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Artist rendering of the new Joseph Brant Hospital


Official groundbreaking of the new patient care tower on March 30/2015. Photo left to right: Eric Vandewall, President and CEO, Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring, MPP Eleanor McMahon, Hon. Ted McMeekin, Minister of Community and Social Services, MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris, Philip Norrish, Joseph Brant Hospital patient, Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Lawrence Quinn, Senior VP Major Projects, Infrastructure Ontario, Kevin Brady, Our New Era, Campaign Chair, Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation, Kathryn Osborne, Vice-Chair, Board of Governors, Joseph Brant Hospital, Brenda Hunter, Chair, Board of Directors, Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation, Anissa Hilborn, President, Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

A Message from Our Leaders...

Breaking new ground DEAR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS, It’s been a long winter. No one can argue with that. But now, as the last of the ice begins to thaw and we enjoy sunlight past five o’clock, Canadians, particularly those living in Southern Ontario, are tingling with anticipation for warmer weather. With the promise of salt-stain free shoes and balmy days come the telltale signs of new growth and renewal, and many exciting things to look forward to at Joseph Brant Hospital. Meaningful work for the Hospital’s redevelopment has been underway for some time, but the completion of Phase 1 and the groundbreaking on Phase 2 are particularly momentous. On Monday, March 30th, we were honoured to have many dignitaries on hand to mark the official groundbreaking for our long awaited seven-storey state-of-the-art patient

care tower. Joining the senior leadership of the Hospital and the Foundation were the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, lead donor Michael Lee-Chin, our local MPP Eleanor McMahon, MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris, Lawrence Quinn representing Infrastructure Ontario, Mayor Rick Goldring and many other honoured guests.

Thank you for believing and trusting in us, helping to make a great community to live in even better. Sincerely,

This kick-off to Phase 2 of our redevelopment and the significant shift for superior health care that is underway in Burlington would not be possible without you. We owe each of you a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your continued support. We simply wouldn’t be where we are without your dedication and enthusiasm. We share the same vision for the best health care possible right here in our community, and with your continued support we will make this vision a reality.

Brenda Hunter Anissa Hilborn Chair, Board of Directors, President, JBH Foundation JBH Foundation

Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation 440 Elizabeth St., Unit 101 Burlington, ON L7R 2M1 Tel: 905-336-6499

Celebrating Canada’s favourite past-time: CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THERE IS ONE DOWNSIDE TO ALL THE SNOW MELTING, AND THAT’S THE END OF HOCKEY SEASON. BUT IF YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT BEING IN HOCKEY WITHDRAWAL THIS SUMMER, FEAR NOT, BECAUSE AN EXCITING NEW ROAD HOCKEY EVENT IS COMING TO BURLINGTON, IN SUPPORT OF JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL. On June 7, 2015, the community will come together through the first-ever CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament presented by EllisDon to raise funds and generate awareness for Joseph Brant Hospital. Taking place at Burlington Mall, both family and corporate teams will enjoy a fun, energetic

tournament. There’s also a ton of action taking place on the sidelines, including celebrity NHL players and alumni on hand to sign autographs, skills competition and family zone, entertainment, food and more. Anyone participating can feel good about the fact that they’re having a blast while also making a difference. Their support will have a direct impact on bettering health care for the people of Burlington and surrounding communities. All the money raised will be directed towards Joseph Brant’s most critical needs as well as our Hospital’s first Redevelopment and Expansion project in over 50 years!

a celebration of family and community. That’s why this year’s CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament, organized by long-time board member and volunteer Tracy King, is the perfect way to celebrate and continue to build on our wonderful community support. We all have a memory of playing or watching streethockey and hearing the word “CAAAR!!” while scrambling to the side of the road. Come get nostalgic with us on June 7th.

Hockey is Canada’s pastime, and whether you play with a puck on the frozen pond or curbside with a tennis ball, the game is

Meet the Chief of Staff: Dr. Wes Stephen IT’S A PIVOTAL TIME FOR THE JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL. OUR NEW ERA OF CARE WILL CULMINATE WHEN OUR NEW PATIENT TOWER OPENS IN 2018. AS WE APPROACH THIS CRITICAL JUNCTURE, HAVING THE RIGHT PERSON IN THE CHIEF OF STAFF ROLE IS IMPERATIVE. DR. WES STEPHEN WAS WELCOMED INTO THE ROLE IN NOVEMBER 2014. Coming from a long-standing clinical practice in tertiary colorectal surgery, Dr. Stephen has a strong connection to patients and clinicians in Burlington, and looks forward to building his community even more as Chief of Staff. For him, the opportunity to influence the way care is being delivered in an entire community, and across the full spectrum of health care “from babies being born, to mental health, to surgery, to seniors and end-of-life” is particularly exciting.

