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••• Daily News Lead Story Headline On a cold rainy day in the month April in a southern town in North Carolina, Stacey Logan has just entered the courtroom in order to fight his case against racism. He has waited a long time for his time in court to fight for racism in order to end this situation has finally come true. Many years of hard work have paid off, dealing with all the years of protesting and having to live with racism. When going out he would have to drink from different water fountains because only white people were allowed to drink from them and always having to go to different schools and all of the other ways that everything else was segregated. They were separated just because of the color of their skin. It was very unfair for all of them and Stacey Logan finally got what he had dreamed of for a very long time, a chance to fight for what he had dreamed of for many years…no more racism! He was nervous going into the Court room because he had never been in one of them before and didn’t know what to expect. There were several people there and everyone was looking at him and wanting him to say and do the right thing for the black people. He was their hope of bringing some sense of respect and dignity. The pressure was on him but he did a wonderful job and they win their case with overwhelming support from the people in the court house and the community. The community came together and started to respect each other and work together to make life in their Southern town a good                          one. We have to continue to make our efforts to end racism important in our lives. People should to treated for who they are not the color of their skin or anything else. We have to respect everyone for who they are.

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Stacey Logan

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