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Norman gave four different dates,dizzy lizzy supposedly took over benefits he stated it was in June,july October and in court said it was September. GET YOUR LIES STRAIGHT DIRTBAG

In the newspaper you admitted you force her to resign. is the newspaper lying on you too

LaSonde was found innocent in a trial where you where a witness for the prosecution and she is still on modified duty aren't you suppose to defend her not defame her u scum

youre a fraud from your jeri curls down. Real recognizes real that why thousands signed petitions for this special hearing. your out on your sellout ass!

The meeting is a matter of state law you cant stop it, nor can youre master


Anyone who ever had union representation know you suck the law firm sucks, and your executive board sucks your a sellout and the power of the people is finally being heard!!!!!!!1

Norman to be impeached march 30, 2011  

Norman lies about members again and again its in his blood

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