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Bringing History to Life John Payne ’81 has been immortalizing detailed images from the past and present ever since he arrived at the Mount as a sophomore. Story on page 3.

Message From Brother James Kelly My Dear Alumni, During each semester we conduct a blood drive at the Mount, and before each blood drive I remind the boys of what Pope Pius XII said during World War II about giving blood. He told the Church that giving blood is one of the most Christ-like acts that a human being can perform. Christ gave his blood to ensure us eternal life, so human beings give their blood so that others might live and be healthy in this life. During the fall blood drive 127 Mount boys presented themselves to give blood, and 120 were accepted. As our nurse, Mrs. Trenary, told me, “It was our best blood drive ever.” Now, you have to understand that giving blood in an all-boys high school is never a completely altruistic act. Students miss classes for about two hours, and they are given a rather hearty snack before they return to class. Those two benefits of giving blood probably make for some very mixed motives, but mixed motives notwithstanding, we were able to provide the Red Cross with 120 pints of blood. That gift to the Red Cross is very much in keeping with the spirit of the Mount. Our students are incredibly generous whenever it comes to helping others whether it be giving blood or raising money for good causes or providing food for the homeless and the hungry. We hope that in training them to be generous, we are training them for life. Service is one of our core values at the Mount.

We just finished the reunion season. During the fall we held reunions for thirteen classes of the “ones and sixes.” I enjoy all of our reunions, but I was particularly delighted to attend the reunion of the Class of 1941. Sixtyfive years out of the Mount, these men still hold the Mount and the Xaverian Brothers in great affection. The stories they told me about the Brothers who taught them and about their exploits in high school were a joy to hear. They recalled Nick Kropfelder’s eleven goals in one soccer game, and I learned some nicknames which apparently haven’t been used since these men were in high school. The younger alumni have their own stories as well, stories about Tom Hughes, Joe Cegelski, Ivelisse Gonzalez, Jody Harris, Bernd McDivitt, Teddy Rukowicz, Bob Lilley, and Barry Fitzpatrick. Whether the alumnus is sixty-five years out of the Mount or five years out of the Mount, the “enduring personal relationships” which are at the heart of Xaverian education are always present at the reunions. All of the alumni, whatever their generation, bonded with their teachers and with each other, and those bonds have lasted. This edition of The Mount will catch you up on what has been happening at the school during the fall semester. We

are very pleased to have ten of our seniors named National Merit Commended Students in this year’s National Merit Competition. These young men are upholding beautifully the academic tradition of the Mount. In addition our volleyball team won its first-ever league championship since volleyball was inaugurated as a varsity sport six years ago. As I remind you every year, you have three solemn duties as an alumnus of the Mount. Those duties are to pray daily for the Mount, to be generous to the Annual Fund, and to send your sons, grandsons and any 8th grade boys you know to the Mount. If you do all that, you will certainly have a special place in my prayers and in the prayers of the school community. Please remember that you are always most welcome at the Mount and also remember that your most solemn obligation is every day to say a prayer for the Mount.


Brother James M. Kelly, C.F.X. President

The MOUNT is published quarterly by the Mount Saint Joseph Development Office. Brother James M. Kelly, C.F.X. President Barry J. Fitzpatrick Principal


Kevin P. Kearney ’94 Executive Director of Development

Cathy Steffe Development Office Manager

Joseph L. Schuberth ’00 Director of Communications and Events, Editor, The Mount

Juanita Mohler Development Office Assistant

The Mount

The Mount Mailbag

Letters in the Mount Mailbag tell the story of Mount Saint Joseph according to you, the Mount community. If you would like to submit a letter that could possibly appear in the Mount Mailbag, please e-mail it to or mail it to Mount Saint Joseph at 4403 Frederick Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21229, care of Joe Schuberth ’00. Letters may be edited for clarity and space.

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick, I am writing to tell you that people like you make me proud to be Catholic. I just finished reading the article about Ben [Stevick] in The Catholic Review and I must tell you how proud I am that your school has embraced the challenge of accommodating Ben [who has Down syndrome] and has set the standard for other Catholic Schools in the area. I am a product of Catholic education and my two oldest daughters attend School of the Incarnation in Gambrills, Md. Until I read this article, I had no hope that my youngest daughter, Mary Elizabeth (2), who has Down syndrome, would be able to receive a Catholic education. I am now filled with hope. Ben has given you a wonderful opportunity to represent Christ—and you have accepted it.

