on the Kindle platform. Format Your Book As an Ebook for the Kindle Platform While you're writing, prepare for Kindle publication. Write in a word processor. Microsoft Word is fine. Important: avoid fancy formatting, with Word Styles. Stay with the basics. While I'm writing, I like to

add page numbers so that I can print out chapters and read them comfortably. However, when I'm getting the file ready for Kindle publication, I save the file to a new file, then I remove the page numbering, and fancy fonts. Your next step is to save your book as a Web page -- use the "Save As Web Page" feature in the File menu in MS Word. Then download and install Amazon's special program for creating Kindle ebooks. You can also download the Kindle Previewer program, which lets you read your new ebook on your computer. (Both these programs are free.) Check your book in the Kindle Previewer, and if it looks fine, you're done. Upload it to Amazon, and in 24 hours your new ebook is ready to sell in the Kindle bookstore. If you've been wondering how to write a book for the Kindle, I hope this helps.

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==== ==== How to Make Money Selling Ebooks on Amazon Kindle ==== ====

Make a Live Selling Books on Amazon  

If you are writing books and want to use the digital arena to sale and get money,then Kindle is the best choice.

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