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EXPLORE China 2012

SEED International

Invitation Letter Dear students and teachers,

Have you ever thought of visiting China, but you do not want to be an average tourist? To experience a country full of surprises, contradictions, a fascinating imperial history and modern development? Seed International’s EXPLORE China programs provide truly unbeatable and unique learning experiences that are adventurous, fun and will provide deep insights into culture, business, social development and much more. China is a huge and diverse country and cannot easily be defined. One word, however, that every visitor would agree on would be ‘fascinating’. We have designed our EXPLORE China Programs to be unique in order to provide experiences that will help you understand what makes China so fascinating.

EXPLORE Study Tours — Advocate mutual cultural respect •

EXPLORE Beijing, 7 days of discovering one of the World’s fastest changing cities

EXPLORE Shanghai and Xi’an: 6 days in the dynamic city of Shanghai, and Xi’an, the most ancient capital of China

EXPLORE the Silk Road, 12 days journey along the legendary trade route where East met West

EXPLORE Tibet, 11 days journey to the mysterious Roof of the World, to explore the centuries old Buddhist Kingdom of Tibet

EXPERIENCE Business — Learn about Chinese Business •

Attend the 4 days SEED World Youth Leadership Forum

7 days Business Immersion in Shanghai and Beijing

GO Volunteer — Take social responsibility and work with locals •

Discover social development issues through 8 days of volunteer work in Beijing

Do 5 days of voluntary farming and teaching work on the tropical island of Hainan




EXPLORE China 2012

EXPLORE History Seed International’s EXPLORE China Program has been recognized by the British awarding organization ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) as a wonderful learning opportunity for students. The participants therefore benefit from joining a program that has a strong academic foundation, regulated by the UK Department for Education. Students can gain various qualifications including the UCAS, which can be integrated into our programs. Our participant network has already extended to many countries including the USA, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, UK, UAE, Russia, India, and Singapore.

Hiking on the Great Wall

Be a Volunteer in Rural School

Chinese Mandarin Class

Camping on the Silk Road 02

SEED International

Our Programs Program Introduction Key Learning Outcome

Skills Improvement

EXPLORE China aims to cultivate

Overcome Difficulties

leadership and develop certain key

Proactive Learning



• EXPLORE Shanghai and Xi’an:

Public Speaking

6 days in the dynamic city of

Professional Development

Cross-cultural Communi-

EXPLORE Study Tour: • EXPLORE Beijing: 7 days discovering one of the World’s greatest cities

Shanghai, and Xi’an, the most ancient capital of China • EXPLORE the Silk Road: 10 or 12

Cultural Sensitivity


days journey along the legendary trade route • EXPLORE Tibet: 11 days journey to the mysterious Roof of the World, to explore the centuries old Buddhist Kingdom

EXPERIENCE Business: • SEED World Youth Leadership Forum: Experience 4 days conference in Hong Kong and prepare to be a future business leader • Business Immersion: 7 days business journey in Shanghai and Beijing, to study the economy and visit the key industries in China

GO Volunteer: • GO Volunteer in Beijing: 8 days volunteer experience for service in rural places and community • GO Volunteer in Hainan: 5 days volunteer experience in farming place of a tropical island


Social Responsibility

Business Mindset

Extra Learning •

Self- reflection



EXPLORE China 2012

Why Us? Personal Skills and Education

Complete your International Award / Duke of Ed-

Learn About China. We aim to teach students about the

inburgh Award by taking part in our adventurous

history, philosophy, culture, politics and the econo-


my of China. We develop personal skills which are crucial for your future and valued by employers.

Complete CAS points for your IB Diploma by joining our adventurous or service activities.

