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Santiago Carvajal 10B Technology and English

Table of Contents 1. Cover 2. Scheme 3. Paragraph 4. English level 5. Glossary

2. Invention Volterman

Sony LFS50G


Description wallet with charger and camera

speaker for home

3. For me the inventions that I saw in the video the two best were the volterman wallet and the Sony LF S50G speaker. Let's start with the volterman wallet for at first glance the wallet seems interesting for its luxurious and modern design, but there are many that a good aesthetic, the wallet has a battery of 5,000 mAh that is really useful for the use that we give today in day to our smartphone, besides the wallet has a GPS system and camera so that in a robbery case it is easier to identify the thief and find it. Therefore we can say that it is safer than the others. Secondly, we find the Sony LF-S50G speaker which is designed for the home, it has wifi connection to be compatible with different applications such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and Uber among others, the speaker is designed to recognize the voice which is controlled remotely and you can ask for things like download music, select a specific song, among many other things

that can be ordered so it is like having a personal assistant at home available 24 hours, in addition to its cylindrical shape distributes the best sound throughout the room. And finally I can say that the two inventions are interesting, the wallet with a price of 160 dollars and the Sony speaker with a price of 199 dollars so I can’t choose one, I would buy the two. 4. B2

5. Glossary mAh: unit of measure that defines the amount of electrical energy GPS: global positioning system Compatible: That you can use that App in the device