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Written by Joseph Baruwa BSc Preston, Lancashire United Kingdom

Š 2010 FWDTHINKINGPOETRY; Preston All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.


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Ambition Over Love (Displayed as a Fraction) Beneath Sleeves Ignite and Write Rose Tinted Shades Coffee Flavoured Women Time Life Beneath Layers (hindsight Vs Justice) Redefining First Touch Imaginary Encounter The Hum of lonely Greek clouds Note to Self I Was Woken The Image of a Unicorn through a Bifocal Monocle The Avenger (56 Avengers Names) Dream Unconditional Insomniac A Beautiful Mind The Rebirth of Prometheus with an African Vibe A Spiritual Message Flashes Before the Eyes of an Insect Between the Microseconds Tinted Love Tracks of my Hands What have I Got to Do The Black Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I Think Now I Love You More In The Future


She asked me, “If you could study one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be?” I told her, “That which is real but yet not, something drowned in imagination Bleeding ink From its eyes”


Ambition/Love (Displayed as a fraction) Ambition over love The supreme ultimatum Born out of identity Written in Jason’s lyrics Confused by the poetry between the sheets Separated like a scene out of love Jones With the Isley brothers playing as the train rolls out See contrary to pain The heart stays intact Bruised and simply cut In two places where wings will spawn Enabling personalities to transform And relationships to adapt Though some fly Icarus to the pain Blinded by the rays Prolonging the burn to the degree of complication Unaware of the vista within a vision Consumed by the recklessness in the decision The Velcro tear of hearts designed to be together Though goals apart End to end Divided up Into semi circles and rectangles Penalty to the soft spot Skied over cross bars Over hip hop beats laced in brown sugar Choreographed by honey With sprinkles of love and basketball Diaries written from inception The awakening of a dream The nightmare reality of the sacrifice Left in his hands To alter Love over ambition Displayed in fractions 5

To the power of a shooting star On wishes of unaltered, unconditional interaction Between two souls Once windowed to a mutual destiny Now left in his hands Displayed as a fraction


Beneath Sleeves

Even when wearing my tightest sleeves All I seem to do is accentuate this muscle Fooling you to believe That I’m well defined Within my rights To hide beneath my tongue Though the weight of this anchor on my chest Forces loose lips to spill Sinking ships Longing for that kiss You can call this a love letter if you like Me I’m gonna call it what it is Tree shavings Inked with the content of my heart treated for you See, lately I’ve been questioning Whether the petals of the flowers I neglected to buy you Would have revealed to me If you still love me or not


Ignite and write

The spark of a poem The Catherine wheel in my chest The fireflies illuminating the gaps between my ribcage The anticipation to fill them with explications The firework crackling of brain cells Verbs and adverbs Contorting around metaphors and similes Like similarly trying to fit Inspiration in a bottle Vision into sound See I question sometimes Where the point of ignition Is located that triggers my cognizance And that which makes its coherent Like wax to earlobe From ink to saliva But always best described In words The frontispiece Of a new frontier Ejected from The neurological locomotion Of my frontal lobe Hoping to skeleton key into Parts of the mind I rarely use And temporarily subduing My consciousness Haemorrhaging what can only be described In words Non-fiction wrapped in fiction Twisted Imagination rules The haiku’s 8

And I love you’s A reality soaked in the rain of a poet The pain as we know it Best described In words


Rose Tinted Shades

Blindfolded Opposite Shakespeare Abducted via Grosvenor Garden Awaiting departure from Victoria Lost Taken to a place hoping to be told This is serenity Only to find out I’m surrounded by thorns Wearing rose tinted shades Told that this is the original tour Exposed from above Crowded By foreign obstacles and Georgian facades Picturesque Vista with a view So rethink your business card shapeless Contrary to the rule Forget where your home is This is where your heart beats childlike Adjacent to your offspring Chanced on memories not forgotten but, Transformed to find unconditional Though slightly obscure Through rose tinted shades And Blinded by dandelion coloured T-shirts Hoping Not to be mistaken for nectar Though sweet and magical Like caterpillars captured in glass jars Awaiting the spawn of a kaleidoscopic wing spans Released Against air waves Reverberating laughter 10