Safety First

Our Team

We take safety seriously. All of our programs are tried

The EXPLORE China team is made up of highly quali-

and tested and we will not lead students anywhere that

fied professionals from around the world. We have

has not already been checked by our staff. In this way

vast international experience in expeditions, travel as

we give a sense of adventure, with the reassurance of

well as working with many different cultures. We have


worked extremely hard to give you the kind of international experience that we have been lucky enough to

We are Specialists


We are specialized and greatly experienced in running programs in China. We can offer you a unique experience to feel much closer to the local people and culture than on any other expedition or tour. You will get the chance to genuinely interact and make friends with Chinese people and visit places that require local knowledge and connections.

Enrich Your Resume •

Gain a University Award or CoPE Level 3 certificates from ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) as a proof of your personal development and international experience.

Depending on the program you attend, EXPLORE China programmes will help you get certificates from the organizations we collaborate with.


SEED International

EXPLORE China Accreditation Gain Qualifications and Official Accreditation

Our programs can help to gain the CAS requirement of the IB Diploma, in particular the Silk Road, Tibet and cultural programs (Creativity/Action) and our Volun-

Explore China’s programs main-

teer programs (Service). If your school has particular re-

tain an educational standard

quirements, just contact us for a bespoke program.

based on our partnership with ASDAN Education, an

Creativity Examples: Making a video documen-

official UK awarding body. Students can gain UK qualifi-

tary on the Silk Road, learning to make Chinese

cations, the Universities Award and CoPE Level 3 (worth

food, learning Chinese language and other cultural

70 UCAS points), recognised by the UK Department of


Education and Ofqual.

Action Examples: Hiking in Tibet, camping and camel riding in the desert (Silk Road), Hiking

Complete the World’s Most Famous Award Program

along the Great Wall (Beijing). •

Service Examples: Our GO Volunteer in Beijing Program, teaching English in poor schools,

We are an Independent Operator of

helping poor rural villages. Our GO Volunteer in

the International Award for Young

Hainan Program, teaching in rural schools, help-

People, known to many as the Duke

ing with farm work, helping to build/re-decorate school buildings.

of Edinburgh’s Award ( Many of our programs are especially suited for completing the “Adventurous Journey” section of the Award, whether it is the Expedition, or Exploration option. Our Silk Road and Tibet programs involve hiking and camping for the

Departmental Programs •

particularly adventurous, and we can offer bespoke Ad-

rum (model business conference) or Mini MBA-

venturous Journeys if you contact us.

Business Immersion program. •

International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools CAS requirement We have worked with many IB schools in the past, and we are aware of the requirements of the IB curriculum.


Business studies: World Youth Leadership Fo-

Mandarin Chinese: Our Mandarin Expression Program

History: The Silk Road Program

Bespoke Programs: Contact us if you wish to organise a tailored department based program.

EXPLORE China 2012

EXPLORE Study Tour Learning Values

Face up to Challenges

Proactive Learning

Cultural Sensitivity

Face up to challenges along

Researching, meeting local

Our programs each offer

the adventurous journey

people, documentary mak-

unique cultural learning

of EXPLORE Beijing, the Silk

ing, team planning, discus-

experiences: language class,

Road, and Tibet. Overcome

sions and debating are

Kongfu class, calligraphy

difficulties to complete the

just some of the ways our

class, cultural festivals, meet-

group tasks in our EXPERI-

programs create an environ-

ing with Chinese students,

ENCE Business programs.

ment for pro-active learning.

visiting traditional villages

Dare to make a difference

Every activity is designed to

and families, discussing

with our GO Volunteer op-

get you involved, interested

and negotiating businesses


and give you a meaningful

activities with students from

learning experience.

around the world.


SEED International

EXPLORE Beijing, Shanghai & Xi’an


EXPLORE China 2012

EXPLORE Beijing Where Tradition Meets Modernity

China’s capital, and the country’s political, cultural and educational centre is one of the most exciting cities in the world. If China is a country of contrasts, then Beijing is its perfect microcosm. Traditional alleyways called Hutongs lie in stark contrast with sprawling boulevards and highways, while ancient architecture sits next to giant postmodern creations. These multiple personalities in addition to stunning historical sites make sure that Beijing’s visitors are intrigued, entertained and constantly in awe.

