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THE GRAPHENE José Luis Calatayud Bares 3ºA

INDEX ● What is the graphene? ● Main properties and applications. ○ Perfect conductor. ○ Can be used as solar panels. ○ Is so strong. ○ It have a thermal properties. ● History of graphene.

What is the graphene? Graphene is a substance composed of pure carbon atoms with regularly arranged in a hexagonal pattern similar to graphite, but a sheet of one atom thick. It is very light, a sheet of 1 square meter weighs just 0.77 milligrams.

PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS It can be used to do many things, for example: To manufacture a new powerful mobile He can be used everyday life Antibacterial applications

History of Graphene It is a new material. Really is known and has been described for more than half a century.The scientists gave little attention during decades because they thought it was unstable.The word graphene was officially adopted in 1994. Actually, the graphite structure can be considered a large number of battery plates.

El grafe  

Este es el meu treball sobre el grafe

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