Dr. Stephen comes to Joseph Brant after spending the past 11 years at Hamilton Health Sciences, most recently as surgeonin-chief. As a well-respected surgeon in the region, Dr. Stephen already had a history of working closely with Joseph Brant physicians. He is excited about his new opportunity as Chief of Staff, and he brings a lot of passion and energy to the role. Earlier this Spring, we had a chance to talk with Dr. Stephen about this pivotal moment at Joseph Brant and his vision for the future.

“The status quo in health care is not a sustainable mode,” he emphasizes. “We need to grow and change, and adapt to the changing face of health care. In my opinion, the vision that is built into Joseph Brant’s redevelopment is the perfect platform to make changes, and take a leap forward in providing the best possible care at every level.” Dr. Stephen understands the commitment to high quality care throughout the organization. Staff are delivering the best care possible within the limitations of a facility built in 1960s based on a 50-year old health care philosophy. The impressive contemporary design takes the hospital to an entirely new, distinctly modern level. According to Dr. Stephen, this new building will be a “modern institution

designed for modern health care, where best practice can be delivered.” When asked what the most exciting changes will be for the patients at Joseph Brant, Dr. Stephen is quick to respond. “The entire patient experience will be transformed. I think one of the most notable changes will be at the ‘front door’ of the hospital – the Emergency Department.” “With the growth in the community over the past 50 years, and the changes in the way emergency care is delivered, I think we can all agree that a larger, better designed Emergency Department will be a welcome change.” In his new role, his key priorities are ensuring that the Joseph Brant patients get the best quality care, as defined as timely and safe care, based on best practices. Dr. Stephen looks forward to working with physicians and the entire leadership team at Joseph Brant on these goals in their everyday commitment to high quality, and in preparation for the transition of care into the new building. 

Advancing Women’s Health at Joseph Brant, Thanks to You WITH THE HELP OF MANY PASSIONATE VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS, JOSEPH BRANT’S DREAM OF A NEW, STATE OF THE ART DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY MACHINE HAS OFFICIALLY COME TRUE. THE NEW MACHINE IS IN USE AT JOSEPH BRANT, AND WILL FIND A PERMANENT HOME IN OUR NEW WOMEN’S HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, WHICH WILL BE LOCATED IN THE NEW SEVEN-STOREY PATIENT TOWER, SCHEDULED TO OPEN IN 2018. It’s an important part of our bigger vision for improved specialized women’s health care services, which will all come together in the new Diagnostic Centre that will offer: • Ontario Breast Screening Program • Diagnostic, screening and rapid on-site assessment • Mammography • Bone densitometry • Ultrasound services, including specialty breast and gynecological exams Our generous donors are making all of this possible. Take Diane Bentivegna, who, only weeks after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, was in the care of Joseph Brant doctors, nurses, clinicians and staff. Diane’s treatments were successful and today she is living cancerfree. Inspired by her outstanding care, she wanted to find a way to express her gratitude to Joseph Brant Hospital. Diane and her husband Angelo created the Beauty and the Bistro: Be our Guest, Save our Breasts event, as an elegant fundraising event to raise money for a new mammography machine. Through their innovative event, the Bentivegnas inspired others to get involved, including Joelle’s and Jeff’s Guy Shop, Shoppers Drug Mart and many others. Within four years, with the support of friends, family, fellow business owners, and a lot of hard

work, the Bentivegnas raised over $450,000 to support the purchase of this new equipment. Now, because of so much community support, women in Burlington and the surrounding area will benefit from the improved accuracy and faster diagnoses made possible by the new digital mammography machine. “The treatment of breast cancer has improved significantly in the past few years, but crucial for a favourable outcome is early diagnosis,” explains Dr. John Rawlinson, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging at Joseph Brant Hospital. “The new digital mammography machine is helping us take a big step forward in providing earlier and more accurate diagnosis. And, once the full Women’s Health Diagnostic Centre is operational, we will be able to further expedite the optimal treatment pathway.” The Women’s Health Diagnostic Centre will occupy over 1,500 square feet in the new Hospital and offer a range of services, including mammography, bone densitometry and ultrasounds. The entire space will be designed to promote healing in a tranquil setting while ensuring privacy and dignity for both patients and their families.