St. Joe meant so much to me, and I can’t thank the people enough who made those four years the best of my life. Aside from getting a superior education, I loved being in an environment centered in Christian values. Going to school everyday was enjoyable, and I even remember not wanting to go home. I couldn’t get enough of the place, hence being involved in all different kinds of clubs and organizations. Special memories include all of the retreats, laughing until it hurt in guidance senior year, and Mi Casa outings, just to name a few. Being the youngest of five children, and having four older sisters, I always wanted a brother, and I’m proud to call my classmates my brothers. -Mike Mannone ’06

I could not have imagined when Nick ’06 started his freshman year at MSJ that the next four years, according to him, would be the best of his life. MSJ has prepared him for college, and given him the values and qualities to be successful. There are so many fond memories I shared with my son at the Mount, especially his senior year. The graduation ceremony was breathtaking. You could see by their smiles, they were so proud to be a part of something so special. As I sat and listened, tears streaming like a river, to Mr. Fitz’s graduation speech, I was so proud and blessed to have shared this journey with my son. I am fortunate to have two other sons who will leave their mark at the Mount. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Fitz, and the faculty at MSJ for your dedication, support and love you give to these young men every day. -Tonya Natoli (Nick ’06, Jake ’08, and Joseph, future MSJ ’12)

With tears of joy and much gratitude for your courage, Jane Miller

MSJ has always been my home away from home. From daily classes, to late nights working onstage in the Fine Arts Center putting on the best production the Mount community could possibly see. The one truly beautiful thing I have noticed over the past four years and especially now looking back as a graduate, is the camaraderie, the brotherly bond that instantly forms between everyone from the first day of freshman year, to the last graduating day of one’s senior year. With MSJ being my second home, a place where I came to truly feel comfortable and learn and discover myself as a Christian man, it is impossible for me to not think of my fellow classmates as my brothers. People say “home is where your heart is...” and I just think back and ponder over that quote and see how fitting it is. MSJ is a place I will always hold in my heart, an establishment within the very basis of my life where I truly build upon. The teachers, friends, and even other families create such a loving environment. How is it not possible to see how truly awesome the Mount is, and to be able to count my blessings God has bestowed upon me? It isn’t. MSJ was/is a real home for me, and that is something I can always remember and will always be able to feel throughout the rest of my life. I live for little moments. And it was in the little moments of witnessing friendships, love, dedication, and passions at MSJ that made me say, “This is what I live for!” -Sam Maconachy ’06

Fall 2006

Mount Saint Joseph has been more than merely a school for me in the last four years, it’s been a lifestyle. I could never really fill this spot with enough information on my experience the last four years, but one thing I would like to briefly reflect on is senior retreat. Juniors, if there is anything more important for you to do, it is going on this retreat. Any bitterness I felt towards members in my class or grudges I held against them were instantly removed on the Saturday night of that retreat. I felt like I got so close to the guys in my class; it was amazing. They became more than classmates, they became brothers to me. -Mike D’Ambrosio ’06


Bringing History to Life By Joseph L. Schuberth ’00

Even as a young boy in kindergarten, John Payne ’81 knew he liked and was good at art. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in high school, however, when his artistic talents really started to blossom. Attending Centennial High School as a freshman, Payne decided to transfer to Mount Saint Joseph in his sophomore year after his father told him that the family would now be able to afford private school. He followed his friend, Carmen Caltabiano ’81, to the Mount and started to spend a lot of time in the art room. Art Teacher Ken Pittman noticed Payne’s talents quickly and helped cultivate them. According to Payne, “He [Pittman] latched on to what kind of talent he saw and said, ‘John, you’ve got something here. Stick with it. Don’t let it be some sort of hobby.’” This came at a perfect time for Payne as he was thinking of all of the many possibilities to pursue in life. “That’s when I really saw art as something I wanted to do perhaps as a profession.” Going on to graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1986, Payne always remembered what he learned from Mr. Pittman. “Every time I do a painting,” Payne said, “I have Ken in my mind, explaining the techniques and experimenting with different mediums and things like that. The things he has said and taught me reverberate though my mind.”


