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READING PLAN Juan Esteban Rojas 10C 16/05/2018

The process of innovation in the last years has surpassed the imaginary limits of the creation of inventions. During 1990 and 2015, 10.000 new transcendental inventions were created for the humanity, overcoming 2.500 inventions created from the prehistory era up to the current one. In the whole history of the human race, we had never faced such an abrupt change. It is difficult already to imagine a future without technology. Recently Microsoft launched the "Microsoft Hololens" that is an appliance designed to mix the fiction with the reality, creating a few glasses of mixed reality which is capable of interacting with the reality while you remain in the game. In addition, it is an independent device that works in an autonomous way without the need of keys and as if this was not too much an account with double cam, that it allows the recording as the back and the front. Undoubtedly is a revolutionary invention. The help of the technology is undeniable as an instrument of advance, but I will be always in opposition to those inventions that are facilities, which promotes the laziness and the stupidity of the humans.

Glossary: Individualization: characteristic of the modern society Machine: An apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task. Advance: Move forwards in a purposeful way.


Juan rojas  
Juan rojas