Coffee Flavoured Women I just wanna be the mug That gets to hold you when you’re at your hottest Caress you at the brim While savouring every last drop of you Sometimes I imagine You spilling over my sides Slowly trickling down Staining the outer porcelain of my coat Like chocolate sprinkled stardust On my mocha cappuccino I can’t do without Your freckles Got me lost and abandoned all over your skin See, when I was young it was all about PG But as I got older The content needed to be stronger More sophisticated Sometimes milky, but still Kenco smooth Carte noire in complexion, and Rich in body With lips that taste like Flambéed marshmallow sweetness Brazilian groomed Costa Rican cheekbones Nero burnt into my tongue As I attempt to drink you whole Coaster underside Beneath me But never really beneath me So beautifully sipped And best, First thing in the morning 11


Time passed on tiptoes On spilt salt grains Over left shoulders With fingers Pressed on lips Between galaxies Of light-years to dark days Through grandfather hallways With portraits hanging Displaying cracked dreams and, Broken mirrors of self reflection In short starbursts of sweet memories Time evolves into minutes after seconds and, While the hours eat the minutes looking for seconds Hands are left idle from the wrist Digital to the moons orbit Matching the journey across the lines of palms Futures set in tea leaves Gypsy prophets in crystal balls And time tells the story through pupils Taught by the eyes of past generation But we all blink Without intending to miss a second Within the minutes swallowed by the hour Promising to heal all wounds Slowly but surely Time passed On tiptoes On spilt salt grains Over left shoulders With fingers Pressed on lips


Life beneath Layers (Hindsight vs. Justice)

As we search Into the corners of our guts Reach around the sides Of jagged angles And sharpened corners Where the skeleton Is beginning to form skeletons Life beneath layers Transforming you at the core See Even good men need help sometimes, and Guidance may appear through stained glasses or smoked lenses Leaving the truth bloodshot In the veins of deceit and betrayal We sleep with bones beneath pillows Asking for riches Hoping the fairies will lighten our load And bestow our wisdom Seeking forgiveness in the centre of our soul Hoping the next time we speak Our bones don’t shake And our skin resists the temptation to pull itself back, and Reveal which can only be described as Misguided See in the midst of hindsight I question whether justice lends its blindfold And weather the scales On the surface of one’s skin Can be shed Do cracked domes lead to open minds? On a jury of your peers 13

What amounts to justice? For mistakes or misguided actions Does justice pretend to be transparent through cloth eyes? Or does justice manage the balance between friendships?


Redefining first touch As I will the ink To spill from my pain And tattoo The pages of my notebook Limbo Beneath silver linings With my head in the clouds Waiting for the sunkiss of a daydream Between daymares With eyes wide shut Cruising between vanilla skies I realise We willingly pull on heart strings Toy with imagination And Puppeteer between Thin lines of love and hate Pinocchio the ones we love And expect Cinderella endings While knee deep in pumpkin pie Full of Bruises On circular muscles Hoping to heel At right angles And exchange triangular kisses Without sharp edging To innovate three dimensional vision Encapsulating the stardust That outlines personal space In high definition Unaware What is really good for our sight? Questioning the need for contact Denying ourselves The chance to redefine And re-apply love At first touch 15

Imaginary Encounter

When she spoke She made the butterflies in my stomach Explode like fire crackers dancing against the walls of my ribcage This poet was not just beautiful on the outside When she spoke She vomited a kaleidoscopic realm of soliloquies freezing time Taking me back to the sands of Isis Like petrol fumes Sitting on the concrete centre of her aura Slowly bitter like salt through the egg timer And, like a soft boiled soldier She almost made me weep Holding my heartbeat On the raspy tone of her voice, and I swear I was close to cardiac arrest When she asked me my name And whether I was there for the poetry or just there to stare at her I replied, “As beautiful as you are and that you know well, It was your imagination and vocal intonation that carried me here today. See I heard you Before I saw you And knew I had to see you” She looked at me with a clean face of shaven confusion and With a cheekbone raised smirk she asked “Have you been stalking me?’ “No” I said “Your stories have been stalking me And I have been frantically trying to put a face to the narrator of my dreams And now that I have found you My eyes can’t take me away from the sound your voice 16