Highlights EXPLORE Field Research — Chinese contemporary issues

Example Agenda

One of our most challenging activities – plan your route around Beijing in teams to discover the city and Chinese culture in-depth. Stretch your leadership, team-work

05:30 — Wake up before dawn and

and planning skills to the maximum as your team tries to uncover the reality behind

pack up you tent after camping at

your chosen topic:

the foot of the Great Wall

Economic Development — Field Research in the Central Business District of Beijing, understand key industries (the banking, construction, etc)

Urbanization and Migration — Field Research in construction areas and communities, interviewing migrant workers, discover working class lifestyles in Beijing.

Chinese Art — Forbidden City, Capital Museum, Modern art centre, Peking Opera.

06:00 — Climb to the Wall as the sun rises over one of the most memorable views of your life. Hike along the Wall, passing through 12 ancient guard towers.

Rural Development and Education — Visit villages and rural schools to learn

11:00 — Have a local home-cooked

about rural/urban differences and income disparity.

brunch at the nearby farmhouse before taking the bus back to the

Camping at the Great Wal Camp at the foot of the wall and have a campfire at the nearby village before hiking along the Wall! The Great Beijing Race

city. 14:00 — Visit a tea house to learn about different Chinese teas while taking part in a tea ceremony

Compete in teams and use your Chinese language skills to race around the city,

17:00 — Watch an extraordinary

completing tasks at different locations

performance of Chinese acrobatics

Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the traditional Hutongs Discover the extraordinary history of Beijing

19:00 — Dinner: the local delicacy of Peking Duck 20:00 — Chinese Language Class

Chinese Kongfu Class


SEED International

EXPLORE Shanghai and Xi’an Shanghai: The Pulse Quickens Shanghai is not like Beijing, in fact, China’s largest megalopolis is not like anywhere. One commonly used adjective of the atmosphere in Shanghai is “pulsating”. A city that, since the economic reforms, gathered the collective energy of its 20M+ residents to shake off every speck of its colonial, imperial and communist past, Shanghai has never looked back even for a second  — because in this city there isn’t a second to lose. Surrounded by old canal towns known as the “Venice(s)” of China, Shanghai is an island of commerce, finance, trade and an un-matched energy that gives a constant feeling of opportunity to anyone who lives there.

Xi’an: The Ancient Capital China’s most historic city, Xi’an, was the political centre for more than 12 dynasties, and evidence can be found throughout the city, which could be called a “living history book”. It is also the starting point of the silk road, which led to the inevitable consequence of having a mixture of different cultures, religions and food. One of the greatest archaeological finds was also in Xi’an – the incredible army of Terra-cotta Warriors.

Highlights •

Boat Trip around the Bund — The most spectacular views in Shanghai

Visit to a Factory — A glimpse into how a joint venture is run in China

Trip to One of the most beautiful canal towns near Shanghai

Terra-cotta Warriors — One of China’s most impressive attractions

Cycling on the Ancient City Wall — the largest and best preserved city wall in China


Visit to the Muslim district and the Mosque in Xi’an

EXPLORE China 2012

Learning Outcomes • Team-working, leadership and research skills during the EXPLORE Field Research and the Great Beijing Race • Chinese Language and Calligraphy study • Kongfu Class and Chinese Food Cooking Study • Cultural Awareness — Meeting and talking with local people and working with international students during team activities. • Chinese Contemporary Issues —  Visit village to learn about rural/urban differences and income disparity. Learn about topics such as economic development, Chinese art, religion and education during the EXPLORE field research. • Understand the economic development of China • Understand the history of trade with China — Shanghai as the colonial trading hub, and Xi’an as the silk road starting point • Compare modern developments in China with the past to understand the way China is heading in the future


Lena R.


