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The best seafood dinning in San Felipe, it’s found at “La Vaquita” located at the end of Puerto Peñasco street on ave. Mar de Cortez north. This place is a landmark with live music from local musicians on selected nights and weekends. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor patio, so you can have good moments while drinking one of their exceptional margaritas. You will always be grated by the friendly staff. Hare you can found all kind of food but their principal dinning is sea food that was fished from the Cortez Sea. If you don’t like seafood you can also order different types of steaks and a variety of other dishes. One of their famous dishes are the seafood cocktail that cost $11.95 USD, other dish is called “volcano” that cost $15USD and contains meat, chicken, and seafood. You must go to “La Vaquita” we highly recommend it to go!

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HOW TO MAKE TIRAMISU Ingredients:       

Cup of coffee Lady fingers Whipped cream Mascarpone cheese Sugar Egg Chocolate

This is an Italian dessert is one of the most famous in all the world and you can prepare it just in 8 steps. It’s easy, cheap and delicious so that’s why we highly recommend it to you

Yogurt  Rum How to prepare:  First step: put the mascarpone cheese, egg yolk and yogurt in a large bowl and beat together until smooth. 

      

Second step: whip the egg white in separate bowl until stiff but not dry Third step: add the sugar and gently fold into the mascarpone mixture Fourth step: divide half the mixture between 4 sundae glasses. fifth step: mix together the rum and coffee in a shallow dish sixth step: dip the sponge fingers into the rum mixture, break them in half, or into smaller pieces if necessary, and divide between the glasses Seventh step: stir any remaining coffee mixture into the remaining mascarpone mixture and divide between the glasses. Eighth step: sprinkle with grated chocolate

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By: Jose M. Cuevas Service article


Cheesecake is usually sweetened with sugar and may be flavored or topped with fruit, whipped cream, nuts, fruit sauce and/or chocolate. Cheesecake can be prepared in many flavors, such as strawberry, pumpkin, key lime, or toffee. You have to prepare it because you deserve it; it’s just an easy way to taste heaven.

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INSIDE THE KITCHEN We are going to talk about how to clean the best way to do the desert in any kitchen, because it’s important to keep this in mind. First point we are going to restaurants, or markets for cakes, pies, etc. it’s important to know when we go to a restaurant and order some dessert. To make a good dessert most have select good ingredients, to know that they haven’t pass out and they must be in good way to cook., The most important characteristic must be like having art of Picasso, like is art. Need to be so patience, have good hands and also clean. In conclusion, some people is dedicated in this kind of making food because they are special, or have a lot of imagination about how do dessert. Or some people study for that. That how people have some gift of moving a lot about their hands. Also it’s important that must be clean the palace is going to cook. By: Paulo leal Personal Experience article

THE BEST WAY TO COOK It’s very important that have an order or perspective to cook because it’s important talking about reputation and healthy to have them before and after doing dessert. The rules are very simple, it is to wash your hands before and keep them clean all the steps to do it well, then is having the responsibility that if you have a team of making desserts very fast. It is that they have them clean their hands to. Another one it’s that to use healthy food with the meaning it’s that don’t use food passes by the certain time, and the oil and chemical stuff to do it very well and very carefully. Conclusion this is very important to know that they’re exist people that they are in charge about to see and go to check if the food is ok or it well to be ready to serve and ready to eat because not anyone can do it officially By:Paulo Leal Personal Experience article


The chocolate is very famous of being a dessert because is the traditional food dessert during a lot of years ago, this dessert the origin is from the plant named cacao. This chocolate is very useful for dessert besides is so tasted like sugar and also like chocolate. Seeing this, like desserts is very popular match it with some fruits like strawberry’s, bananas, etc. Most of the desserts have chocolate. Maybe it is not the primary recipe on the dessert but its ago there in any food of dessert, the only thing to say its ¨put some chocolate above it please¨ and it tastes different and good. This is so important, because maybe a lot of people doesn’t see the truth of chocolate, some people are allergic or really doesn’t like it but the 85% of them when goes to a restaurant, want to have some chocolate on dessert, also it can be ice cream, cake and another desserts By:Paulo Leal Product Review Article