That whispers to me while I sleep and argues with me while I’m awake But we Have never met And everything about the way you speak Makes me feel like we’ve been standing next to each other for centuries” She looked at me perplexed with amazement And replied “The way you speak makes the butterflies in my stomach explode Like firecrackers dancing against the walls of my ribcage And your presence is very familiar but, I don’t think I know you And maybe you should leave Because your staring makes me nervous” “I will go” I said “But this will not be the last time you here my voice and, I’m sure we will hear each other much clearer now that we have seen each other’s face” “Stop” She said “I want to know more But you’re starting to scare me, You sound like an imaginary friend I was once forbidden to speak to For the stories you spoke of Were of times my parents Told me I could never have witnessed....” be continued


The Hum of a Lonely Sky

The red hum of a lonely sky Begging the sun to prolong the day To suspend the night To suspend The kiss intended for the ocean surface To cheat To flirt with time To confuse the minds Of those who long for the night Prolonging the fresh dew of an atmosphere longing to be cleansed Quenching the fears of those who know of a power beneath And strive for a sign from the powers above That the day must triumph into the next Though inevitably just like the mind must rest So must the sun


Greek Clouds Have you ever made stories from the pictures you see in the clouds? I just saw a lion attack Atlas And while trying to defend himself A large eagle flew above the earth’s atmosphere and secured it from above These actions caused a series of small whirlwinds amongst the clouds Surrounding Atlas and the lion In the shape of a coliseum Medusa was there She had no legs Her bottom half was that of a mermaid She swam up and out of the desert cloud surface Like a sand worm And between tremours She set her gaze upon the lion At which point she was swallowed up by a small whirlwind Her attempts to involve herself in the colossal battle Had frozen and suspended the lion amongst the constellations And as the clouds began to dissipate into the evening It was revealed that Atlas was also struck by her gaze In a tiger-like crouching defensive position Holding firm the earth This enabled the earth to spin at the speed of light Creating a balance between his shoulder blades In its core position between the axis Though atlas remained still In stone


Note to Self Is this a tortoise and hare thing? Or do nice guys really finish Lost I understand the moral is to pace oneself But what happened to If you’re certain about something just go for it No such thing as second chances or, What is meant to be is meant to be And perhaps something else is at work here Just do it Don’t let it out of your reach No regrets Or maybe Just maybe Good things come to those who wait I’m a patient man Or is it more to truth that I can't keep up Maybe I need to meditate Push myself spiritually in front of my own expectation So when expectation thinks they’re in front I would have already lapped them Perhaps I’m in a losing race Maybe what I’m chasing doesn't want to be caught And though I have an ink-ling they're running blind corners Maybe it’s me who's unaware they switched the racecourse Before I started I guess I’m longing to be the tortoise in this At least until I figure out how to remove This shell


I was woken

By the cold air of a whisper She blew on my eyelids Told me she could taste accolades in my complexion Passed through my heritage Passed on to my son Sometimes She said True talent skips a generation Though you have the makings of a true wordsmith You may find it difficult to instrument your calling I can hear your heart beat acapella African and Irish folktales Inscribed on your skeleton Like hieroglyphics So your x-rays tell stories Of oppression and fractured dreams Do you hear me? Do you understand why I have contacted you? Like bee colonies to honeycomb We have marked your queen unobtainable Can you see her? You need to be alert She moves in mysterious directions Mimicking all pieces but the knight She sees you pawn Chequered reflections Bishop by her side Though she withholds her confessions Forgetting you once marched for her Can you see her now? 21

Keep note She is one quarter of my message There are four chambers She lives in the upper right atrium Shattering skylights While reaching for dreams Adjacent to echoes of songbird choruses that feed your inspiration Can you feel them in your bloodstream? B positive Chromosome to your pen So write them by your side And bleed ink for them Cutting pieces from your imagination Making all aware of your creativity


