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A Message from Our Board Chair and President DEAR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS, Spring is in the air once more, and while Mother Nature took it relatively easy on us this winter, it still feels good to put the snow boots away for another year. The mild weather has been tremendous for the construction of the new patient tower. The last concrete pour for the top level of our new patient tower is complete - the first significant milestone for Phase 2 of the new hospital project. Take a look at our Construction Photo Album on Jo Brant’s Facebook page to see photos that capture the last concrete pour as well as a first look inside the tower. At the Foundation, we’re embarking on a new three-year strategic plan, with a mission to engage our community, inspire investment in Joseph Brant Hospital, and work to make a difference in healthcare for our community. Your support of the Foundation has been tremendous and the significant shift in

healthcare that is underway in Burlington would not be possible without you. We’re excited to showcase our five Redevelopment Mock-Up Rooms to provide you with a preview of the features of our new Hospital - Patient Room, Emergency Department Exam Room, Trauma Resuscitation Room, Intensive Care Unit Room and an Operating Room. These rooms have been designed to promote patient and family centred care and they incorporate the latest technological advancements that will enable our staff to deliver exemplary healthcare services to our community. Looking ahead to the summer, our CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament is back on June 12 at Burlington Mall. We’re excited to have Wendel Clark, former Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs on board as our 2016 CAAAR! Ambassador. We hope you’ll join Wendel and other NHL celebrities for a

great day of road hockey in support of our new Hospital. Register today, or sponsor the event today at Thank you for your continued support as we continue to make our vision of the best healthcare for our community a reality. Sincerely,

Susan Busby Chair, Board of Directors, JBH Foundation

Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation 1230 North Shore Blvd. Burlington, ON L7S 1W7 Tel: 905-336-6499

Anissa Hilborn President, JBH Foundation


Cheryl Williams

Mock-Up Rooms showcase the future of Joseph Brant Hospital WHEN THE NEW PATIENT TOWER OPENS IN LATE 2017, A NEW ERA IN HEALTHCARE WILL BEGIN IN BURLINGTON. ALONG WITH NEW FACILITIES, WE WILL PROVIDE A NEW PATIENT EXPERIENCE, WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY. You have the opportunity to see the future of healthcare at Joseph Brant Hospital today with our Redevelopment Mock-Up Rooms. Take a walk through a Patient Room, Emergency Department Exam Room, Trauma Resuscitation Room, Intensive Care Unit Room and an Operating Room. These rooms have been designed to promote patient- and family-centred care and they incorporate the latest technological advancements that will enable our staff to deliver exemplary healthcare services to our community. Joseph Brant Hospital recognizes that to offer the highest quality in patient care, we must embrace the most current models of care that work for patients and their families. We are thinking differently and finding innovative ways to bring value to our patients and community.

We have identified five key design elements that we will focus on throughout the new hospital Project and beyond: •P  atient and Family Centred Care: Striving always to understand the needs of our patients and families. • L eading Practice: To be a leading edge facility incorporating the latest technological advancements. •O  perational Efficiencies: Flexibility, adaptation and innovation to create a world class care centre. • Improving Accessibility and Building Community: Creating a community focused space, fostering the relationship between our hospital and the people who need it. • Hospital Identity: Our new era reflects our force in the community, providing exemplary healthcare services. Please contact us at to find out more about the opportunities to visit the mock-up rooms.