Dessert doesn’t get more traditional than American pie— unless you’ve ordered cherpumple, which stacks layers of apple, cherry, and pumpkin pies within a spice cake that’s sealed in cream cheese frosting. An L.A. humorist invented it in 2009, and a year later, a Philadelphia bakery introduced the similar 1,880-calorie-per-slice Pumpple Cake. These after-dinner sweets were no afterthought. Chefs increasingly push the boundaries of what qualifies as dessert, experimenting with savory, spicy ingredients and radical presentations. Other strange desserts draw on centuries-old, culturally specific recipes that can require days of preparation work. The kitchen staff at Istanbul’s five-star Ciragan Palace Hotel —an elaborate compound that the last sultans called home— needs 72-hour notice to prepare the $1,000 Sultan’s Golden Cake. The process includes the infusion of rare French Polynesian vanilla, a topping of caramelized black truffles, and a coating of 24-karat edible gold flakes. By:Paulo Leal Product Review Article

Highlights of breakfast

Take a good breakfast helps with higher intakes of most of the nutrients the body needs. People who skip breakfast tend to follow a diet of lower quality, while those who do, often do a diet lower in fat and higher in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fat. If breakfast includes toast, bread, breakfast cereals, biscuits simple, etc., Daily fat consumption is lower. The consumption of these foods contributes to increased energy intake made from carbohydrates, replacing other higher fat. Fiber. When including breakfast cereals or breads, the possibilities of fiber needs are greater. Vitamins and minerals. Breakfast contributes significantly to the daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Studies in children in different countries have shown significantly lower contributions for certain minerals and vitamins in which not eat breakfast compared to those who consumed the ration. Weight control. People who eat breakfast maintain healthy weight within limits greater extent than the portion which is omitted. The fact distribute the calories throughout the day in 4 or 5 meals, helps to not overload any of them. This also helps prevent snacking, very important factor in controlling weight. Physical and intellectual performance. People who skip breakfast are launching a series of mechanisms in the body to keep blood glucose at acceptable levels. These hormonal changes alter or influence the behavior and negatively affect physical and intellectual performance. By: Gabriel Galvan Service article



Fast food  gets blamed for contributing to many of the United States' health problems including obesity, type 2 diabetes and increased risks of heart disease. While fast food often gets a bad rap in the media, it has some advantages.

CONVENIENT Fast food restaurants are easy to find in cities and towns across America. They offer quick meals for busy lifestyles that are so quick and convenient; you don't even have to get out of your car to get them. An article in "USA Today" points out the convenience of drive-through windows, stating that many fast food places aim to have customers wait less than a minute. Since the 1970s, fast food drive-through windows have become ubiquitous, and restaurants continually employ new tactics to shorten wait times for their drive-through customers.

CHEAP It reveals data about how fast food sales stay consistent even in tough economic times in the United States. Brands that are well-known for inexpensive meals like McDonald's and Taco Bell recorded sales growth during the fourth quarter of 2009 as compared to losses at high-end restaurant. By: Gabriel Galvan Service Article

America’s Least Wanted Fast Foods. We took a look at the menus of the major fast food chains, and have assembled a roundup of the least healthy fast-food items out there. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before ordering that Baconator!