The Image of a Unicorn through a Bifocal Monocle Majestically she breathes A sweet scented vapour Distilled and pure With the power to render poisonous waters potable And supposedly heal nature’s mistakes Born Out of the belly of a supernova Into the slipstream of a shooting star She holds me Carries me Like a hitchhiker On a sleigh of wishes Written from childlike fantasies In invisible ink Wet behind my ears I’m forced to hear her sign language Via electro acoustics Her mere presence alarms me So perhaps She is the battery to my body clock The aperture to my incapacities The thermometer Trapped beneath my tongue Impairing my speech While my temperature rises Dreams within her beauty Of glittered stardust Caught in the up swirl Of her whirlwind presence Force me breathless I blow her kisses Via asthmatic typhoons 23

Her sweet smelling nature Triggers my hay fever Making me weak Slave to the tick tock In her hourglass figure And I figure She must be heaven-sent Or maybe Just maybe This is what unicorns look like Through a bifocal monocle While wearing a patch over your good eye And though I see her clearly now She will clearly never see me


The Avenger (56 Avenger names in anticipation of the 2012 motion picture)

As the Author of this comic future I can only attempt to manipulate time with these words After rewriting my destiny I will fold these pages Into a cylinder Strengthen its core With an electromagnetic pyramid and, Insert it into my chest Thor away the fragments of this ice box and, Restore the Vision at the left side of Fury For this new quest Shall reverberate Echoes Of Black Knights with green flesh Reconstruct the DNA Of Black Panthers Combine with Captain Americas through my Irish heritage Hawkeye the Forgotten one For the Ant Man No longer dwells here and She is the Invisible Women Searching for the one who spins webs While begging Mr Sandman To bring her a dream In this new quest I shall marvel In the possibilities that the Human Torch Will burn the blindfold of Justice and, Set alight the stake for that scarlet witch For she sleeps with vampires So I've Quick-silvered the nervous system of this Wolverine In a bid to Silver claw my way forward Regenerating these wounds 25

Developing a rough blue Beast-like Outer skin Penetrable only by Fire stars and Stingrays Shielded by the Rage of 300 swordsmen Travelling on the back of moon dragons claiming to be falcons See this dark hawk with a lion heart and, Griffin cavalier exterior will be guarded by hellcats and, By the powers of grey skull invested in me I shall Thunder strike and summon living lightning upon Captain Britain and US Agents See this quantum zone reality I’m living Arms this jack of hearts with deadly hands of kung fu To battle with Quasars and Spiderman Uncovered by the S.H.E.I.L.D and Ultimately Deceived by Marcy Cane and Doctor Druid As they refer to me as a demolition man Misunderstanding my powers for good above oceans Namor from the beginning After transformations I’ve been fighting with this Thing And I think it’s time for me to avenge This new found character And unleash my powers For the good of words


Dream Dream a misconception of reality A state of conception An obsession without inception Dream to enable functionality To improve posture And strengthen muscular definition Dream without definitions Dream in studios In deep baselines With tweaked high hats while high on life Dream through the microphone Dream on canvas In ink blots Shaped like onomatopoeia With backdrops soaked in the colour of metaphors Resembling your heart Blood rushing to the brain Leaving the feet floating Dream in toblerone In chocolate coated pyramids filled with riches Dream in malteser coated raindrops falling horizontal Dream in whispers In rapid eye movement Replacing communication for the mute Dream in brail Dream in poverty In the poor getting richer and the rich just breaking even In clean water on all parts of the globe being the cure for aids And the end to global warming reducing the number of cases of cancer And perhaps Life on other planets is the answer to everlasting youth Dream on tablets While surfing in the palm of your hand 27

In high definition Dream on repeat Shuffle imagination While the eye tunes itself to the cognitive process Dream at crossroads Without Satellite navigation In co-ordinates of longitude and latitude Dream in light years Between planets of Jupiter and Mars Sheltered by the sun adjacent to Mercury Dream in liquid In half-full bottled inspiration Delivered to your doorstep Outside the box In zoned defence With a technical offence Dream in slang blood Without shedding blood Dream in sign language In hand gestures Without gun fingers Dream without bullet points In mind-maps and spider diagrams For ease of presentation Dream in PowerPoint for over head projection Dream with the mind of a child Where everything is achievable and The word risk Is without definition


