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‘The Customer Advantage’ Compensation Plan Breakdown (i.e. The Money Flow) HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: IT’S FREE FOR EVERY ONE, FREE FOREVER…NO OBLIGATIONS, NO FEES, NO MONTHLY COSTS. FREE WEBSITE, FREE VIRAL BACK OFFICE, FREE ACCOUNTING, FREE EMAIL, AND FREE MARKETING AND ADVERTISING. The first time money actually changes hands with TCA is when A MEMBER buys a discounted OFFER: I am going to use an example of a Groupon coupon that I got in my email since I am a Groupon Subscriber, but in this example it will be as though it was a TCA discounted OFFER:


You (as a MEMBER) get an email from TCA (The Customer Advantage) with an OFFER for Burke Williams Spa in your local area that is offering a $200 massage for $100. (50% Discount)


You purchase the OFFER for $100


Out of the $100, $50 goes to SPA (they see a return on their advertising immediately instead of risking advertising dollars up front) - $50 goes to TCA


Of the $50 to TCA 54% of it is paid to the TCA members (you and me).


Here’s how we get paid on the total sale price of the $100 offer:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

You get your deal and 5% ($5.00) is paid to me 5% ($5.00) is paid to the person above me 5% ($5.00) is paid to the person above them 5% ($5.00) is paid to the person above them 5% ($5.00) is paid to the person above them. 2% ($2.00) from the Gross is also paid to the member who brought in Burke Williams as a business, which equals 54% of the NET amount, $50.00.

So, here’s how this benefits everybody involved in the transaction: ·

Burke Williams Spa (The business) The Spa will receive 50% of the offer shortly after the purchase. The Spa uses their FREE website to sign themselves up as a member and recoup more of their advertising money by enrolling more members to TCA. The Spa now has 5% earners when those people buy offers at other local TCA businesses.


YOU (As the TCA member): receive daily emails offers at 50% or better discount


YOU (As the TCA member): Get paid 5% of the discounted offer from anybody 5-levels underneath you on your team that purchases the deal.


TCA: Receives 50% of the purchase price of the Discounted OFFER and TCA is left with 21% of the offer for business expenses after paying out to the TCA members.

If you want to see how this can add up go to your TCA back office (of course you first have to be signed up as a TCA member) or go to and plug some numbers into the ‘Viral Calculator’. It’s a brand new business concept and the numbers can be staggering. TCA is charity friendly because all of the technology, tools, accounting, software, materials and business are free to everyone.

The Customer Advantage Money Flow Explanation  

This document should eliminate confusion regarding the money flow

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