FOR CHERYL WILLIAMS, VICE PRESIDENT PATIENT CARE SERVICES & CHIEF NURSING EXECUTIVE, THE REDEVELOPMENT AND EXPANSION PROJECT IS THE MOST EXCITING THING HAPPENING AT JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL, BUT IT IS ONLY A PART OF THE TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY FOR HEALTHCARE IN BURLINGTON. Cheryl joined JBH in April 2015, after eight years at Rouge Valley Health System. She sees the new patient tower as a beacon, helping to recruit top candidates into vacant positions, which is helping to transform our Hospital. “The space is designed for how our clinicians and staff work,” said Williams. “There are alcoves between patient rooms that have computers for documentation, and storage for frequently used supplies, which will keep staff closer to patients and reduce time spent gathering supplies. Every little thing has been though of.” From the handrails in patient rooms and built in night-lights to guide them to the washroom, the placement of outlets for IV poles to reduce bending and reaching, best practices are being implemented in all aspects of the design. “The new patient tower will change all aspects of care to improve quality, safety and the overall patient experience,” she said. “Our processes have to change to make the most of the new space, and over the next year the plan is underway to help us prepare.” In addition to the operational readiness teams, program champions are in place to engage their teams in how the new environment should and will work. Staff have been actively involved in providing feedback, redesigning processes and helping select new equipment to ensure the quality of care is second-to-none. The changes in process have already led to success, with reductions in wait times for inpatient beds. But for Williams, further enhancements to processes are integral to the efficient use of the new and renovated space, and to provide an excellent overall patient experience. “Virtually no area will be untouched in the organization,” Williams said. “It really will be a new Joseph Brant Hospital.”


“He did not want the cancer diagnosis to define him. He wanted to beat it and move on,” explained his wife Kathryn. Through his treatment, Thane came to appreciate the quality of care provided by the staff at the Joseph Brant Hospital Cancer Clinic. “He wanted people to know about the great works that the clinic did, and continues to do,” said Kathryn. “He was always praising the clinic team – staff and volunteers alike – for their professionalism, compassion, sincerity, and humanness. They became akin to family members.” Thane firmly believed in giving back to the community. He volunteered as often as he could. He was heavily involved in the Burlington Eagles Hockey Club, and joined his friends Angelo and Diane Bentivegna as an original member of the organizing committee for the Beauty and the Bistro; Be Our Guests, Save Our Breasts Event. The event went on to raise $450,000 over three years to purchase a digital mammography machine with biopsy attachment for Joseph Brant Hospital.

to bake cookies for the staff as a thank you for their ongoing work and support. Shortly after, when he learned that funding to provide cookies to the patients and their families was no longer available, he stepped up and provided the necessary annual financial support to ensure the patients’ cookies continued to be available, a proud tradition that Kathryn, and their children Zachary and Jessica continue. “For Thane, the cookies provided a perk – a little something to keep the patients occupied and provide a sense of normalcy for them in an otherwise stressful situation, which was very important to him,” said Kathryn. Over the years, Thane became a familiar face around JBH, and a dear friend and advocate of the Foundation. Known for his “big bear” personality and dry sense of humour, he often attended and spoke at events, helping to raise money for the Foundation by sharing his patient experience and encouraging others to support their community hospital.

Having seen first-hand the impact that a cancer diagnosis and treatment can have on an individual and their family, Thane saw the benefits of early diagnosis and quality care and the impact that this technology could have in the lives of so many people.

After a courageous battle, Thane passed away in June 2015, but his spirit and commitment continue to live on through a legacy gift to the Foundation to be directed to capital improvements to be made to the Cancer Clinic as part of the Redevelopment and Expansion project.

While undergoing bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments, Thane asked his wife Kathryn

Thane explained his decision to support the new Hospital project to Kathryn very clearly.

“I’m someone who planned and built schools for more than twenty years, Thane explained. I’m a capital works guy”, she said. For Thane, Kathryn, Zachary and Jessica, continued support of Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation is about understanding and improving the patient experience, and the experience for their family. “If our support can in some way – however small – make the next patient’s experience less frightening, less stressful and more comforting, educational, and efficient – then it is worth it,” said Kathryn.

Thane with the Cancer Clinic staff - he gave them all Canada Olympic mittens for Christmas.