Unconditional Insomniac I think I found unconditional While searching for divinity You’re a dreamer She said You sleep Walk with your eyes Open It’s pretty freaky Last night you awoke from sleep Started talking In verses Reciting definitions To the syllable Claiming to have come across the pronunciation for the curve at my lower back Though couldn’t find the word to describe the heat created by our bodies Intertwined Side by side In front or, Behind I was searching For divinity, I told her Between sheets of white noise Illuminated by cats eyes For forward thinking Though useless For rear view reflections An almost unconditional obscurity Like the pain of an abscess Beneath wisdom Forced to be removed But never forgotten Taste buds never altered Still addicted to her mannerisms


Her loose lips of inhibitions As she gives away the kisses I thought were mine I continue to confess my anguish Between rapid eye movement Toward lashes of change And crashes of consequence I became a sinking vessel and No raft could keep me afloat She wasn’t supposed to love me like this Tie knots in my strings And puppeteer my actions Ventriloquist my heart Immobilise me dummy I was supposed to be More than the prototype To her love experience She released me Rewound me In order to disentangle me Played me forward Pressed me into change Recorded the circles of my fingertips And return my DNA tainted She wasn’t supposed to change me like this Dissect my trends Force me to wear long sleeves And tight shirts Accentuating this muscle Stretched me Ripped me Fit only for unconditional friendship See we met in the summer


While my wrist watch Tick-tocked Adjacent to my pulse To the rhythm of her waters When I wore short sleeved shirts constantly Spilling my inhibitions With intentions to secure my anchor Unaware her compass was set to navigate If I’m honest I don’t actually believe I’ve slept properly Since she left And after all that She gathered the curtains back and, Told me she knew I wasn’t referring to her But I should call her Once I’d had a chance to sleep


A Beautiful Mind You once told me That we could travel on the strands of a whisper That only a thought of you And within a day and an hour You would appear That we had magic in our bloodline And we could visit places in our dreams that only dreams were made of That one of my Great Uncles fell victim to a whirlwind and was later returned The day before the thirteenth anniversary of his disappearance now blind Narrating stories of a parallel life Claiming only to recognise his family By the pattern of their palm lines And after palm wine They discovered he believed that he had travelled on the winds of time You speak with the eyes of another A soft sighted baritone with a shackled accent Bound in situ Cast and heated at the foot of a setting sun Your soul befits the Bunsen blue ring around your pupil And I see you Iris An off coloured brown A mixed mantel unvarnished and stripped A confused inkblot Bleeding from the well Tattooed invisible ink across the faith of your parents And you call yourself a pagan now For the god you pray to Belongs only to you for you For you Are a jealous man Believing the air you breathe is all you need pray for The rest is all ifs n ands For angles hands The ones you swear that speak to you as you meditate 32

Between forefinger and thumb A spellbound intuition only few would believe and, Others have forced you to medicate the distance of your teachings But I know you listen still To the voices of your Father’s sisters And the folktales of your Mother’s uncles Trying to convince you how we can stand In a thought of yesterday Though you are adamant We will never solve this mystery Of time travel


The Rebirth of Prometheus with an African Vibe: A Spiritual Message; freewrite With closed eyes I gazed into the purple kiss of the sun setting In the distance beyond her silhouette Fell into her deep Hypnotised By the clockwork calculations of her aura Felt the cocooned caterpillars spawn in the pit of my stomach Flying majestically up into my throat Tying loop the loop in my vocal chord And with my tongue firmly stapled to the roof of my mouth I could only breathe in her scent She smelt like the beginning Tasted like a single rain drop on the eighth day The first flower unearthing photosynthesis An untainted molecule of oxygen Fire flies danced across the fringe of her wings Invisible to the human eye Though clearly of angel descent She told me she could see the waves of my heartbeat Like an aquatic boom box A subsonic subwoofer deep beneath substrata Embodied In still waters And I hear you Echo blue lighter than purple Mixed with the clouds A delicate fusion of distant islands A descendant of warrior and princess from different cultures Cultured to a similar magic You have a power to see beyond the flesh To translate the ancient way And appreciate the sound of your soul I am here to protect you 34