The Mount

After college, Payne refined his artistic interests working as a graphic designer and illustrator and started getting more interested in the fine arts. He liked the idea of creating artwork that would go up on a wall and last forever. As this interest grew, Payne found his niche as an artist who paid so much attention to detail that an observer might think he or she is looking at a photograph rather than a painting. To find interesting images to paint, Payne has been looking back in history and finding photographs, some over 100 years old. He particularly likes painting photos from 1880 to 1920. “It seemed to be an era when a lot of things were happening. There were a lot of good emotions within America itself. A lot of inventions were happening then. You’ve Sam, Terry, and Alex Shuman, who are now sophomores at the Mount, were painted here with their sister when they got the telegraph, telephone, light bulb, were four years old by John Payne ’81, their uncle. John was one of the many reasons the Shumans are at the Mount today. and the car. That just changed people’s lives so much. Just looking at pictures, it also just seemed to be a time when people really relaxed and it wasn’t so hustle bustle.” At a time when photography was first starting to develop, photos from this time period are black and white and are oftentimes diffused and distorted. Payne uses his creativity to add the color and detail to “bring it to life like it never has been before. I try to bring you into the painting almost as if the frame was the frame of a window, like you could just crawl through it and get in it and become part of it.” Because of the high amount of detail in his paintings, Payne puts out about 14 paintings a year. Most of his paintings are exhibited in the McBride Gallery in Annapolis and some in Gallery 44 in Ellicott City, where Ken Pittman also has artwork exhibited. There are over 100 artists on the wait list to get their work exhibited at the McBride Gallery, but when Payne came to the owner with his portfolio, he was taken on the spot. John Payne has held no job other than one dealing with art. His art career first started when he made his first commission as a professional here at the Mount as a junior when Father Bechtel asked him to do a painting. The guidance and support that he received from teachers at the Mount is something he will always cherish. As a true Mount man, he also will never forget his classmates. “I formed friendships with guys that you just can’t get in a co-ed kind of existence. It’s just different. I can’t explain it, but I’m sure a lot of people know what I mean. You just become closer.” Three of Payne’s nephews, Sam, Terry, and Alex Shuman, are currently experiencing this brotherhood as sophomores at the Mount. Much like his paintings, John Payne’s legacy will last forever on the walls and in the halls here at the Mount.

Fall 2006

John Payne ’81 won Best in Show honors at the annual Mount Saint Joseph Art Show his senior year for this self-portrait dressed as Rembrandt.


News From Alumni Relations Benzing Family Wins Ravens Raffle

Brad Benzing ’10 happily poses with the four Ravens season tickets he and his family won as a result of the Ravens Season Tickets Raffle.

Brad Benzing ’10 and his family started out his time here at the Mount by winning the Ravens Season Ticket Raffle, which awarded them four tickets to every Ravens home game this season. The winning ticket was picked by President Br. James Kelly, C.F.X., at the Alumni Association’s annual picnic to kick off the new school year. The raffle raised over $15,000 for Mount Saint Joseph, which was included in the $55,000 check presented to Br. James by the Alumni Association, the amount they raised during the 2006 school year.

Members of the Alumni Association present President Br. James Kelly, C.F.X., with a check for $55,000, the amount they raised during the 2006 school year.


The Mount

Alumni Association Golf Tournament

Many thanks to the following sponsors of the Golf Tournament who helped us raise over $25,000! REGIS TRATION SPONSOR

For the second year in a row, the faculty team of Mike St. Martin, Jody Harris ’79, Tom Hughes, and Bob Lilley ’69 were the champions of the Alumni Association Golf Tournament.

Many Thanks to Our Tee Sponsors!


700 South Gourmet, Inc. An Poitin Stil Arbor Valley Landscaping / 410-461-6171 The Basslers / Billy ’69, Matthew ’04, Michael ’06 Booth’s Gas Plus Capital Office Solutions Carey Sales “The Restaurant Shop” / 410-945-7878 Chesapeake Door / 410-752-6267 Councilman Sam Moxley ’77 Drake & Miller CPA / 410-252-8471 Fox Chevrolet G.L. Shack’s / Catonsville Harbor House Seafood Holly Poultry Kelsey’s Restaurant Kibby’s Restaurant / 410-644-8716 Leslie M. Londeree, DDS Marlin Moon Grille MBC Precision Imaging / 410-992-9611 MD’s Pub Mercantile Mortgage, LLC / Kevin Michno ’78 Mercantile Private Wealth Management / 410-237-5463 Merritt Properties / 410-298-2600 MSJ Alumni Association Nick’s Sausage Company / 301-927-5388 Overhead Door Co. of Baltimore Inc. / 410-636-6300 Plano-Coudon, LLC / 410-837-2570 Poole & Kent Corp. / 410-247-2200 In Memory of Ron Melvin ’69 from the Melvin Family Rossman-Hurt-Hoffman / 410-465-4300 St. Agnes Health Care / 410-368-6000 The Class Produce Group / 410-799-5700 Tiber River Restaurant / Ellicott City Veterans Home Mortgage Wolfe ’83 & Fiedler ’93, CPAs



Fall 2006


Reunion Wrap-up

The Class of 1941’s 65-year reunion.