L. Baykal

SEED International

EXPLORE the Silk Road


The Meeting of Civilizations Irtys





Tarim R. Huang Ha


Dunhuang C H I N A

Qinghai-Tibetan Highland






ha R

Jins .









TheBHUTAN very name of the legendary trade route connecting China with the West arouses the senses. It conjures visions of camels winding arid desert, burdened with the treasures of the Orient mixed with the riches of western tra uthrough hmap Bra


civilization – pearls, gold, musk, jewels, satin and silk. You can smell exotic spices, perfumes and hear the bartering Ganges

Salween R.

at the bustling oasis towns, filled with strange travelers from all over the continent and beyond. The importance of


this link between east and west, however, goes far beyond legends, romanticism, and the trade of luxury goods. Over thousands of years many different people, cultures and religions lived in harmony along the Silk Road, happily sharing their food, art, music and philosophy. The effects of this melting pot of culture and unique chapter VIETNAM in history can still be discovered in China today. MYANMAR




B a y o f

Salween R.




Gulf of Tonkin

S o u t h THAILAND

C h i n a

S e

EXPLORE China 2012

Highlights Step into the Past:

Field Research: students are go-

The program is designed so that stu-

ing to be divided into 3 groups for

dents will create a documentary based

specific issue discovery: Culture,

on a typical person related to the his-

Religion and Trading. Students will

tory of the Silk Road. For example, im-

visit the local people and interview

agine that you are a Silk Road Trader in

them, finish group task by over-

ancient times… or a religious believer

coming language barrier.

introducing Islam or Buddhism to a desert oasis. The Silk Road program is

Make your own Silk Road documen-

Learning Outcomes • Learn team-working skills while making a video documentary • Understand the history and importance of the Silk Road, and the effect it had on China as well as the West • Understand the cultural differ-

an exciting and interactive learning ex-


ences between China’s various

perience: Each place to visit will be part

We designed the EXPLORE Silk Road trip

ethnic groups, and experience

of the learning experience, to allow stu-

to be an exciting and interactive learn-

the diversity which makes West-

dents to truly understand the history,

ing experience, and what better way

ern China so unique.

to learn proactively and experience the

to learn than being the director of your

adventure and challenge of life in the

very own documentary movie!

deserts and grasslands of China.

You will be provided with a camera-man and professional video camera equip-

• Learn Chinese language interactively in a challenging environment

The trip can be divided into 3 parts:

ment for the duration of the journey,

• Understand how different cul-

Challenge, Course and Documentary.

and you will act as a film crew making

tures and religions mixed in

a documentary about the Silk Road. You

the past compared to modern

can choose which topics to focus on,

China and discover how people

Desert Experience: Riding camel

such as trade, religion, food, economic

managed to live harmoniously.

and camping in the desert.

development or any other aspect of cul-

Tibetan Highland Experience: Trek-

ture. You will edit the documentary and

king and camping in the Tibetan grass-

present it at the end of the trip!

Challenge: • •

land in more than 3000 m altitude

• Learn about the major religions and their followers, historically and today.


SEED International

Silk Road Courses:

Place Kazakh village

Minorities in the West China (Uyghur and Kazakh)

Uyghur family

Uyghur dance and folk music study

Wind Power Station Karez Well Sugong Muslim Mosque Desert Dunhuang Mogao Cave Yellow River in Tibetan Highland Tibetan Village Terror Cotta Warriors Beijing


Course Topics

Natural resource usage of West China, and the effects of West China’s Development effect to overall China development From survival to Prosperity Discover Islam, the beliefs of the Uyghur Camel riding and camping in the Taklamakan Desert ( World’s 2nd largest desert ), make documentary and experience an ancient traders’ life in the Silk Road Buddhist Culture and History Life of Tibetan Nomads in China Tibetan Cultural Presentation Xi’an — how it became the centre of the world Modern Silk Road — the bridge between China and the rest of the world today