As you tongue kiss Pandora And sleepwalk Through this spiritual valley of words Re-arranging the letters Holding firm your sword To the tip of a stolen flame In the hands of a Titan Punished for being powerful beyond the gods Or perhaps due to the shade of their polished flesh Impenetrable by the minds of weaker souls Desired by their mates A beautiful reverse of roles And we are one in the same


Flashes before the Eyes of an Insect (Freewrite) Flashes From the bottom of a bottle To buried in the apple Now lodged in his throat Poisoning the pitch tone in his voice And I’ve altered his plan Punishable by dissecting the abdomen and removing skeleton At which point I must have escaped Flashes In an attempt to avoid the swing of a scorpion’s tale I continued to jump I was larger than him Larger than life in this insect game but I think he got me My hind legs were struck before the wickets No longer able to spring And I found myself being dragged Into the belly of a beast Flashes Between finger and thumb I’m pressed Forced to connect-a-dot Within circles of DNA Expelled From a bubble without placenta Starved of nutrition Though fully grown Told I had just left the belly of the beats and, I should be aware As I’m about to enter another Flashes Sewed into the end of black and yellow 36

I’m reborn As poison in the sting of a bumblebee Only to die at the height of my existence And it starts again Flashes Viewing transformations Within the cocoon Convolutions At 1080p Psychedelic melanin In minute scales Out of body experience Released upside down Forced to fly uncontrollable And majestic


Between the Microseconds In the meantime In the molecules between microseconds In the pockets of every second breath I will continue to conceal my love Hidden In the sockets Between kinetic connection Sparking a firework stomach reaction Accompanied by a rapid shudder Against sternum Killing the once butterfly affect you had on me Exploding them Into a language without words Just ink blots On paper On laptop On Microsoft word Written in my free time Between time Synced within nanoseconds Tuned to a suspended frequency So I trip Between light-years to find you Between rapid eye twitches Within haiku’s of metaphorical switches Locked beneath this shadowed atrium For only you Fit the keyhole To free this Love clot within this twisted ventricle So for now I shall hang up And wait between the beats Moving my head to a hidden rhythm At the speed of light Between microseconds 38

Intermittently mirroring Reflections of a happiness forgotten but not lost Just locked away in a cerebral volt Lip sync coded To match a now foreign phonetic Just one syllable You


Tinted Love

You’re far from transparent But I see you Wishing only to see within Never right through But to be honest You got me hooked Translucent In the majestic mystery that lies beyond your shaded exterior That which keeps you at the forefront of my frontal lobe And at the tip of my ball point Suspended in ink And While fingers pressed on touch I only wish You would remove The protective film So we may screen this encounter To capture motion pictures With emotion pictured Featuring the real you Alongside happiness With closed door on the past Do you hear me? Can you see me through your tinted love? Or have you blacked out your encounter of me Cut me loose from the ventricle you once wrapped me in Or perhaps You’ve locked me deep Promising never to swim within still waters Pictured me a jellyfish Avoiding first touch


Shaded yourself A tinted aperture Without concept of the hands that pass you by Unaware how many encounters Can hold a second of you in real time And still You’re reluctant To have patience in something round Sitting tangent to my heartbeat Behind tinted mirrors Protecting your reflection from my light But I see you Far from transparent Adjacent to reflection Locked within a prism Causing kaleidoscopic translucent visions By the majestic fumes of your scent Redefining the mystery Of your tinted love


The Tracks of My Hands What if I said I knew from the beginning That to capture A molecule of your fire Within a whisper Would be my greatest triumph And as I begin to release The fragments Of the constellation I was once told to hold tight I leave behind A trail of stardust In the hope That one day You may decide to find me What if I said I knew That we Were incompatible According to astrology Would you believe me If I told you God works in mysterious ways And when he painted the dark skies above man He played connect a dot with the stars And found the formula For a new kind of human DNA And placed samples of that In the tracks of my hands And when I first touched you Something happened That when I slept He dissected And left me whole And the first time you led beside me I felt complete 42

