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Come join the president of Jack And Jill of America integrate schools in america. Mary logan will be determined to help your child through school and she wont let your child fail. She has experience with little rock nine and helped make them successful today. with her teaching experience she is a good tutor and will help your son or daughter be the top of there class. Each student Mary Logan help will be put in Jack and Jill to help them Create a better life. Jack and Jill was founded by Marrion Stubs Thomas. She created Jack and jill because she wanted to aid mother to learn more about their children, to seek all children the advantages we call our own and she liked the idea of brining people of the same race together. Jack and Jill is a great thing to put your child in. every other year your teen(s) get to go to teen conference. At teen conference your child has a great time competing to see which chapter has the best presentation. Every year your teen have the choice to participate in an oratorical. the winners of the oratorical gets a bond of $200 and gets to go on to the next round at regionals. I hope you come and join Jack and Jill Of America we will welcome you with open arms and a huge smile!

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Mary Logan  

Mary Logan is a fictional character who is a civil rights activist