EXPLORE China 2012

EXPLORE Tibet Mysterious “Roof of the World� and Centuries Buddhist Kingdom

Visiting Tibet, the Land of Snows, or the roof of the world, is a life-time dream for many people. For centuries, this mysterious Buddhist kingdom, locked away in its mountain stronghold of the Himalayas, has exercised a unique influence on the imagination of the world. It was named Holy Land and steeped in magic and mystery. Tibet is without doubt one of the most remarkable places to visit in the world. The fabulous monasteries, breathtaking landscapes, high-altitude trekking, unique custom and civilization of the Tibetan people make visiting Tibet a lifetime experience should never forget.


SEED International

Learning Outcomes •

Learn team-working skills while hiking around mountains and making a video documentary.

Understand the development of Tibet.

Understand the cultural differences between China’s various ethnic groups, especially Tibetan culture and Han culture, and experience the

Hiking along Tibetan Namtso Lake on 3000 – 4000 m altitude, at the foot of endless snow mountain

Do farming work with Tibetan nomads for harvesting, milk refining, yak dung collecting and drying, etc

Documentary You will be provided with a camera-man and professional video camera equipment for the duration of the journey, and

Understand how different cultures and reli-

You can choose which topic to focus on, such as religion, ge-

China and discover how people managed to transit their custom and religion. Learn about the major Tibetan Buddhism and their followers, historically and today.



diversity which makes Tibet so unique.

gions mixed in the past compared to modern


Witness stunning Tibetan landscape.

you will act as a film crew making a documentary about Tibet. ography, custom or any other aspect of culture. You will edit the documentary and present it at the end of the trip!

EXPLORE China 2012

Tibet Courses:


Course Topics

Potala Palace

Tibetan History

Jokang Temple

Tibetan Buddhism knowledge building

Tibetan Buddhist College

Attend Buddhist philosophy debate with a Lama

Drayepa Hiking

Tibetan Sky Funeral and the Buddhism followers

Tibetan Yangbajing Power Station Tibetan family’s farm Namtso Lake and Snow Mountain Tibetan School

Tibet natural resource usage and the effect of the West China’s Development strategy Tibetan custom and the social development history and situation Tibetan Geography and Biodiversity – touch the power of mother nature on the world roof Education Situation in minority schools


SEED International



EXPLORE China 2012

SEED World Youth Leadership Forum SEED World Youth Leadership Forum is a conference for young people from across the world to interact, experience business and global issues, learn from world business experts and stand out from the crowd as a future leader. The premise is to give young people a chance to shine. The conference focuses on business skills and knowledge, leadership and enterprise. The forum is not only a way to gain skills and knowledge, however, it also provides an invaluable platform for networking, cross-cultural interaction and inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

Who Will Attend?

social network internationally, meet business leaders, professors and social entrepreneurs.

Around 1000 students from countries around the world

Career Development: Students will also have the op-

will join business leaders, innovators and inspiration

portunity to develop their knowledge about business-

speakers from major companies and organizations.

es, meet employers for career advice and universities

Representatives from top universities and business

for advice on higher education.

schools will also attend to give their valuable input, as well as enterprising young leaders, enriching the overall experience for everyone who attends the conference.

What Will You Learn? As a student at the conference you will have the oppor-

What Will You Do?

tunity to immerse yourself in the inspirational, innovative and challenging atmosphere of international busi-

Business Simulation Committees: Take on the role of

ness. Just attending will give you the chance to learn

a member of a company such as the CEO or CFO, and

extremely important skills such as communication and

discuss your business strategy, plan and goals, then

public speaking, cross-cultural understanding, debat-

compete in a simulated market place with the other

ing and negotiating. The activities of the conference

companies in the committee.

will also teach research skills, business logic, strategy

World Leader Committees: Take the role of a world

and planning. The knowledge you will gain regarding

leader in global business, central banks, IMF and similar

business administration and leadership, international

international organizations, and take part in simulated

issues and career development will be greatly benefi-

situations, debates and discussions.

