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LOGO. - The logo will always appear on a white background where possible and will otherwise be accompanied by the lighter blue oval.

- The printed logo will always be positioned in one corner and at least 2cm away from any page border apart from business cards at 1cm.

2cm 2cm


- it will never be printed smaller than 1.5cm (height) - The digital logo will always appear central to any page and will always use the blue oval derivitive. - it will never appear smaller than 20% of the full screen width.


COPY. - Any copy will use the Helvetica Condensed fonts; including (and limited to) Helvetica Condensed (black) for body copy and Helvetica Condensed Bold (dark blue) for higlighted or important text.

- The body copy will always appear at 12pt - Highlights will appear in the same size. - Web text will appear at 20pt and will be relatively decreased/increased based on platform. - Any other printed copy will maintain the same colour and font but size can be determined based on the location of print (e.g. a billboard).

Highlights Highlights This is what body copy will look like. This is what highlighted body copy will look like.

This is what web copy will look like. This is what highlighted web copy will look like.

COLOUR. - This colour scheme (plus black and white) will define any printed or web based material and should follow the logo and copy guidelines. C: 96 M: 74 Y: 43 K: 56

- The logo colours will never be altered or deviated from. - Where illegible, the logo will be placed on a white or black background.

C: 98 M: 37 Y: 0 K: 0

C: 98 M: 60 Y: 31 K: 21

C: 55 M: 7 Y: 12 K: 0

C: 92 M: 29 Y: 2 K: 0


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