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Space for the Rehabilitating February

Studiofouronefour Team #1: Ryan Bratz, Joseph Buccini, Alex Harm and Nicholas Mather winning entry Studio fouronefour Studio fouronefour is comprised of a group of recent graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, brought together by a shared passion for the built environment. Our mission is simple: To give great designers the opportunity and resources to continue doing what they love. Pooling our resources, talent, and enthusiasm, we have provided ourselves an environment of creativity and collaboration, where we pursue competitions, explore ideas, and occasionally take the odd job or two. When we were not able to obtain jobs in the real world with our lack of experience, we took it upon ourselves to stay up to date on technology and trends. So we took our skills and never stopped pushing them to the next level. We have experience, a bigger portfolio, and we will have had fun doing it.

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Sensor[y Rehab]ilitation

In our world, we are continuously influenced by stimuli to all five senses. For our minds to process the massive quantity of information coming from the senses, we subconsciously filter out everything that we deem normal: sights, smells, sounds, textures. This coping mechanism allows us to function in everyday situations, but over time it robs us our ability to truly experience our environment. Rehabilitation is not a path reserved for the sick; it is a way to return to useful life or good condition through therapy and education. Sensory rehabilitation involves isolating senses one by one. When a sense is blocked we realize the stimulation that used to be present; we now only recognize the void that is left. Once we have eliminated all the stimuli that were part of our daily lives, we appreciate and recognize them. The reintroduction to stimuli that used to be ignored becomes an experience of transcendence – rejuvenation.

Studio fouronefour's Winning Competition Entry  
Studio fouronefour's Winning Competition Entry  

Socio Design Foundation's February 2012 Design Competition