cial for your future and you will leave the conference

International Networking: Throughout the confer-

feeling inspired.

ence you will have many opportunities to expand your 18

SEED International





This is a fantastic time to be entering the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50. — Bill Gates


EXPLORE China 2012

Business Immersion Now is the time to visit China. The country has brushed off the global recession as if it was a small flea, and the economy continues to boom. You will witness dramatic social changes, the huge disparity between urban and rural life and between the upper and lower classes, the emergence of entrepreneurship, fast paced city construction, key industries and famous enterprises. To experience China’s growth, and to step into the true business world you will have the chance to meet with professors, experts, consultants and famous enterprises. This will give you a deeper understanding of China’s economy as well as giving you a base for career development.

• McKinsey China’s economy analysis report

Academic Learning

Business Network

• Network Event • Panel Talk

• STEEL Industry • Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Industry Visit

Impressions of China

• Tour around Beijing & Shanghai

• Technology & Clean Energy

Immersion Activities


1. Academic Learning China’s economic growth way Industrial economy effect to the society and Social Development Issue — by senior consultant from McKinsey China

Beijing Beijing

2. Panel Talk and Business Networking Event 3. Industry and Enterprise Visit STEEL Industry in Shanghai


Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry


Technology and Clean Energy Industry


4. Trip around Beijing and Shanghai The Forbidden City, Hutong, the Great Wall and the Bund of Shanghai

Beijing & Shanghai


SEED International

GO Volunteer

Learning Outcomes •

Understand the real China and specific social issues — Research and voluntary work provide more interaction with local people and more understanding of the current social issues


Cultivate social awareness and voluntary spirit

Learn how to be a skilful volunteer — There are many skills involved in different types of voluntary work

Teamwork skills while taking actions in Field Research and organizing events

EXPLORE China 2012

GO Volunteer in Beijing

GO Volunteer in Hainan

China, with the world’s largest population and huge dis-

The Island of Hainan, with its palm-fringed smooth

parity between rich and poor has many problems, some

sandy beaches, fresh coconuts and seafood is China’s

of which can be solved with some basic help and guid-

truly tropical paradise. For years considered a back-

ance. Lots of passionate young people and organiza-

water to banish poorly performing government offic-

tions in Beijing already take pioneering responsibilities

ers, the Island has escaped the rampant development

to raise social awareness and achieve positive impact.

of nearby Guangdong Province, accordingly preserving

This program gives you a chance to become part of the

its traditional ways of life and the cleanliness of its wa-

solution. The volunteer opportunities will be provided

ters. In spite of the many recent developments in the

based on issues of rural development, the disabled

tourism industry, with luxury hotel complexes sprout-

and education. Choose one social issue you want to

ing up along the beautiful coastline in Sanya, the ma-

devote your vacation time, to be a Volunteer in Beijing.

jority of Hainan’s population remain very poor with a

The journey in Beijing will be not only a study tour, but

low standard of living.

also positive action that can make a difference.



Study Specific Social Issue

Experience Rural China

Receive social issue training from an NGO, and discover a real China social situation that affects China today.

Help with farm work and home-stay with local farmers

Experience Rural China  Field research in rural areas for ecological agriculture and rural development, and help with diverse farm work such as diary cow milk refining, fruit trees planting, feeding the horses, etc.

Volunteer in a Rural School Help to teach a class to the local children Beach Sip a coconut, relax in the sun, or try water sports at China’s best beaches to reward yourself for the hard work

Be a Voluntary Teacher for the Children Help the local children with foreign language and art study. Special Care for the Disabled Children Attend recovery class for the disabled children, take care of children’s daily life and organize a charity event. The Great Wall Visit the Great Wall, and camping at the foot of the Great Wall mountain. Tour in Beijing Visit the Temple of Heaven and attend Taichi Lesson teached by a Kongfu Master. Visit the Forbidden City and Hutong.


