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Jose Anguiano Industrial Design Portfolio 1


Welcome. Longboard GoPro Mount


Futures Fins SoGnar


Healthy Scouts!


SolidWorks Bike


Apple Smart Humidifier


Dashboard Assistant for Cars



Longboard GoPro Mount A GoPro camera mount for longboard skateboards, utilizing vibration damping for stabilized video.



Design a product for the adventurous, techoriented traveler, who is constantly on the move and seeks to document their trips as much as possible.


Current GoPro mounts for longboard skateboards lack one very important thing: vibration damping. Some of these mounts aren’t secured very well either.



Testing Potential Solutions Prototypes were a big help in determining what damping method worked the best. An RC coilover shock coupled with a pivoting arm system provided the best performance.


The Details Pivoting system allows your GoPro to remain steady while vibrations are damped.


Nylon washers provide a lower coefficient of friction versus steel washers.

RC coilover shock for damping duties, with adjustable spring rate. Shock is user replaceable.

Hardware reminiscent of hardware used on longboards, allows for easy disassembly of parts for repairs.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printed nylon, for a tough, lightweight, and durable mount.






Futures Fins SoGnar A specialized surfboard fin that senses and repels sharks via artificial electroreception, sound, and magnetism.


Design a survival product targeted towards surfers, that will aid them in preventing shark attacks.


When it comes to surfing, one potential danger is being attacked by a shark.

Sharks generally attack surfers because they mistake their silhouettes for prey, such as seals. 17

Persona: Steve Age: 27 When Steven is out surfing, he wants to carry as little equipment as possible. Steven wants his equipment to be low-profile and streamlined. Is there a product out there for him?


Already has a wearable. Doesn’t want another.

Equipment is sleek and streamlined, not bulky.


Sonar transmitters/ receivers placed along sides to sense sharks

Puck mounted on surfboard shows direction of shark, no repelling method

Steel strip electromagnet for repelling Speakers for repelling

Shaping the Fin SoGnar originally only sensed sharks via sonar transmitters /receivers, but later evolved to also repel them via sound and electromagnetism.


Electroreceptors on fin edge as opposed to sonar transmitters/ receivers for detection

Aesthetic layout of this fin was implemented in the final sketch

Profile shape of this fin was also adopted

Having both electromagnet and speakers was used in the final fin



Sculpting the Fin Making full-scale mockups showed me how the fin would be sized in real life. Along the way, changes were made to the fin, such as the foil shape, movement of components as a result of the former, detail alterations, movement of the parting line, etc.


The Guts SoGnar is produced via 3D printing, a relatively new way of producing fins. This method allows for all of the components to be neatly stored inside of the fin, eliminating any unnecessary bulk.


Electromagnet Electroreceptors

These detect electrical signals given off by the shark. Allow fin to power on if submerged.

Internal. Emits electromagnetic waves that interfere with the shark’s sensitive nervous system.

Battery Pack Battery Connector


Emit frequencies similar to killer whale sounds, which sharks find unattractive.

Main Circuit Board Controls all the components.

Removable, and rechargeable. Latched on magnetically.

Inlets & Channels

Allow special silicone adhesive to be injected into the fin, adhering halves and sealing components.


Your Choice of Colors SoGnar’s colors can be fully customized by the customer, allowing for a bigger level of personalization. Cool, huh?






Healthy Scouts! A child oriented application centered on nutritional education with a fun game aspect.

Group members: Jose Anguiano, Claudia Bazan, Shafik Huffman, Diva Mitchell 31

1 in 5 children are overweight in the United States. In order to maintain proper health, nutrition should start young, as food habits begin at a very young age.


70% Nearly 70% of children follow their parents’ nutritional habits. Healthy eating starts with parent role models. Is there an application that allows parents to encourage their children to eat healthier?



Game Board


Challenge Completion


Avatar Customization

The Solution: Healthy Scouts! Merging food nutrition with the fun aspects of games, Healthy Scouts! is an application that allows children to educate themselves on healthy eating, by playing daily challenges that encourage them to make healthy food choices. Incorporation of customizable avatars allows for the implementation of a straightforward awards system, encouraging children to keep eating healthy.

