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Technological Inventions KLAX It is a very useful portable ax that you can take wherever you want. Unlike other axes this brings its head apart to the wooden body making it fit into any log of wood, apart from this brings other uses as a hammer, a bottle opener, a scraper and five wrenches.

Zcan Wireless Is an object with which you can make instant copies. You only need to move this mouse for the document you want to copy and it immediately transfers the information to your computer

Leap Motion This revolutionary object allows to interact with the computer with just gestures in the air to be able to do this, it has three sensors and two tracking cameras and the USB port to be able to charge it. It is compatible with windows and mac but unfortunately very few applications have added this system

Microsoft Hololens Are a mixed reality glasses, It is an independent device so it does not need cables or devices to be used. implements a high degree of technology that will allow you to see objects that do not exist in real life from small things like a squirrel or as big as the sea

Summary Drumi It is a portable washing machine, which does not need electricity since it works with the foot and uses 80% less water than other washing machines. It serves to save water, money and especially space

Tap Strap It is a device for your hand that allows you to write by tapping your fingers on any surface. It allows you to interact with any device by bluetooth. It is made with sensors that analyze the movements of the fingers and reflect it in the device you are using


Hydra Light It is a lamp which

uses salt water as a It is a razor blade source of power. that uses a laser When the salt water beam to cut the joins with an hair. This laser uses electrolyte it a wavelength to produces a flow of break the hair when consistant and it comes into instantaneous contact with it electricity. This article helps the planet a lot

Zcan Wireless and Hydra Light Of all these inventions these two were the ones that seemed most interesting to me since on the one hand we have an object that contributes to the routine of people (zcan wireless) and on the other hand we have an instrument that helps the planet generating a benefit to the person who uses it (hydra light). The zcan wireless is an instrument that in my opinion is the most useful because it performs a function that most people have to do

manually, but this helps to save time when preparing a work. On the side of the hydra light I think it is the advance that implements more technology since this uses a resource that for many is very easy to achieve and converts it into energy easily, apart from this, the consumption of batteries that in many cases are not renewable and greatly affect our planet decreases a lot. For these reasons it seems to me that these two are the best inventions on this list.

Glossary 

Electrolyte – Electrolito - An electrolyte is a substance that conducts electricity when dissolved in water. They are essential for a number of bodily functions.

Mixed reality – Realidad Mixta - A difference of the virtual reality system creates a completely new world, the mixed reality system is much better in situations where human interaction is required


Sensors – Sensores - Units that emit an analog signal, such as units that emit sensors for multiple applications in the industry and research a binary signal

Inventos tecnologicos  
Inventos tecnologicos