The Class of 1946’s 60-year reunion.

The Class of 1951’s 55-year reunion.

The Class of 1956’s 50-year reunion.

The Class of 1961’s 45-year reunion. 7

The Mount

Reunion Wrap-up

The Class of 1966’s 40-year reunion.

The Class of 1971’s 35-year reunion.

The Class of 1976’s 30-year reunion.

The Class of 1981’s 25-year reunion.

The Class of 1986’s 20-year reunion.

The Class of 1991’s 15-year reunion.


A few of the members of the Class of 1996 at their 10-year reunion with Barry Fitzpatrick.

Fall 2006


News From Alumni Relations ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2006

Nominate Someone for an

Alumni Association Award


here are three Alumni Association Awards for which you can nominate others. Think about some good candidates and e-mail Joe Schuberth ’00 at with the candidate’s name, class year, and why they deserve to win the award by January 31, 2007. The winners will be honored at the Alumni Association Communion Breakfast in March. Here are the descriptions of the awards:

Knight of the Tower Award – Given to alumni for their service and dedication to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Al Shields Service Award – Given to On October 20, 2006, these athletes were inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. From left: Michael Eden ’78 (football, baseball), Harry Barnabae ’77 (wrestling), Kirk Salvo ’84 (wrestling), and Joseph Brent ’98 (track & field). Not present are inductees Richard Moyer ’75 (lacrosse) and Steven Parks ’80 (baseball, soccer).

Please pray for our sick Mount men To submit the name of a sick student or alumnus to the prayer list, e-mail Joe Schuberth ’00 at or call 410-646-4700.


Blase Cooke ’03 (Honorary)

Ed Molinaro ’70

Sean Goerling ’06

Dan Sapanur ’08

Jack Hefner ’55

Michael Seidl ’09

Br. James Kelly, C.F.X.

Joe Skudrna ’56

someone who has given an exceptional amount of service to the Mount.

Alumnus of the Year Award – Given to an alumnus who performs an outstanding deed or service in the past year.

Alumni vs. Varsity

WA T E R P O L O GAME On the Friday before Homecoming, 13 alumni came back to compete against the current varsity water polo squad, with the varsity team winning 20-10. If you played water polo when you were at the Mount, make a note to come back next year and help the alumni get back the winning title!

The Mount

Class Notes For more Class Notes, visit Class of 1944

Class of 1956

John Gants says, “Clarice and I have been living at Oakcrest Retirement Village for nearly five years. Some say, ‘It’s like a cruise that never docks.’ We agree.”

Wayne Hobbs says, “What a pleasure it was to again see many of the fellow grads at our 50th reunion. The spirit of Saint Joe remains in all of us.”

Frank Tauber and his wife, Pat, are enjoying retirement. Their three daughters blessed them with five grandchildren and one more on the way. Class of 1959 Gerald Deacon retired in 2003 from the Maryland Steelworkers’ Credit Union as the IT manager.

Class of 1946

John Hook ’46

John Hook is now retired from Mt. St. Mary’s University, but is still writing books. The latest, Leading at the Top: Requirements for Senior Executive Effectiveness, was recently published by iUniverse.

Joseph Lauer retired in 1991 and has 17 grandchildren and nine children. Class of 1947 Norman Martin, Jr. is in his 50th year of marriage with three children and seven grandchildren. Norman says, “I’m glad to see the Mount is still a power in education and sports.” Class of 1952 Larry Boyle has finally retired after 18 years with the Baltimore County Health Department and 32 years with Bethlehem Steel. Larry and his wife will spend more time traveling and visiting their 11 grandchildren. Class of 1953 Jerry Komin is the grandfather of Jordan Leigh and Jackson Lance Komin, who were born to his son, Jeffrey. Class of 1954 John Elliott is retired and is living in Harford County, Md., where his son, Bill ’88, teaches at Harford Community College.

Tom Kleintank ’56 and his Golden Gael fishing buddies on the trip they took during Golden Gaels Weekend.