Food Guide 34

Through the parent’s version of the app, parents are able to monitor their children’s eating habits, and can set up customized challenges for them to complete.




Aggressor Bike Modeling and assembly of an entire bicycle in SolidWorks.





Apple Smart Humidifier Redefining the typical humidifier to emphasize form (Version 1), with elements of connected technology (Version 2).



Design a set of humidifiers for Apple, utilizing the brand’s aesthetic language.


Apple is largely known for making a variety of upscale products that have an aesthetically pleasing design.

Apple keeps their designs minimalistic, with clean edges, soft radii, and smooth surfaces. Materials such as aluminum, plastic, and glass are incorporated.


Plain design.

Blue tank, white body. Too common.

The Current Market A look at the current market revealed a wider variety of humidifiers as you go down the price range, with styles ranging from generally ugly to more aesthetically pleasing. Moving up in the higher-end market, the Dyson humidifier seems to be the only there. This was an opportunity to design a higher-end humidifier.


Same as the former.

Looks a bit more interesting. Still has blue tank though,

Looking nicer. Getting more expensive.

Appealing, interesting design, high end. Not much competition here. This is what I’ll target.


Looking into lowprofile designs

Forms started to get too abstract here

Designing for Apple Sketches explored a variety of forms, from simple to abstract. Ultimately, simple proved to be in line with Apple’s aesthetic design.


Lower height, wider base for more stability, intended for the home (Version 2)

Ability to attach to edges of desks, istransportable (Version 1)



Version 1

Version 2 (smaller scale)

Perfecting the Design Mockups for both phases helped determine proportions for the several concepts that I came up with. Figuring out what was working and what wasn’t helped to narrow down the final concepts.


Exit vents

Desk/table clamp area

Rubber non-slip coating

Water tank eject buttons

Intake vents Clamp adjustment sliders

LED indicators for humidity, battery and water levels Power/mode button

Version 1 Details 52

Humidity control buttons


Exit vents

Magnetically latched water tank

Intake vents

LED indicators for humidity and water levels

Version 2 Details 54

Humidity control buttons Power/mode button

Humidifiers placed throughout home rooms Communicate with each other to uniformly humidify home Ambient humidity detection Users can set individual setting profiles, and humidifiers can also take the average of these profiles and apply to entire home Management via app


Digital Assistant for Cars A dashboard-mounted digital assistant that monitors your car’s health, monitors your driving, and keeps your car secure.



Design a digital assistant geared towards a specific environment.


Digital assistants are commonplace nowadays, with popular assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and many more.

With that in mind, I set my sights on designing an assistant for the car in the end.

These assistants are geared towards being inside the home, however. There is an opportunity to design a digital assistant for outside the home.


Persona: Janice Age: 29 Janice is a hardworking lady who enjoys the latest in tech, due to her programming job. Due to her hectic unpredictable schedule, she frequently has to drive from place to place often, placing more stress on her car. Janice is not too knowledgeable when it comes to cars. She is looking for a device that will help her keep a lookout on her car as she travels for her job.



Receiving info from OBD2 port borrowed for final.

The idea of attachment would be a main aspect of my final design.

Deciding On the Target Market With many opportunities as to where a digital assistant could prove helpful, several different concepts were explored, each targeting a specific market. These eventually narrowing down to a digtal assistant for the car. Figuring out the proper aesthetics suitable for my target audience, as well as functions, was key to designing an effective product. 62

Having the head pivot adds character as well as functionality (for later front cam).

Having the front camera be on the lower portion of head vs. body is a feature I would keep for the final.

Removal of pivoting head feature would affect placement (head might not face user, cameras won’t face straight).

Magnetic ball pivot looks funky, and might not be stable enough.

Removal of body makes it look odd, like something’s missing.

A shorter body is less obtrusive.

Having notification light on base bottom might be awkward for interaction (face looking at you, but you looking at feet).

Placement of the front camera would be removed from body.


