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What should Small Businesses Consider before Outsourcing IT Services? Not every business can be proficient in all departments and at a certain stage in a company’s operation, there comes a requirement of outsourcing the weaker sections to the experts in order to maintain the profitability. Although outsourcing is not for every business, some businesses outsource their HR department while others choose to share the responsibilities of data backup to the experts. For small businesses, outsourcing plays a vital role in their expansion and growth, whereas for others, it may result in liability. However, there are mixed opinions on outsourcing services and mainly when it comes to outsourcing of Network Operation Center Service, especially for the small businesses because of the risks involved with it.

Information Technology services act as the backbone for today’s businesses and its’ breakdown can bring negative outcomes such as enhancing the cost of the organization and affecting its goodwill in the market.

Therefore, to avoid such expensive mistakes, it is necessary for businesses to consider all the risks associated with the outsourcing of IT services:  Investing Money Cost is one of the major factors for every small-scale enterprise, therefore, they are required to invest the available money in the right areas so that the anticipated goals could be met. Investing in IT services is one of the key areas where the small businesses need to take an appropriate decision - it may be related to whether to hire a full-time IT expert or to outsource it to the proficient experts. The full time IT expert may be able to handle things like installation of software, detecting issues in the system, troubleshooting, etc. In the future when business will grow, it will come up with a new set of challenges that will require a big team of highly trained staff members.

Primary agenda of a small-scale enterprise is to utilize the available resources optimally and the investment in hiring a full-time IT expert may not function as per the business’ anticipations. Thus, the best way to meet the IT requirements of the organization is outsourcing to the third party service providers.

 Response Time If you’ll compare between the in-house IT team and outsourcing IT service providers based on the time taken to respond over a query, the in-house team will be much faster. However, this is not the situation every time because there may be a scenario where the in-house IT team won’t be able to tackle the situation nor the outsourced IT experts will be available 24*7. So, the organizations are required to determine the pace and the demand for IT at the workplace to choose between the available options.

Therefore, if you’re looking for outsourcing the IT services, you need to collaborate with only those service providers that can be available every time. On the other hand, if your business requires quick responses regularly, you should consider only those service providers that will be able to fulfil your needs otherwise outsourcing will not bring any major changes.  Expertise The primary objective behind outsourcing any service for a small business owner is to gain expertise in the particular department or to get the high-tech and latest technologies to move towards innovation. The in-house IT team will be able to respond quickly in comparison to the third party experts but whether they will be able to fulfil the IT needs of the organization, this is a major concern. According to a research, more than 67% small-scale businesses prefer to outsource the IT services in order to get the expert services, innovative ideas and unique

business solutions that will be useful for enhancing overall efficiency. Thus, if the IT plays a major role in the organizational functionality, they should consider the outscoring option, otherwise an in-house IT team can be hired.

Apart from the above concerns, there may be plenty of others while outsourcing the Managed NOC Services such as security of data, the occurrence of cyber-attacks, reliability and reputation of the service providers, etc. Therefore, every aspect must be analyzed before taking any decision because one wrong move could lead the business to an unwanted direction. Organizations’ IT needs, the nature of the business, and the cost is some of the foremost factors for a small-scale business enterprise that needs to be considered before going to a third party service provider. Source URL:

Significance of Application Support & Maintenance Services In order to enhance and extend the life of applications, its’ maintenance and management is considered as an integral element. The application is the modern reality and it changes regularly, thus, application maintenance comes into action to evolve with the changes and sometimes to be a step ahead of the changes. Nowadays, organizations are much dependent on the technology i.e. software, applications, internet, etc. for executing their day to day work. In this scenario, it becomes an obligation for the organizations to maintain and manage these aspects to avoid any sort of barriers and to keep pace with rapidly changing market demands & technology trends.

“Cost of maintenance is 60% of a software’s development cost and approximately 60% of the cost of maintenance is incurred on its improvement”.

The application support center is set up by the organizations to manage and customize their applications and software as per their requirements and sometimes, support services are also outsourced from experts of Application Support & Maintenance Services to derive higher returns.

Application maintenance is a broad and an on-going process, hence, this service has been divided into the following categories:  Adaptive: Systems are modified to match up with the changing business and technical environment.  Perfective: In order to improve the system’s performance and move towards perfection, tuning of all elements, functionalities, and abilities is done.  Corrective: Determines errors from the existing systems and solutions to improvise the performance.  Preventive: Includes the adaptation of preventive measures for the future vulnerabilities that might occur. A primary objective of every organization is to move towards sustainable growth and overall development and in order to attain these objectives, it is required to be trendy in terms of technological aspects. Managed application support services and maintenance is essential due to the following reasons:

Access to Upgrade: Upgrades are necessary for improving organizational efficiency on a rapid basis and with every upgrade, quality, output as well as overall efficiency increases along with minimizing the occurrence of possible threats, which could lead to application failure. Moreover, upgrades are also required to retain customers’ interest. Bug Fixing: For running the system seamlessly, bug fixing is counted as the priority for the maintenance department. Primary objective of this process is to detect and eliminate the errors from the code, hardware, operating system or any part of the application. While executing this process, it is ensured that other functionalities of the application are not affected. Improvement in Performance: People engaged in the maintenance of application mainly focus on improving its performance and for the same, they regularly test the codes to avoid any type of error and failure. Reengineering and Data and coding restricting are the main parts of the application maintenance. They also ensure that applications are also safe from future vulnerabilities and threats like hacking.

Every organization must set its vision and mission so that the applications, systems and other relevant aspects could be customized in the same manner. Some organizations treat application management as an option, but it is just like if you don’t maintain your car, it may lead to its breakdown and the cost of its repair will be much higher in comparison to its regular touch up, servicing, oil change, etc. Similarly, application maintenance is a must to ensure smooth functioning of the system along with avoiding system failure. Source URL:

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What should Small Businesses Consider before Outsourcing IT Services?  

In this document, we will discuss the major reasons, Why small business firms should outsource IT services for the overall development of th...

What should Small Businesses Consider before Outsourcing IT Services?  

In this document, we will discuss the major reasons, Why small business firms should outsource IT services for the overall development of th...