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17/01/2013 AFBG


Elaborado por: Academia Estatal Unidades reorganizadas por: CADI CIX 2 UNIDAD 1 Presentaciones Saludos y Despedidas Expresiones Países, Nacionalidades e Idiomas Hello / Hi What’s your name? Argentina – Argentinian – Spanish Good morning My name is… Australia –Australian – English Good afternoon How do you do? Brazil – Brazilian – Portuguese Good evening His/her name is.... Canada - Canadian – English Good-bye./ Bye / ByeWhere are you from? /French .bye Where is he/she China – Chinese – Chinese Have a nice day from? Cuba- Cuban – Spanish See you tomorrow How old are you? England- English- English Good night What’s your France – French – French occupation? Germany – German –German What’s your phone Italy – Italian – Italian number? Japan – Japanese – Japanese This is… Mexico – Mexican – Spanish (It’s ) nice to meet you Poland – Polish- Polish How do you spell…? Russia – Russian – Russian I’m … Spain – Spanish – Spanish What do you do? The United States of America – What’s your job? American – English I’m studying

Objetos board book cassette player chair chalk computer desk dictionary eraser map marker mouse notebook pen pencil picture piece of paper table wall wastebasket workbook

Expresiones How do you say....? May I come in? May I go out? What’s the meaning of...? What’s this? What’s that? What are these? What are those? Right! ( correct ) That’s right Wrong That’s wrong

UNIDAD 2 El Salón de Clases Verbos Act translate answer underline ask understand check ( your answers) close work in pairs complete work in groups copy write correct cross count draw find know (don’t t know) learn listen ( to ) look ( at ) match read repeat spell turn to

Oficios y Profesiones accountant police officer actor/actress professor airline pilot secretary architect singer athlete teacher cashier travel agent chef worker cook computer programmer waiter/waitress dentist doctor engineer farmer fire fighter hairdresser journalist lawyer musician nurse pedagogue pedagogy

Sustantivos alphabet answer class classroom competition exam (examination) example homework language lesson letter ( as in alphabet) mistake number question school sentence test text tick university word

Elaborado por: Academia Estatal Unidades reorganizadas por: CADI CIX 3

Ropa blouse boots cap coat dress jacket jeans hat pajamas raincoat shirt shoes shorts skirt sneakers socks suit sweatshirt sweater pants tie t-shirt uniform watch

Adjetivos sobre clima cloudy cold cool dry hot humid sunny wet warm windy

UNIDAD 3 Descripción de Personas y su ropa Expresiones Adjetivos Descriptivos What are you like I’m tall and slim. blond I have blue eyes curly hair What’s he like? long He has black hair short What’s she like? straight She’s short and kind wavy of fat What’s your favorite attractive color? beautiful physical What color is....? fat appearance What are you wearing handsome today? pretty I’m wearing a red short dresstall Are you wearing...? thin What’s s/he wearing ugly today? She’s wearing extroverted friendly character intelligent quiet shy stupid talkative unfriendly

Colores beige black blue brown gray green orange navy blue pink purple red white yellow

UNIDAD 4 El clima ,estaciones del año, meses y días de la semana Expresiones Estaciones Meses del año Días de la del año semana What’s the weather like? spring January Sunday It’s sunny today. summer February Monday It’s raining today. fall March Tuesday winter April Wednesday May Thursday June Friday July Saturday August September October November December

Verbos rain snow wear

Elaborado por: Academia Estatal Unidades reorganizadas por: CADI CIX 4

Verbos arrive begin finish get up get (un) dressed go go to bed breakfast have lunch dinner live leave start take a shower/a bath work

Partes de la casa apartment bathroom bedroom closet dining room downstairs garden garage hall house kitchen living room room shower stairs swimming pool upstairs yard

UNIDAD 5 Actividades Cotidianas La hora Miembros de la familia o’clock ( It’s seven o’clock) brother after ( It’s ten after six) child past ( It’s ten past six ) children before ( It’s five before six) dad to ( It’s five to six) daughter quarter ( It’s a quarter past three) father grandfather ( It’s quarter to two) grandmother half ( It’s half past two ) grandparent (s) at noon husband at midnight kids mom in the morning mother in the afternoon parent (s) in the evening son at night sister wife

Expresiones What time is it? What time do you....? What do you do in the morning? What does he/she do in the afternoon? When do you...? When does he/she...?

UNIDAD 6 Ubicación de cuartos en una casa, objetos y lugares públicos Expresiones Muebles y Aparatos Lugares públicos Does your apartment armchair airport movies have...? bed bank museum What’s the house like? chair bookstore park Do you live...? clock bus station parking lot How many rooms does dresser bus stop police station the house have? lamp café post office There’s a /an… mirror church restaurant There isn’t a / an... oven coffee shop supermarket There’s no... refrigerator downtown stadium There are some... sofa drugstore theater There aren’t any.... stove gas station stores stereo hospital zoo television library VCR market

UNIDAD 7 Gustos Y Preferencias Actividades de entretenimiento, recreación, Expresiones pasatiempo y deportes. gardening going for a walk going shopping going to the movies going to the beach going out with friends listening to music

painting taking photographs reading a book seeing friends watching television writing letters

What do you like doing on the weekend? I like I dislike I don’t like ... Do you like…? Do you like it? Do you like him/her/ them?

Pronombres de complemento directo e indirecto me you him her it us them

Elaborado por: Academia Estatal Unidades reorganizadas por: CADI CIX 5

Alimentos apple lettuce banana meat bread onion burger orange butter pear cake pie carrot pineapple cheese potato chicken rice ham salad chocolate salt egg sandwich fish soup french fries sugar fruit tomato ice-cream vegetable meat yoghurt lemon

Verbos cook dance draw drive

UNIDAD 8 Alimentos y Bebidas Bebidas Expresiones beer I love ( bananas) coffee I like (oranges) juice I hate ( soups) lemonade Do you need any…? milk Yes, we need some… mineral water No, We don’t need any… soda What do you usually have for breakfast? tea What do you usually have for lunch? water What do you usually have for dinner? wine Food Meal

Unidad 9 Habilidades Expresiones

What can you do? What sports do you like? What sports do you play? I play…. (a sport) a musical instrument I like football play a sport I like playing (a sport) a game I like paying football What time do you …? read ( e.g. Russian) Can you…? ride a bicycle Can they…? sing speak ( e.g. English) Yes, I can swim No, I can’t type well understand ( e.g. French) Yes, they can... very well use a computer a little write

Deportes cycling baseball basketball football soccer tennis volleyball swimming

Glosario Inglés 1  

Este glosario contiene el minimo de palabras requeridas que deberas aprender durante este semestre. El orden de las unidades sera diferente...