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Maxwell's equations


Differential form

Integral form

Gauss' law


∮S D⋅d A=∫V ⋅dV

Gauss' law for  magnetism


∮S B⋅d A=0

Faraday's law of  induction Ampère's law

∇ × E=−

∂B ∂t

∇ ×H = J

∂D ∂t


∮C E⋅d l=− dt ∫S B⋅d A d

∮H H⋅d l=∫S J⋅d A dt ∫S D⋅d A

For more information on Maxwell's equations see this Wikipedia article. For documents that require more complex mathematical notation, we suggest that you also try the LyX document processor.

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