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danish experience. danish influence. residing in copenhagen for eight weeks, myself and fifty other students studied, designed, and built furniture. under the instruction of danish design professionals, i set out to make the first prototype. each student was assigned one of four materials: veneer, hard wood, solid steel stock, or steel tube. in this way we were taught to understand and respect the physical properties of our given medium. i was allowed the use of solid steel round for the structure of my piece. the following is an introduction to the thought behind the design

a minimalist’s approach cantelivered chairs simplify a composition. the base of the chair parallels the ground plane and dissapears. front legs serve to elevate the seat pan and carry the load to the ground plane. the seat and back are necesarry elements by which the user is supported. let’s make one of those!

the challenge a larger cross-sectional area renders steel tube stronger pound for pound than solid rod, traditionally making it ideal for cantilevered contructs.

creating a space frame with the given rod yeilded

the successful solution


sketches and study models evolved into full-scale reality after returning from denmark, i continued to develope and refine the design. since then, i’ve pursued a rigorous and iterative process of trial and error, dealing mainly with full-scale prototyping. what follows is a closer look at the most recent design

prototype no. four angles are constricted to increments of ten degrees, providing for visual order.

the careful detailing of connections is inspired by the ltr occasional table by charles and ray eames, as well as by their famous rocking chair.

material considerations applied: the nature of rod is to resist force along its length, a compressive force. the structure of CR45 is an expression of this quality as it mediates the applied moment forces by redirecting the stress along the lengths of its members. this is the opposite situation in the case of a typical cantilevered chair from steel tubing, which takes the brunt of the force by distributing the load along its cross-sectional geometry. CR45 presents a unique, yet appropriate cantilievered composition in which the trusslike members are allowed to act according to the nature of the thin, solid form, i.e. in compression.

CR45 tells a story of assembling and regulating a composition of parts and pieces.

material specifications

solid steel round | mild, cold-rolled | 1/2� dia | #1045 bent cold | tig welded | powder-coated

sash cord | reinforced synthetic core with knit cotton exterior | 3/16� dia | breaking strength 627 lbs hand woven

hidden welds

detailed considerations

structural members manipulated to allow for integration of woven cord beneath

hidden knots