Tom Kleintank enjoyed all the festivities for their Golden Gael reunion, including the fishing trip. Class of 1957 William Green, Jr. retired as a captain after 30 years with the Navy. He also spent 10 years as Human Resources Director of Clay County, Florida, and retired from there in 2002. Class of 1958 Robert Bailey has retired for the third time and is now enjoying golfing with his brother, Tom ’51, and camping with his wife, Kathy. Mike Iampieri is in his 41st year teaching art at Loyola Blakefield. Dr. Francis Kelly is a retired physicist and is currently the president of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers. He can be reached at He and his wife, Angelita, have three children and 8 grandchildren.

Walter “Boots” Rykiel is a staff reporter for USA Today. Class of 1960 Dennis Dobson retired in July after 40 years of service to the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Fred Green retired from the U.S. Department of Education with 40 years of federal service. He and his wife, Mary Margaret, reside in Fairfax County, Va., and they welcomed their first grandchild, Noura Nicole, in July. Class of 1964 Mike Lutche retired from the Navy on May 31, 2006, in a ceremony at the Defense Mike Lutche ’6 4 Intelligence Agency. Attending, among others, were friends Emil Bernhardt ’60 and Joe Canby ’63. Lutche is residing in Brentwood, Tennessee, and is working for the FBI. Class of 1966

Dr. Francis Ke lly ’58

Bob Kemmer is enjoying his 12th year of retirement from the Department of Defense. He and his wife, Margaret, split their time between Glen Burnie and Ocean City, Md. Fall 2006

Bill Define will retire next April after more than 38 years at Miles & Stockbridge P.C. He has four children who are all married and three grandchildren.

Richard Lubinski was recently named Energy Manager of the Year for a sevenstate region. Fred Raynor is the owner of Portside Pub in Essex, Md. He enjoys boating on the Chesapeake Bay with his wife of over 39 years, Bonnie. 10

Class Notes For more Class Notes, visit James Smith is now working at Tessco Technologies in Timonium, Md. as the Accounts Payable Manager. He lives in Ellicott City, Md. He recently celebrated his 28th wedding anniversary to his wife, Patricia.

Class of 1981 Dan Petroff recently celebrated 20 years working for the United States, both in and out of uniform. He says, “I’m sure I will be serving taxpayers for at least 15 more years!”

Class of 1975 Class of 1983 John Asberry recently became a Certified Financial Planner. He resides in Elkton, Md., and has an office in three credit unions in Maryland and Delaware. He specializes in retirement planning and estate planning. Class of 1977 Patrick Ryder proudly watched his son, Joey, graduate from the Mount last June. Class of 1980 Kevin Allis recently won the Maryland State Mid-Amateur Championship at Bethesda Country Club. Prior victories include the 2003 Middle Atlantic Amateur (past champions include Davis Love, Fred Funk, Deane Beman, Marty West), Maryland State Amateur, and the Baltimore City Amateur. He is the only Mount Saint Joseph golfer to win the Middle Atlantic Amateur and the Maryland State Mid-Amateur.

Get Your MSJ Gear! Visit and click on Bookstore to view and securely purchase MSJ merchandise. You can also check the store hours online if you want to come by the Mount and visit!


Bryan Barnabae recently became Founder and President of Black Bag Medical Supply in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. ae Bryan Barnab ’93

Robert Rizzo is now a news photographer for WAVY-TV 10 in Portsmouth, Va. Class of 1984 George Coutros and his wife and son, Peter, would like to announce the birth of Julianna Paige on March 23, 2006.

John Sheeler and his wife Christine would like to announce the birth of their twin babies, a boy and a girl, Jack Michael future class of 2023, and Megan Tanney, born on June 6, 2006. Mike Sheeler ’02, Chris Sheeler ’04, and Joe Ferraro ’87 are uncles of the twins, and Jack Sheeler ’62 is a grandfather. Class of 1990 Kevin Latchford and his wife, Niki, welcomed their third child, Abbey Mae, in October 2006. Additionally, Kevin was recently appointed to Chief Operating Officer of Aztek. Kevin and his family reside in Avon Lake, Ohio.

Kevin Latchfor d

Brion Townshend and his wife, Allison, would like to announce the birth of their daughter, Clara Elizabeth, on October 16, 2006. She weighed 7 lbs 6 ozs and was 20 1/4 inches long.

