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Learn Spanish Today With The Right Mindset

Most of us like to learn things fast. So we like to look for shortcuts. The same goes for learning Spanish. What we fail to understand is that study materials are just a small part of learning curve. You need the right mindset as well. Here are 5 ways on how you can do so today. 1. Be In Touch With The Language Constantly If you just learn for the sake of learning and not being serious about following through in lessons and doing the necessary homework like reading and writing, you might have a problem catching up. I am not saying from theory point of view but from real life experience where I too have this problem. In order to grasp Spanish as one of your primary languages, you have to be in touch with the language constantly. Being in touch does not mean you have to memorize and spell everything word by word but learning naturally as how you learn your own language as a child. Do you remember your favourite songs or movies? Do you need to memorize everything to remember them? You do not need because you are already being in touch with them by listening and watching frequently. This is what I mean by being in touch and why you should do the same when it comes to learning Spanish.

2. Participate In Relevant Activities Sitting, learning and just doing homework in and out of class can be very dull for some as time goes by. When that happens, it can affect your interest and learning curve. You may participate in relevant activities as well. Such as going to the library for research, attending seminars, play games and read books, magazines and newspapers on Spanish. 3. Taking Action You cannot just rely on your teacher to show you everything. Your teacher can only show you the ropes but you have to be the one taking action with them. And that requires doing more than what you are told to do as guidelines. This is what differentiate an active learner from passive one not just in their knowledge but how they use it as well. This is also what determine their results at the end of the entire course. Like a child who explores and discovers the world on his own, you as a new Spanish learner should do the same. 4. Mixing Around And Being Connected With People This is another important factor that is overlooked. If you are learning online or through 1-to-1 coaching, that is understandable as you probably need more time to adopt and cope with what you learn first. But if you are learning in the class, it is extremely important to mix around and being connected with the people around you. Just because they are new Spanish students like you does not mean their learning curve is exactly the same as yours. Some may learn fast while others may learn slow. Same goes for hanging around and getting to know local Spanish speaking people in community clubs or certain associations. Make an effort to be friends with everybody even though not of them may like or accept you the way you are. By helping and learning from them, you are also doing the same to yourself.

5. Understanding Spanish People Other than knowing them and their language, you need to understand them as well. Such as their culture, mentality, opinions and thoughts on certain issues. Regardless of race, religion or language, people are still people. They have their concerns, needs, problems, wants and worries. You do not need to be a full time psychologist to understand those. What you need is to be their listening ear whom they tend to confide in once they know you better. Having said that, this is how and why you should learn Spanish today with the right mindset. About Author:

Jose Luiz Fernandez is a director at Pacific Learning Portals Inc that focuses on teaching Spanish and other foreign languages both on-and-offline.

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Learn Spanish Today With The Right Mindset  

Most of us like to learn things fast. So we like to look for shortcuts. The same goes for learning Spanish. What we fail to understand is th...

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