Our Amazing Volunteers! Thank you. THANK YOU. GRACIAS. MERCI. HVALA. BEDANKT. GRAZIE. OBRIGADO. NO MATTER WHAT WORDS WE USE, OR WHAT LANGUAGE WE SPEAK THEM IN, WE MEAN IT. OUR VOLUNTEERS MEAN THE WORLD TO US! April 12 – 18th, marked National Volunteer Week in Canada. This year, they picked the theme Volunteers Rock. We couldn’t agree more. With more than 80 volunteers who give countless hours of their time each year, the ripple effect of all of Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation’s volunteers is seen and felt every day. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate, recognize and express our utmost gratitude towards our volunteers. We simply can’t thank you enough for your many contributions of time, talent and treasure. Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation is proud to recognize our Volunteers Board of Directors Bob Basadur, Michelle Cisecki, Carmela Friday, Mitchell Gibbs, Dr. Arshad Hack, Brian Heagle, Brenda Hunter (Board Chair), Tracy King, Diana Lawrie, Susan Moore, David O’Reilly, Kathryn Osborne, Shaun Power (Treasurer), Randall (Randy) Smallbone (Vice Chair), James Sweetlove, Eric Vandewall Our New Era – Campaign Cabinet Kevin Brady (Cabinet Chair), Susan Busby, Dr. Ben Carruthers, Dan Desrochers, Steve Duffield, Mel Griffin, Rick Giuliani, Dr. Arshad Hack, Peter Hogarth, Brenda Hunter, John Krpan, Doug Leggat, Hugh Loomans, Dominic Mercuri, Clement Messere, Diane Peller, Ted Scherle, Ralph Sgro (Vice Chair), Randy Smallbone, Don Smith, Shirley Thomas-Weir, Brian Torsney, Eric Vandewall 2014 Crystal Ball Committee Celeste Blackmore, Ted DuDomaine, Stephanie Easterbrook, Carmela Friday (Gala Chair), Michelle Hunter, Stephanie Howe, Meg Jaques, Tracy King (Vice Chair), Cassandra Loomans, Susan Moore, Michael O’Sullivan, Jody Rieckmann, Charlie Sherman, Jamielynne Smith, Clive Swann Gift Planning Advisory Committee Gregory Brechin, Lori Brown, Timothy Cestnick, Paul Charlebois, John Chisholm, Clark Craig, Léony deGraaf, Rick Giuliani, Robert Hampson, Lia Hess, Neil Hutchinson, Francis Mackan, Douglas W. Muir, Shaun Power, Stephen J. Pustai, Don S. Smith, William Sloper, James Sweetlove (Chair), Douglas Tuitakalai, George Wright IMPACT Volunteer Group Baquar Husnain, Darlene Shaw, Fatima Husnain, Giuliana Guarna, Jo-Anne Pusateri, Karys Frenette, Lisa Rolland, Lori Fitzpatrick, Meg Jaques, Nicole Shermet, Renee Ward, Sandra Bell, Serge Cinelli


Make a onetime gift You can make a one-time gift in-person, by telephone, by e-mail or through our secure online system. Our online system is a flexible and easy way to show your commitment and you can select a pre-set value or choose your own donation amount.

Become a monthly donor Our monthly giving program is a convenient way to give with credit card or direct debit. With a monthly donation, you are helping Joseph Brant Hospital create a reliable revenue stream.

Leave your Legacy through a Planned Gift When you make a planned gift, such as naming Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation in your Will, you establish a legacy in your name and become a valued member of the Joseph Brant Society. Joseph Brant Society members receive special event invitations, communications and recognition in Foundation publications and on our donor wall. Planned gifts help to ensure that we continue to provide high-quality health care close to home, now and for generations to come. At times, we receive gifts on behalf of generous donors whom we’ve not had the opportunity to meet. We invite you to tell us if we are in your plans so we can thank you today. Your privacy and preferences for recognition and communications will be fully respected.

To learn more about the Joseph Brant Society, please contact Ashley Davidson at (905) 632-3737 ext. 3474 or ashley.

Donate as a tribute to someone special A Tribute Donation is a meaningful way to remember a loved one. By donating online, you may choose your own e-card for the family. If donating by mail or phone, Joseph Brant will send the family a letter on your behalf. Your donation amount will be kept confidential. Families can also request donations be made in memory of their loved one, even creating personal memory pages to make online giving easy.

Make the most of special occasions Special occasions such as weddings, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, baptisms or bar/bat mitzvahs can be celebrated with a donation to Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. Options include: • Donations in lieu of favours for guests • Requests for donations instead of gifts for the host • Donations in lieu of wedding, birthday or other gifts Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation offers a beautiful, embossed table card or a recognition certificate to inform your guests that you have supported your Community Hospital by making a donation in their honour.

A gift of Stock and Securities Giving stock and securities is a special way of helping us give the best care to our community. There are also personal benefits to making a gift of securities to Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. In 2006, the Federal Government removed the capital gains tax on stocks and securities donated to registered charities. This means you can significantly decrease the after-tax cost of giving and receive a tax receipt for the closing value of the securities on the date of the gift.

Longtime Burlington resident, Larry Rayworth, has been proudly supporting our community for over 50 years. Mr. Rayworth has seen the growth and change in Burlington and knows the importance of contributing to our community. And he leads by example. In true form, Mr. Rayworth made an exceptionally generous gift of stocks to the Our New Era Campaign at Joseph Brant Hospital. His gift will help ensure that high quality health care will always be available close to home. He encourages others to do the same. “It just makes sense,” he says “you receive a tax receipt for the full value of your stocks and pay zero capital gains tax.” - Larry Rayworth

Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation 440 Elizabeth St., Unit 101 Burlington, ON L7R 2M1 Tel: 905-336-6499

O.N.E. newsletter Spring 2015  

Breaking new ground

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