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SAGEZZA DEI CONTADINI Book Design and Restaurant Branding. The design distinguishes this Italian restaurant from the typical Italian restaurant in order to appeal to travel-savvy, upwardly mobile young professionals. The use of rustic recycled paper cover and hand-drawn typography are designed to create a sense of warmth and humility, and the gothic type and colour scheme are inspired by the Helvetian influenced industrial centre of Milan. This enables the design to maintain an authentic Italian feel while avoiding Neopolitan clichĂŠs.

HOOP DREAMS Packaging and Cover Design. Themes of isolation, scrutiny, desperation and futility are represented by the silhouettes formed by screenshots from the movie. The silhouettes allows the design to retain its authentic, gritty feel of the movie and communicate the subject matter, while distinguishing the movie from the typical sports movie.

TAHUNA ROAD Packaging Design and Identity. Playing on the curious and chaotic nature of the goat, the design encourages the consumer to investigate the packaging and entertain the idea of drinking goat milk. The identity reflects both the rural soul of the dairy industry and the feminine target market with the use of simple imagery and illustrative typography.

SPECTRE MAGAZINE Magazine Design. Appealing to academically-minded design professionals, the design draws heavily on minimalist principles. Liberal use of white space creates easily digested features, and allows for unobstructed views of magazine artwork.

SMOKEFREE Poster Mac-Op. The brief was to create a realistic-looking ashtray in the shape of a fetus for a smokefree campaign designed to target young parents.


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