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What do we want to do? We want to make a system of pulleys through which this makes a "crane" role and is capable of lifting an object with a light weight, and that has the ability to move forward and leave it in a specific place.

What is edison Robot? It is a programmable robot with free software, manageable by remote control and also compatible with LEGO. The robot that we see in the previous image.

âž” For that we carry out the programming in this previous image,for this we decided to use valteam, where through different commands you can choose the movements that edison must do, with the intention that the robot fulfilled its function we decided to program it in this way. âž” âž” What is a pulley?

What is the pulley for? It serves to transmit a force and facilitates the ascent and descent of heavy objects, since scientifically it reduces the magnitude of the force necessary to move a weight.

THE PROTOTYPE: â?– BibliografĂ­a

The prototype that was designed, had a system of levers, that by means of the use of legos, it was possible to lift certain objects, or make the movement of a backhoe, when compacting different legos with different size and shape. For example, in the part where the wheels must be, we put some legos and programmed the mechanism, to make the backhoe movement. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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