DO YOU HATE BANANAS? NOW YOU’LL LOVE THEM. Have you ever seen the “Bananas in Pyjamas” T.V. Show? Didn’t you love the crazy attitude of B1 and B2? Well, if you didn’t, now you will; this interesting fruit with different kind of sizes and colors has more uses than being in T.V. doing all kind of stuff, they are healthy! So good enough you can be sure that eating them 24/7 will make your life better. Here you’ll see how many benefits the curved and yellow, sometimes green, fruit can do in your body. First of all, let’s start with the “basics”, bananas give you as many carbohydrates as an apple, five times as much vitamin A and iron, and three times as much phosphorus; oh! And don’t forget its big amounts of potassium and natural sugars. All these great things in a sweet and glorious flavor. In addition, bananas provide energy, so don’t even think about it when you need something to eat in the morning, just take the yellow one! Above all of this, you can gain a perfect bowel health without using laxatives, teas, or other awful synthetic substances; remember: the natural stuff is the better one. These and more are the benefits bananas have, so… what are you waiting for to eat them? By: Benjamin Valenzuela Abundis Profile Article


Thanks to the new lifestyles people live in these days, there are so many diets which lack in vitamins and minerals, adding lots of sugar, fat, and calories to their bodies. Yes, maybe you don’t have enough time to fulfill your lives with proper aliments, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your body spoiled over the time. A body with a terrible nutrition never realizes its full potential; do you really want this to happen? If you really care about your health and body, this is the time to start eating well. Carrots can do some magic over your skin, they are loaded with vitamin A, supporting your skin’s surface pH balance. Why would you want this? Because like this, you will be acidic enough to fend off a considerable amount of bacteria. In addition, studies have said that people with the highest intakes of carotenoids (a natural pigment in carrots) were six times less likely to develop skin cancer. Low iron levels can lead to baldness; do you want your head to be a beautiful bowl which will just cause laughs in other people? In order to prevent that you can eat foods such as turkey, eggs, dried beans, dried fruit, and whole grains. Another important fruit is the apple, it contain soluble fiber, which scrubs artery walls clean. Ding, ding, ding! Your heart is safe with just a piece of this delicious red thing. Foods are not only to be eaten whenever you want, if you choose wisely you can be sure your body will be completely healthy. Just be sure about which meal you take in the supermarket, the fruits, cheeses, everything, and you’ll have something nice to show at the beaches. By: Benjamin Valenzuela Abundis Service Article

FIVE PERFECT GYM SNACKS If you are some kind of gym fan and you can’t get out of there (some kind of second house to you or whatever), you should know that the muscle-building ideal is around twenty five to forty grams of protein, half before and half after your workout. In order to have a full development of your exercises and body, we’ll recommend you these convenient snacks to fuel growth. Chicken, turkey, or tuna: Just wrap one of these standbys in a piece of bread. For the record, a half can of tuna has nearly twenty two grams meanwhile for slices of the other two give you fourteen grams of protein. Eggs: The most convenient are the hard-boiled eggs, but if you’re short of time you can scramble a few in the morning and just scoop them into a microwave container.

Chocolate 2% milk: Gives you some refresh after a full workout and helps you in the rebuild part at the same time. Some studies said that chocolate milk may be the ideal post-workout beverage.  Whey powder: It’s a milk-derived product that has a long history inside the gyms, in case you want a little bit more protein, you can mix it with milk instead of water.  Greek Yogurt: A very easy way to carry protein with some fruit and sugars on it. It tastes delicious with some berries or nuts on it. By: Benjamin Valenzuela Abundis Service Article 


We all know how good this people are with the grill and the unique taste of their food; wanna try to be like the best? Here you’ll find some rules you will have to follow in order to be considered an expert, or at least make people have a good image from you, something outstanding, that must be you! These are recommendations made by a Japanese chef in Chicago, Gene Kato. First of all, you need to start with quality charcoal, buying the typical bag from grocery stores is not useful anymore. So, from now on, you’ll check out the hardwood charcoal is made from. After this, you need to forget about the barbecue sauce, we know how delicious it can be, but dude, it’s time to grow up and find your own glaze, a unique, something no one but you know. Kato suggests soaking your skewers in water two hours before cooking, like you prevent wood from burning over the high heat. Another thing he recommends are dumping the briquettes to make a good heat distribution over the grill, also, adjust the height of the charcoal tower you’ll be doing and use your fingers for the skewers rotation. But remember, be careful or you’ll burn yourself! Bad joke. By: Benjamin Valenzuela Abundis Investigate Article


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