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El Sutra del Cor, Cardiologia S. L. . Carrer Marques de Montsolis 32 08390 Montgat. Barcelona CIF : B65858649

Heart Sutra Cardiology SL is a company created due to our motivation to promote education in the health field, with special emphasis on cardiovascular health and emotional health.
 Heart Sutra Cardiology SL considers that promoting good health both on a physical and on an emotional level helps to reduce the suffering of human beings.
 Educational activities to promote Heart Sutra Cardiology SL are mainly focussed on three areas: the general population, the medical profession and the business profession.


Educational activities aimed at the general population:
 • Promote healthy lifestyle behaviour both in primary prevention and in secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease
 • Promote emotional health from a positive attitude point of view. It is increasingly clear that the state of health depends largely on the emotional state of the individual.
 • Raise awareness among the female population that cardiovascular disease is a serious disease that affects women and can be actively prevented.
 • Strengthen the state of physical and emotional health in children and in the adolescent population.

Educational activities aimed at the medical profession:
 • To promote education in holistic care.
 • These activities will be aimed primarily at
 General Practicioners 
 General Cardiologists 
 Residents in Cardiology
 "Fellows" in Interventional Cardiology

Other activities in this section: 
 • Participate in scientific forums in medical meetings
 • Participate in scientific studies

Educational activities aimed at the business profession:
 •Give advice to companies in the health sector, particularly those dedicated to Interventional Cardiology.
 • Scientific advice
 • Technical Advice
 • Advice on managing emotions &

• Advice on new approaches in the conduct of business management based on Business Karmic Management 

International Collaboration Activities:
 Heart Sutra Cardiology SL is motivated to help in the development of educational and health as interventional cardiology projects in developing countries, primarily in Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Heart sutra cardiology company  
Heart sutra cardiology company