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An unforgettable weekend enjoying the spectacle of the starry sky 2 observation nights

Day 1: Segura - Pinar de Araceli


During the day we will visit the most interesting places in the area north of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas N.P. like Zumeta gorges, the birth of the Segura river or the reservoir of La Toba. In the afternoon we'll go to the place of Pinar de Araceli, a fabulous place to observe the sky with excellents infrastructure.

Daily schedule 9:00 h

13:30 h

Tourism in Natural Park

19:00 h

Tourism in Natural Park

Meal in Pontones

Accommodation: Pinar de Araceli

Arrive to “Pinar de Araceli “

21:00 h


22:00 h


Astronomy observation

Day 2: Hernan Perea fields


This second day is the big one, we will finish the day trip with a night walk and an astronomy observation in one of the darkest skies in continental Europe, where some nights is possible to see zodiacal light naked eyes. Previously, the day will start with a solar observation and a little walk in the place before depart to Hernan Perea fields, not far away.

Daily schedule 11:30 h

13:30 h

20:30 h

Tourism in Natural Park Dinner - picnic in Segura River source Meal in Pinar de Araceli

Solar observation

Accommodation: Hotel in Santiago Pontones

22:00 h

NIGHT WALK and astronomy observation

22:00 h

Tour nature 4