Chris Spindler and his wife, Laurie, have recently sold two family-owned businesses, and have teamed with Coldwell Banker to sell commercial and residential real estate.

Class of 1993

Class of 1985

Class of 1995

James “Jef” Fagan and his wife, Julie, have two children, Connor and Erin. They live in Clarksburg, Md. Jef is a labor and employment attorney in DC with the firm of Krupin O’Brien.

Eric Jeschke recently accepted an offer at the D.C.-based intellectual property law firm of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, L.L.P. He will graduate from George Washington University Law School in May and then start as an associate in the mechanical practice group working on patent litigation.

James Fagan ’85

Class of 1987 Ronald E. Hawkins, Jr. is currently serving at the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland. Class of 1989 Ed Nemec, who resides in Catonsville with his wife, Paulina, is a managing partner at New York Life. In April, they celebrated the birth of their first child, Mason Lee. The Mount

Brian Carhart married Jill Peaper in April 2006.

Eric Jeschke, Erik Endler, and Erv Terwilliger have worked with Kevin Kearney ’94, the Director of Development, to create a donor-advised fund for the Class of 1995. Members of the Class of 1995 can give as much or little as they would like and still have input into how their donations are spent. Help the fund grow and give back to the Mount. If interested in donating, contact Eric Jeschke at


Class Notes For more Class Notes, visit Michael Verill has been working for T. Rowe Price for 3 years as an investment broker. He is attending Villa Julie College at the present to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in business management and resides in Baltimore.

Class of 2000 Dave Byroade graduated from Salisbury University in 2005 and was recently admitted to the University of Baltimore working on his Masters Degree in criminology. He is the office manager and investigator for the Apex Agency in Glen Burnie. He pitched for Mount Saint Joseph and is a fourth generation grandson in the Knobby Harris family of baseball players. Greg Small and his wife, Katie, announce the birth of their first child, Grace Kelly, who was born on August 26, 2006. Class of 2001

Robert and Michael Verill ’95

Robert Verill, Jr. was married on August 12, 2006, to Alexandria Ridgeway. Robert has been in the Air Force since 1998. He is currently in the process of leaving the Air Force, and he and his wife are relocating back to Baltimore. Class of 1997 James Chwirut recently graduated at the top of the history department from the University of Baltimore with a B.A. in history. He is a new homeowner in northeast Baltimore and was promoted to lead a new branch of his company, LaserShip. He is currently enjoying training his new puppy, Odie. Casey Smith graduated Summa Cum Laude in the spring of 2006 with a graduate degree in architecture from Arizona State University. He now resides in Federal Hill in Baltimore and is Casey Smith ’97 working as a design project manager for CS&D Architecture. Class of 1999 Ade Smith was recently named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2006 Most Eligible Bachelor for the State of Maryland.

Colin Smith is a senior at Towson University majoring in kinesiology, and currently resides in Federal Hill.

Steve Street is finishing up a six-month tour of duty in Iraq. He is encamped guarding the major highway between Fallujah and Ramadii for two weeks at a time to prevent bombs from being buried. For those who would like to keep in touch with him, his address is: PFC Street, Steve D. 3rd BN I-Co. 2nd Marines Unit 73095 FPO AE-09509-3095 Class of 2005 Charlie Myers is a sophomore at Frostburg State University where he serves as President of United Campus Ministries and the Law Enforcement Club.

Charlie Myers ’05

Class of 2006 Class of 2002 Michael Ostroff is attending University of Maryland Law School. Ryan Stiltner graduated Magna Cum Laude from Villanova University with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a minor in business. He earned the Dean’s Award for Ryan Stiltner ’0 2 Excellence in Engineering from VU. He is now working at Exelon Nuclear in Salem, New Jersey, and is living in Wilmington, Delaware. Class of 2003 Kyle O’Connor is in his senior year at Marymount University in Arlington, Va. Drew Silcox is currently serving in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He married Kim Gattus and welcomed their daughter, Marissa Isabella, in August. Drew is preparing for deployment to Afghanistan after Christmas. Winter Fall 2006 2006

Chris Myers is a freshman at Marymount University and is the goalie for the lacrosse team. Sean O’Neill has been elected to the position of treasurer/secretary of the freshman class at Roanoke College.

