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José Andrés Pérez Márquez 2do Básico “A” Clave: 21


 Me  My Passions  My Games  I like…  The Work  My Assesment  I love Social because  The End

 What I love most is my family and my friends

the passions that I share with my dad is soccer and my uncles on Basketball I like to cook I cook Saturdays I usually like to eat a lot another of my passions. Taking care of my dogs have two dogs one is called Ralph and the other Master these two dogs are my passion play with them and teach them things I like to have a mare called Lucrecia I like to ride when I can.

 I love playing video games, I like too. I have a lot of my favorites are these: COD

Ghost, Infamous I II Second Son, The Last Of Us, God Of War, Fifa 10 11 12 13 14, GTA V, GT 5, Uncharted I II III and other more.

 I like to play soccer

I like to play water polo I like video games I like to draw I like to eat I like to study I like to give everything what I like

 I like to because it is a matter of reading teaches you interesting culture of other

countries and English apart is obviously very interesting. I always liked to read so that makes me feel apart easy ah I always liked the story is amazing.

 Social taught me that English is not very complicated dynamics do apart is fun

and all you've seen is in Spanish but in English as a review.

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