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José Max León School Computer Science and Technology Experience: Reading Plan III The defensor

Secret Bracelet

Dashbon mask

•It's for personal protection • It spray gas pepper and it takes a photo of the attacker • Is a bracelet that shows the interface of a smartphone in your arms

• Are headphones, with visual projection

• Is a back that also is used for transportaion in a skateboard • Movpak It's electric, no manual


•Is a bicycle seat that is for safety device like a padlock • It is used to protect your bicycle and your bicycle seat

• Is a insole that is controled by your smartphone • The duration is between 2 to 7 days Digitsole

Playbulb candle

Robot keecker

Zackees gloves

• You can configurate the colors, it has a size like an apple • It is 50 dollars • Is a robot that projects multimedia, with 6 speakers • It cost 5000 dollars • Are cycling gloves with flashing arrows, it is used to transmit directionals to drivers • It cost 75 dollars

• The mota ring receives emails and notifications, becasuse it is synchronized with your phone. Mota ring • It costs 75 dollars and is water resistant

Opinion paragraph: In my opinion, the best technological invention are the zackees gloves because they are useful in the daily life, it helps cyclist to be safety because they show an arrow that indicates if they are to turn left of turn right. You can activate the signals with the two metallic contacts between the thumb and the index, when you raise your hand it becomes a led beacon intermittent. The only problem is that in the winter or in cold days they would not be appropriate. Something that is in favor is that they only cost 75 dollars, and it has a futuristic appearance. The worst technological invention is the playbulb because it isn’t useful, or incredible, or different, it is only a simple bulb that change it color. I think that is throw your money.

Glossary:  

Insole: The inner sole of a shoe or boot. ( Wireless: Having no wire. (

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