DECEASED ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Please remember in your prayers the souls of all our faithfully departed, especially our recently deceased alumni and friends and their families. Frederick J. Neville ’35 Richard J. Garney ’41 Francis G. Trageser ’41 John M. Venditti ’44 George A. Kroen II ’46 Theodore J. Markiewicz ’48 James E. O’Rourke ’49 Frank H. Kvech ’51 James A. Goodwin ’52 John J. Hefner, Sr. ’55 Richard H. Hoffman ’55 Robert F. Bailey ’58 Paul A. Meehan ’88 Jason B. Spencer ’05 12

News From the Development Office THE MOUNT’S ANNUAL FUND –


T Ushers and speakers for the Saint Francis Society Mass and Reception with Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. From left: Jordan Harris, Pat Curley, Kevin Lassiter, Br. James Kelly, Pat Terranova, Kevin Abdo, Ben Bilenki, Clint Felts, and Tom Meyer.

SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER SOCIETY MASS AND RECEPTION The 228 members of the Saint Francis Xavier Society (donors who give $1,000 or more) were thanked during the annual mass and reception on September 26, 2006, for their generosity to the Mount. Two seniors, Benjamin Bilenki and Clinton Felts, gave testimonies at the reception about how the selfless giving of the members of the society impacted their lives and allowed them to come to Mount Saint Joseph. Bilenki shared the fact that both of his older brothers and he had won partial scholarships to Mount Saint Joseph through the annual speech contest. “Without this gift, it is quite possible that neither my brothers nor I would have come to the Mount,” Bilenki stated. Felts shared his story of not knowing if his parents would be able to afford a Mount Saint Joseph education, and the elation he felt when he found out he had received the Ryken Scholarship. In gratitude, he said, “It is important in this society where truth is thought to be subjective and values are all but forgotten, that there are people who think not of themselves, but give of themselves for the benefit of others. I want to thank you all for being those kinds of people, and for giving to Mount Saint Joseph without any thought of return.” Both students also shared how the generosity of the members of the Saint Francis Xavier Society have allowed them to give back to their school and communities and to truly “experience the Mount for what it is worth,” in the words of Ben Bilenki. The impact of the generosity of so many will be felt for years to come.


he Mount hopes to continue its recent success in growing the Annual Fund with a goal this year of $725,000. The Fund is off to an impressive start with over $200,000 in just the first few months of the year (Fiscal year ending June 30).

Every gift truly makes a difference. Consider that this year, over 265 students will receive close to $1 million in financial aid. This is an incredible commitment, but one that is at the core of being a Xaverian Brothers school. Over the past five years, the Annual Fund has made significant progress toward bridging the gap between the amount raised in Annual Fund monies and the amount granted to students for financial aid. While we have seen a marked increase in contributions, still less than 19 percent of alumni make a gift to the Mount every year, and over 5,000 alumni have never made a single gift. Through such efforts as the Fall Appeals and the spring Phonathon, we hope to reach out to more and more alumni and show just how important their gift is to the Mount. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of our boys.

ONLINE GIVING - MAKING IT SIMPLE Everyone’s schedule is so jam-packed, online giving has become an incredibly popular method for alumni and parents to support the Mount. At, anyone can make a gift in just a few simple steps. Many people have taken advantage of being able to pledge a gift and then have their credit card automatically charged over a period of time.

NEW LAW ALLOWS GIFTS FROM YOUR IRA In August, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 was signed into law by President George W. Bush. In part, the new law allows some people to make charitable gifts directly from a traditional or a Roth IRA. • You must be at least 70 1/2 years of age on the date of your gift. • You may gift up to $100,000 each year in 2006 and 2007. This limit applies to each person, meaning that if both spouses have IRA plans, each may make gifts up to that limit. Please note that 401(k) plans and other non-IRA retirement plans do not qualify. • With respect to a traditional IRA, the gift will be counted against your required minimum distribution but will not be counted for income tax purposes. In exchange, you forego the ability to claim the gift as a deduction. Roth IRAs are not subject to minimum distribution rules and amounts distributed are not included in income. • The gift must go to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, such as Mount Saint Joseph High School.

RIGHT UP UNTIL THE END For your convenience the Development Office will be open until 4 p.m. on Friday, December 29, to accept credit card gifts over the phone and to assist donors with stock and IRA gifts. Gifts that are mailed and postmarked by Saturday, December 30, 2006, will be receipted for the 2006 tax year regardless of when it arrives.