What if I said He told me That you Could not be contained And that the formula he created By combining the grains Of his rib With the molecules of the sky’s fire Was his greatest triumph


What Have I Got to Do? Freewrite What have I got to do? To convince you Better still What have I got to do? To get permission to kiss you To lay by your side Wake up beside you Or better still Tucked up behind you What have I got to do? To get close enough To inhale The sweet Aroma Of your complexion And slowly Exhale onto the nape of your neck What have I got to do? To taste the yoghurt in your shape and, Muller between the movements of your back spasms As I kiss From the top of your spine To the dip in your lower back What have I got to do? To make you reciprocate While you precipitate And fall Like waterfalls from the craves Of your inner walls Tell me Hmm, No Don’t speak Just bite down on the right side of your bottom lip And continue to lead me on


What have I got to do? To make you aware That you Can handle me Hold me Joystick my every manoeuvre Into a collision Of merged Body tones Gripping onto leverage Fingernails dug deep What have I got to do? To hold your legs at ten to two And gyrate between jargons While we exorcise our demands At a pitch tone Only wild animals can hear What have I got to do? To get into you Around you Position you Sit within the suicide doors Of your folds And deliver you from temptation What have I got to do? To sleep within your bosom and Whisker around the nerve endings Of goose pimples On your nipple surface Speak whispers To your rapid heartbeat And shudder As you reach Fireworks Tell me What have I got to do?


Hmm No Don’t speak Just Bite down on the right side Of your bottom lip And picture this Me and you Folded like origami birds Scissored between soaked White sheets Breathless


The Black Girl with a Dragon Tattoo She smokes A sweet smelling Cancerous Joss stick Filling the room With a jaded scent An elegant pose With a ghetto-like swagger She has a tendency To attract jokers An ace amongst queens A mixed melanin Of Oriental And African Seasoned in spice Drenched in limbo A black girl With a dragon tattoo Somewhere between mah-jongg And searching for her king Before she reaches pontoon A single suiter In a contract bridge Between nationalities A sweet scent of mystery Written in her eyes Confusion hidden in her curves As she walks like an Egyptian Raised around mixed memoirs of a geisha See her mother Died when she was young And her father She never knew Only that he was a panther Blacker than the night skies 47

But able to produce a star According to her grandfather Who raised her to believe her mother was raped And she was the result Of a ghetto clash With a mindless whore A three rice salad without the bean And she does not know Why he hates her Why he raised her A black boy Taught her how to wield a samurai Incognito And now That she is older She smokes A sweet smelling Cancerous Joss stick Filling the room With a jaded scent An elegant pose With a ghetto like swagger And she is trained To assassinate jokers On dark nights Searching for a king Amongst pawns A queen with a chequered past Labelled as The black girl With a dragon tattoo


I Think Now I Love You More I convinced myself That to scribe you Into every stanza Would help me That it’s good To write you down And now you rest On the tip of my haikus Like an incomplete hook To a crooked rhythm Bursting With a sweet Undertone of violin And I don’t know why this music Soothes me Why you jazz across The edges of the wounds So beautifully Leaving me goose pimpled And numb Holding my pen Firmly to the tip Of your existence Tracing your Aura Onto everything And calling it art I think We finally Found the definition Of togetherness While being apart And I now know What you meant When you said Just because We love each other 49

Doesn’t mean We’re supposed To be together And I think Now I love you more


In the Future In the future My five a day Will include One of you At least three times a day To rid me of this Man flu In the future You will see me Upside down Before you see me Inside out For as men We will continue To hold it in And twist it around Before We let it out In the future You will hear me In brail Find me Amongst poker dots And lose yourself In this mixed race Without complexion Beyond completion In the future We shall not be seen Only followed By too many characters Tweeting between tweeps Chasing statuses 51

And effectively ‘More than a lot’ Was really Never enough said In the future I will only love In the symbols between Rhythm and blues Find you reverberated Between drum and base While pretending to clean the grime From my track listings



I Bleed Ink  

Imagination Rules Volume II

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