Scavenge Items, Be Inspired An initial scavenger hunt for random items served as inspiration for ideas, which gave me a couple of starting points to go off of. Some items gathered were a Wii sensor bar, some measuring cups, and a desk lamp. Initial mockups (from the initial sketches) based on these items were constructed.


Bring On Some Variations Two variations of three ideas were generated to test the potential paths for said ideas. From the initial mockups, two ideas were scrapped in favor of twe more promising ideas.



Proportions, Proportions... With the final direction set, I had to make sure the size of the assistant was appropriate. Since it’ll be mounted on a dashboard, I had to find the perfect balance between not being obtrusively big, and not being too small.


Scenario 1 Storyboard


Scenario 2 Storyboard


Refining the Details

CAD version 1. No bezel. Front camera on body, symmetrical to rear camera. Base needed work, looked like an afterthought.

With many opportunities as to where a digital assistant could prove helpful, several different concepts were explored, eventually narrowing down to a digtal assistant for the car. Figuring out the proper aesthetics suitable for my target audience, as well as sizing, was key to designing a proper product. 70

CAD version 2. Bezel notch on screen, contains new front camera placement. Bezel design looks plain, this was an area that I decided to explore further.







Adding Some Character My goal with the bezel design was to add some character to the assistant, instead of having a plain boring notch. Throughout the variations, I made sure not to design the bezel in a way that made the face appear to have an angry expression, so sharper curves eventually softened up. The design represents a brow ridge and a chin strap.



Pivoting Head

Adds liveliness and character. Assists front camera in tracking movement.

Notification Light Ring Illuminates green (for general notification), blinking red (right turn), blinking blue (left turn).


For personality. Displays different expressions depending on what is going on. Can display limited imagery (such as live view of front cam in security mode).

Front Camera

Tracks, and monitors the driver. Also serves as security cam when engine is off.

Suction Cup Latch

Tightens or loosens the suction cup, for placement or removal.

USB-C Port

Allows cable to be detached in the case of moving the unit between cars. Offset from center to be closer in reach for the driver.

Features 72

Gel Suction Cup

Allows unit to be mounted on a variety of textured dashboards. Retains adhesion better, and for much longer.

Rear Camera

Serves as a dash cam when driving, or as a security cam when engine off.

Suction Cup Tab

Allows ease of removal of unit by allowing cup to be peeled from surface.


Plug in your choice of (universal) OBD2 Bluetooth adapter into your car’s OBD2 port.

Secure the unit onto your dashboard via the gel suction cup.

Plug in the USB-C cable. Unit and OBD2 Bluetooth receiver are paired together and programmed on the phone. Car info also programmed into unit on phone.


“Turn left at the next intersection.”

Your Navigation Buddy When driving, the rear cam serves as a dash cam, while the front camera monitors the driver. Navigate via voice through your car’s Bluetooth audio. In addition to voice, the assistant signals upcoming turns via either a flashing blue light (left turn) or flashing red light (right turn) on the notification light ring. This status at a glance ensures your attention is still on the road.


“Looks like your engine temperature is abnormally high. I suggest pulling over as soon as possible. Would you like some troubleshooting advice, or for me to contact a tow truck?�

Your Little Car Advisor If an issue ever arises with your car, the assistant will alert you. For example, if your check engine light comes on, the assistant will pull the info from the OBD2 receiver, let you know what the potential problem is, and offer troubleshooting advice on how to remedy the problem. Too much of a hassle to fix? No problem, it can contact a nearby mechanic or tow truck for you. The assistant will also alert you if general maintenance is required.


Your Car’s Security Guard With the car’s engine off (based on OBD2 receiver reading), the assistant will go into security mode, and both front and rear cameras record discreetly. If a suspicious person approaches and peers into your car, the assistant wakes up and tracks the user, “looking” at them with a not-sofriendly expression. Not going away? Their face will then appear on the assistant’s display, showing them that they’re being recorded. Video is pushed to the owner’s phone in the background.




Thank You!


Industrial Design Portfolio  

Current 3rd year industrial design portfolio.

Industrial Design Portfolio  

Current 3rd year industrial design portfolio.