SEED International

Timeline Culture and Adventure

EXPLORE Study Tour Month Date






12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 – 30 01 – 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11


EXPLORE Shanghai


EXPLORE Silk Road (Complete Route)

EXPLORE Silk Road (Short Route)


May. 12 – 23 May. 17 – 23

May. 24 – Jun. 3

Jul. 13 – 19

Jul. 14 – 25

Jul. 15 – Jul. 25

Jul. 20 – 22

Jul. 23 – 25

Jul. 30 – Aug. 01 Jul. 30 – Aug. 05 Aug. 02 – 04

Aug. 05 – 11

Jul. 30 – Aug. 08

EXPLORE China 2012

Business Mindest

Social Responsibility


GO Volunteer

SEED World Youth Leadership Forum

Business Immersion



May. 17 – 23

Jul. 18 – 25

Jul. 26 – 29

Jul. 30 – Aug. 03 Jul. 30 –  Aug. 05

Jul. 30 –  Aug. 06

Date 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 – 30 01 – 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11


May–August Packages As displayed on the diagram, most combinations of programs are available, and the same program may have different dates to choose


from Most programs take place between May and August.


September–October Packages and March– April Packages We can create custom packages depending on your holiday dates. Contact us for more details.




SEED International

Apply Flow & Program Packages 1. Application

2. Selection

3. Payment

• Option 1: Online Applica-

• Get an information letter

• Pay the registration fee 200

tion through


USD within 5 workdays

Program for attending an

after getting confirmation

online test.


• Option 2: Download application form from, sub-

• Receive confirmation letter of passing the selection.

• Pay the program fee according to the individual

mit application form to

program price 60 days


before the program start.

Learning Points

Culture and Adventure

Business Mindset

Social Responsibility •


Program Packages

Duration (Days)






Round 1: May 17 – 23 Round 2: Jul 13 – 19 Round 3: Jul 30 – Aug 05 Round 4: Aug 05-11

EXPLORE Shanghai and Xi’an


Round 1: Jul 20 – 25 Round 2: Jul 30 – Aug 04

Shanghai, Xi’an

EXPLORE the Silk Road (Complete Route)


Round 1: May 12 – 23 Round 2: Jul 14 – 25

Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Qinghai-Tibetan Highland, Xi’an, Beijing

EXPLORE the Silk Road (Short Route)


Round 1: Jul 30 – Aug 08

Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xi’an



Round 1: May 24 – Jun 03 Round 2: Jul 15 – 25


SEED World Youth Leadership Forum


Round 1: Jul 26 – 29

Hong Kong

Business Immersion


Round 1: May 17 – 23 Round 2: Jul 30 – Aug 05

Beijing, Shanghai

GO Volunteer in Beijing


Round 1: Jul 18 – 25 Round 2: Jul 30 – Aug 06


GO Volunteer in Hainan


Round 1: Jul 30 – Aug 03

Hainan Island

Above are the suggested packages, but customized service can be provided, contact us for further information;

According to the timeline connection among different programs, please feel free to combine your programs you like as your own packages.

EXPLORE China 2012

Contact Us

SEED INTERNATIONAL Group, Ltd No. 1807, Building C3, Tianchang Yuan, Olympic Media Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Tel.



+86-10-8482-8941 – 8011

Email. Web.

SEED International Regional Manager Contact Position



EXPLORE China Program Director

Daisy Liu

Russia and CIS Regional Manager

Stepan Plokhotnov

Latin America and Africa Regional Manager

Jose Feliciano

UK & Ireland Regional Manager

Josh Rennie

North America Regional Manager

Daniel Delgado

Academic Manager

Kimberly Zhang

Taiwan Regional Manager

Taro Tseng

Taiwan Regional Manager

Cassie Chiu

Europe Regional Manager

Jessica Enstedt


Explore China Program 2012  

Booklet of the Explore China program 2012, organized by Seed International China