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Getting A Chemical Fire Extinguisher For Your Home With home ownership comes a new and greater level of responsibility. There are many things to consider, plan for, and budget for. One of the more crucial things to have in mind is home safety. In the area of safety one of the most important and responsible actions a homeowner can take is the purchase of one or more chemical fire extinguishers to be located in strategic areas around the house, such as the kitchen and the garage. A good rule of thumb is to have one on each level of the house at a bare minimum. A chemical fire extinguisher is a hand-held device that an individual with little to no formal fire suppression training can use to extinguish small fires in their early, incipient stages. Most extinguishers will contain a dry chemical that will work to stop or slow the chemical reaction among heat, fuel, and oxygen that produces fire. Some of the more common chemicals found in fire extinguishers include nitrogen, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and ammonium phosphate. There are four major categories of extinguisher available and, for home use, it is best to get a general purpose extinguisher that is rated to perform well against any type of fire. Category A is for fires generally involving wood, paper, or trash. Category B is for flammable liquids or grease. Category C is for electrical equipment. Category D is for flammable metals. A chemical fire extinguisher is comparatively simple to operate. The best way to remember the steps is through the acronym PASS. P stands for pulling the pin which prevents the activation trigger from being squeezed. A stands for aiming the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire. S stands for squeezing the activation trigger which will begin to spray the chemical. S stands for sweeping the nozzle of the extinguisher back and forth across the base of the fire. Following those steps in most cases will allow a user to successfully extinguish, or at least control, a small fire. Chemical fire extinguishers are widely available in most department stores and can be easily ordered via the internet as well. The cost is also quite reasonable, typically less than 100 dollars for most models. In conclusion, there is really no reason for the responsible, thoughtful homeowner to be without at least one fire extinguisher in the home. Lives and property may very well depend upon it. tabung pemadam kebakaran

Getting A Chemical Fire Extinguisher For Your Home