The Mount

Mount News Briefs Xaverian Jubilees By Br. James Kelly, C.F.X.


ecently three former Mount Saint Joseph teachers celebrated their jubilees as Xaverian Brothers. Brother Eugene Behenna (Brother Edgar) celebrated his Diamond Jubilee, 60 years as a Xaverian Brother, and Brother Rodney Sulzer (Brother Pierce) and Brother Henry Francis Marino celebrated their Golden Jubilees, 50 years as Xaverian Brothers. Brother Eugene was stationed at Mount Saint Joseph from 1953-1958 during which time he taught English and public speaking and coached cub football, freshman basketball and tennis. After leaving Mount Saint Joseph, Brother Eugene was stationed at Notre Dame High School in Utica, New York, and at Xavier High School in Middletown, Connecticut, where he is now retired. Brother Rodney was stationed at Mount Saint Joseph first from 1967-1970 as a teacher of religion. Returning to the Mount for the 1988-1989 school year, Brother Rodney served as the acting Principal at a time of transition for

the Mount. After leaving Mount Saint Joseph the first time Brother Rodney served at Good Counsel in Wheaton, Maryland, and on the Bolivian missions. He then served at Ryken High School in Leonardtown, Maryland, before returning to the Mount as Principal. Subsequent to his Principalship, he was the Director of the Xaverian Brothers retirement house in Louisville, Kentucky. He is now stationed as the Director of the Xaverian Brothers retirement home in Venice, Florida.

Ten Seniors Named National Merit Commended Students

Brother Henry Francis Marino served one year at the Mount as a teacher of English. He has served in a number of Xaverian Schools since being stationed at the Mount, and he is presently a Campus Minister at Malden Catholic High School in Malden, Massachusetts. The Xaverian word for congratulations is Proficiat. Mount Saint Joseph wishes these three brothers a hearty Proficiat on their jubilees and thanks them for their service to the Mount.

JIMMY K. 5-K RUN hese ten seniors were named National Merit Commended Students by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation after they achieved high scores on the PSAT. Out of the 1.4 million students who take the test, 34,000, or less than three percent, were named Commended Students. Standing with President Brother James Kelly, C.F.X., and Principal Barry Fitzpatrick, starting left to right from the top, these students are: David Mueller, Sam Ganger, Thomas Meyer, Anthony DiChiara, James Baker, Brian Van Parys, Michael Clevinger, Patrick Terranova, Derek Bridge, and George Warner.


Runners from all over came for the Jimmy K. 5-K Run, which raised $10,000 for the Knighton Family Fund. This fund was created in celebration of the life of Jimmy Knighton ’80, and it gives one young man a year the opportunity to attend Mount Saint Joseph. At the race, from left are: Barry Fitzpatrick, Gabby Knighton, Pete Greer, Joe Knighton ’10, Kolbe Greer ’02, Nancy Greer (Jimmy Knighton’s sister), Ryan Greer ’98, and Mary Knighton (Jimmy’s mom)

Fall 2006


Gaels Bring Home First MIAA Volleyball Title The Varsity Volleyball Team won its first ever MIAA A Conference Championship at Villa Julie College on November 3, 2006, and made even more history on the way. The Gaels defeated top-seeded Gilman (17-2), three games to one, 25-16, 15-25, 25-20 and 26-24, and finished the season with the best

overall record (14-3) and best record against A Conference teams (7-3) in school history. Gilman’s only two losses of the year were served to them by the hands of the Gaels, who were coached by two first-time head coaches on the varsity level, Sam Bianco ’01 and Bryan Bieniek. Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage


Baltimore, MD Permit #1

The Mount Mount Saint Joseph High School 4403 Frederick Avenue Baltimore, MD 21229-4199

In the Championship match, senior co-captain outside hitter Brian Jaron led the attack with 17 kills, while senior co-captain outside hitter Paul Reichart and junior outside hitter Matt Schmidt added 12 kills each and combined for 6 blocks. The middle attack, senior Paul Bartlinski and sophomore Jesse Felts, combined for 6 blocks, and senior setter Nick Dreisch contributed 41 assists in the match.



The final game of the Championship was a classic nail-biter with 13 ties. The “Gael Force” of student, parent, and alumni fans helped the Gaels feel like they were at home, where they went undefeated, 9-0 on the season. The score was tied at 24 when sophomore Jesse Felts stepped up to the line and served the final two points, with junior Matt Schmidt pounding down the final kill, winning the MIAA Championship, and opening up the flood gates of “Gael Force” fans who stormed the court.

The Mount


The Mount - Fall 2006  
The Mount - Fall 2006  

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