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Synonymy This wealth allows us to express the same idea in different ways without changing the meaning. Example: small – under fragile – weak modern – current nice – cute huge - big and others

Literature This word comes from the Latin word litteratura regards the knowledge related to the art of writing and reading. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries most people could not read or write. Therefore, the concept of literature had a base of social prestige. It is the art of reading and writing.

Functions of the literature Communication: Through the literary text, the author informs his readers his ideas and feelings about a particular subject. Knowledge: The emotion aroused by the literary text conoser helps the reader more about himself and things. Entertainment: the literary text entertains the reader. Questioning: The literary text helps people be more free and restless. The reader of literature asks questions about their social environment and in doing so, not content to accept situations without question.

Fields of linguistics Phonetic / Phonological: Study the sound from 2 perspectives. Phonetics studies the sound. Phonology studies the phonemes of a language. Morphology: Study the forms of words, word classes and forms of conjugation in the case of verbs. Syntactic: Addresses the roles and relationships of words within the utterance or sentence. Semantic: studies the meanings of words, phrases and texts. Pragmatic approach to relations between texts, users and the communicative situation.

Accentuation. Diphthongs and hiatuses trip thongs If you remember, all words have one syllable pronounced with greater force, that is the tonic syllable. Sometimes we mark the stressed syllable with an accent and sometimes not. Depending on where you take the inch, the words may be acute, severe, or sobreesdrĂşjulas proparoxytone. Diphthong is the pronunciation of a vowel (aeo) and closed (iu) or two vowels in a single stroke of voice, ie, a single syllable. The trip thong is the union of three members, one open in the middle, and two closed, which is utter a single syllable, io, in one voice output. The gap occurs when you type accent on a weak vowel in a diphthong and vowels are in separate syllables. In these cases the rules are not met for acute,

severe, and sobreesdrĂşjulas proparoxytone.

Oral and written language The languages over time. The human development is closely related to the improvement in the way they communicate. The communication takes place using various media such as the spoken word, written word, gesture, song and other tracks. The study of the grammars of the various existing languages reveals that these are constantly evolving. That is, not as we know it began. Language is a system of oral and written signs adopted by a community. The particular use of language, a group called finally speaks. Language is not static, it constantly incorporate new words while others are falling into disuse.

Oral language To strengthen oral communication carefully read the following tips: Avoid self-criticism. Start with the obvious. Look no far-fetched topics. Use body language with confidence. Please re sense of humor to the conversation. Escape with respect.

the dialogue It is a conversation between two or more people to express their ideas. the conversation It is the spontaneous exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences of several people informally. Recall a conversation you liked particularly, with whom was it? , Why do you like? the gathering

It is an activity in which a group of people gather at a particular location, to discuss proposed topics: music, literature, film, sports, politics, etc.. Practitioners of a gathering called coterie. The purpose of a gathering is to learn while chatting with friends.

The sign The sign is a perceptible stimulus that a group of individuals naturally or conventionally associated with some object, action, event or idea. For example, the figure of a skull and crossbones, on certain products becomes a sign to be used to communicate the idea poison. The sign consists of two parts: signifier or object used to represent what you want to communicate and meaning or concept that tries to express. Examples



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