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MARCH 28, 2011

Mississippi News Local teacher meets JFK! A woman !om mississippi meets John f. kennedy

This young reporter Gets a chance to interview Cassie Logan. the local teacher who meets JFK. Who also helped intergrate the schools in mississippi. Q: So how do you feel about JFK? A: I feel he is a very kind man and he said he would help intergrate schools. Q: How did you feel when you meet him? A: I felt very exited to meet our precedent JFK. Most people in my childhood told me to just go with the world as they were treating me. Q: Will you do anything more with JFK.

This Woman Helped intergrate schools and has done plenty in her childhood. In this above picture Its shown that one person CAN make a

diffrence. As JFK gets off air force one Cassie Logan is escorted to him and they go into the white house and talk. One lucky reporter gets an interview with Cassie.

A: I will try to be a better person to help this country intergrate even more schools.


Just as she said “We all deserve peace!” Even our president says in his inaugiration He says i will help to keep this

world from segregating anymore. This day was very important to the world as a local teacher meets precedent JFK! PAGE 1


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