Wendel Clark, CAAAR! 2016 Ambassador, NHL Alumnus & Former Toronto Maple Leafs Captain

The CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament, in support of Joseph Brant Hospital, is back for another exciting year. Bigger and better than ever, this year’s event features Wendel Clark, NHL alumnus and former Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs along with additional NHL alumni and players, a new Rep League for elite players, an enhanced Family Zone, live entertainment, food trucks and so much more. This year’s CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament, organized by our executive

committee chaired by long -time board member and volunteer Tracy King, is the perfect way to celebrate and continue to build on our wonderful community at Joseph Brant Hospital. Join your friends, colleagues or teammates and participate in an action-packed, funfilled day of hockey for all ages and skill levels. Whether it’s the non-competitive house/ family league, the competitive play of the select league or the elite competition in the rep league, there is a level of play for everyone to enjoy.

All funds raised from this tournament will support our new Community Hospital. Hockey is Canada’s game and whether you started on the ice or on the street, the game is a celebration of family and community. Many Canadian’s have memories of playing or watching hockey on the street and hearing the word “CAAAR!!” while scrambling to move nets to the side of the road. Mark your calendars for June 12, 2016 or register your team today at

Thank You to Our Amazing Volunteers! OUR VOLUNTEERS MEAN THE WORLD TO US! April 10-062 – 18th, marked National Volunteer Week in Canada. This year, they picked the theme Volunteers are the Roots of Strong Communities, and we couldn’t agree more. With more than 80 volunteers who give countless hours of their time each year, the ripple effect of all of Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation’s volunteers is seen and felt every day. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate, recognize and express our utmost gratitude towards our volunteers. We simply can’t thank you enough for your many contributions of time, talent and treasure. Board of Directors Bob Basadur, Susan Busby (Board Chair), Michelle Cisecki, Leon Denbok, Mitchell (Mitch) Gibbs, Dr. Arshad Hack, Oran Johnson, Tracy King, Pat Magowan, Susan Moore, Dr. Heather Norman, Kathryn Osborne, Shaun Power (Board Treasurer), Randall (Randy) Smallbone, James (Jim) Sweetlove (Board Vice-Chair), Eric Vandewall Our New Era – Campaign Cabinet Kevin Brady (Cabinet Co-Chair), Susan Busby, Dr. Ben Carruthers, Leon Denbok, Dan Desrochers, Steve Duffield, Rick Giuliani, Dr. Arshad Hack, Brenda Hunter (Cabinet Co-Chair), John Krpan, Doug Leggat, Harrison Livermore, Hugh Loomans, Frank McKeown, Clement Messere, Susan Moore, Diane Peller, Shaun Power, Ted Scherle, Ralph Sgro (Cabinet Vice Chair), Randy Smallbone, Shirley ThomasWeir, Brian Torsney, Eric Vandewall

Our New Era – Campaign Team Mel Griffin, Peter Hogarth, Dominic Mercuri, Don Smith 2015 CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Committee Bob Basadur, Angelo Bentivegna, Spencer Campbell, Tracy King (Chair), David O’Reilly 2015 High Falutin’ Hoedown Committee Celeste Blackmore, Susan Busby, Michell Cisecki, Brenda Hunter, Tracy King (Chair), Julien Matteau, Jamie Lynne Smith, Owen Tseng, Sian Williams, Kait Wilson

Gift Planning Advisory Committee Gregory A. Brechin, Lori Brown, Tim Cestnick, Paul Charlebois, John Chisholm, Clark Craig, Léony deGraaf, Rick Giuliani, Robert Hampson, Lia Hess, Neil Hutchinson, Oran Johnson, Francis Mackan, Douglas W. Muir, Shaun Power, Stephen J. Pustai, Lori Robinson, Don Smith, Bill Sloper, James A. Sweetlove, Douglas Tuitakalai, George Wright IMPACT Volunteer Group Sandra Bell, Lindsey Carron, Lori Fitzpatrick, Giuliana Guarna, Jo-Anne Pusateri, Bertilla Scattolon, Renee Ward, Kimberly Westenberg, Ting Zhang

Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation 1230 North Shore Blvd. Burlington, ON L7S 1W7 Tel: 905-336-6499

O.N.E Newsletter Spring 2016  

Spring 2016 edition of the O.N.E. Newsletter from the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation.

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