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Getting Started as a reseller Are you interested in expanding your business? Maybe offer more products? eDist is prepared to partner with you and enable you to become a value added reseller of voice processing technology, which is popular among numerous professionals. eDist has developed long-lasting relationships with multiple voice processing vendors (Nuance, Olympus, Philips, and more) to distribute products across North America to resellers looking to break into new markets and build substantial profit. Reselling is terrific way to break into new markets, find new consumers and meet the demands of people everywhere. Technology is only growing in how it enables people to do their work in any setting. Be a leader in providing technology people are looking for and hoping to use in their work. Getting started as a reseller is easy:  You can get started today by speaking with an eDist associate  Discuss your reselling options along with products you wish to resell  Become an authorized, preferred reseller and get trained by experts who know the products the best  Develop an incredible relationship with eDist—a leader in distributing in North America  Add numerous products to your storefront or online store  Jump into various markets by offering a wide range of products for multiple professionals  Increase profit margins by purchasing products at wholesale prices and selling at MSRP prices  Meet high demand for voice processing technology across the continent eDist has 40 years of distribution experience and is ready to partner with you as a reseller and provide the business and marketing strategies you need to start reselling immediately. With hundreds of resellers across the continent, eDist is a proven leader in helping businesses become resellers of major vendors. This is your chance to grow your business entirely through partnership with a leader in product distribution. Meet the demand, resell popular products and become even more profitable.eDist is ready to begin a partnership with your business through reselling, and can offer you Nuance wholesale pricing - . The process is simple and eDist will walk you through everything you need to know, and more. Select the products you wish to resell, get trained on how to use and demonstrate products for clients and begin offering exceptional technology in your store(s), both online and offline. With 4 major distributing warehouses, eDist is prepared to ship products quickly so you receive want you when you need it. Meet demand at the right time and welcome generous profits into your business.

Getting Started as a reseller  

Are you interested in expanding your business? Maybe offer more products?

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