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2010 28 FEBRUARY 3PM - 9PM

HYP Fest

The Australian Lebanese Festival

“Refreshing Lebanese culture through the youth” HYP Fest (Harmonious Youth Participation Festival) is an initiative originating from the minds and hearts of young Australians. It is to establish cultural awareness amongst the wider Australian community as well as trying to educate and promote the beauty of Lebanon and the wealth of culture that it encompasses to young Australian Lebanese. HYP Fest intends to promote a united community. With your continuing support, we will hopefully build upon the positive image it intends to portray.


2009 Attendance OVER


The event will be advertised through the following means: Flyers & Posters (Distributed around surrounding areas of event, all local councils receive advertisement, community organisations Arabic and nonArabic speaking, community members, Government Departments, Schools) Mainstream Papers (Herald Sun, The Age) Internet (Festival Website, Sponsors Website, Federation Square big screen and Website, White Hat, Community Websites, Council Websites, Daleel Australia Lebanese/Arabic Website) Talk Back Radio Cable Television (UBI World TV & MySat) Community Paper (The Leader, Melbourne Times, El Telegraph Arabic newspaper) Community Radio (3CR, SBS, 3ZZZ, Middle East Radio)

“Supporting Local Businesses” The HYP Fest committee wants to assist you in promoting and reaching your business goals. We wish to assist the businesses in the community in promoting their products and services. By sponsoring this initiative, you are taking advantage of a great opportunity to promote your business, give you the potential to network with other businesses and community groups and expose your business to a wider community. Ultimately, this is a great way to promote your business through the exposure you will gain by way of flyers and posters, radio, television, Federation Square big screen in the heart of the city, internet through mainstream and community websites and the HYP Fest official website Since HYP Fest 2010 will be held at Federation Square the exposure you will receive is a marketing opportunity not to be missed!

HYP Fest Inc Phone: 0415 710 118 email:

Bronze Sponsorship Level

- Company, Business or Association logo on promotional material - Continued announcement of sponsor during the event - Big screen advertisement at the venue a month prior to the event - Announcements of sponsors offers

Silver Sponsorship Level

- Company, Business or Association logo on promotional material - Continued announcement of sponsor during the event - Big screen advertisement at the venue a month prior to the event - Announcements of sponsors offers Banner on stage -Staff T-shirts with company Logo

Gold Sponsorship Level

Photo’s by Ahmad Sabra & Ayten Ozder

- Company, Business or Association logo on promotional material - Continued announcement of sponsor during the event - Big screen advertisement at the venue a month prior to the event - Announcements of sponsors offers - Banner on stage -Staff T-shirts with company logo - A stall to advertise sponsors services - All promotional material of sponsors to be placed around the event venue at committee’s discretion. The HYP Fest Inc. committee hopes to have the opportunity to be a part of your business’s success!


MAP - River Terrace

MAP - Main Square

DATE: ________________________________________________ BETWEEN:____________________________________________ (SPONSOR) & _____________________________________________ (SPONSEE)

Terms of agreement: 1.

The sponsee agrees to grant the sponsor the following sponsorship rights as stated in the sponsorship proposal package

Level of Sponsorship: _________________ Amount: _______________ _____________ 2.

This agreement once signed becomes binding for both parties (Sponsor & Sponsee)


The sponsorship will be for the period of ____________ to _______________


In the event of a dispute arising between the parties and cannot be resolved by the parties themselves, the parties will agree to refer the matter to an independent arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement.


If both parties cannot agree to an arbitrator, or do not agree with the decision of the appointed arbitrator, the agreement may be terminated in the following manner:


If the breach can be rectified, the non-breaching party can request in writing that the breach be rectified in 14 days. If it is not rectified in the stated time, the non-breaching party can terminate the agreement immediately;


If the breach cannot be rectified, the non-breaching party may terminate the agreement by giving 14 days written notice of intention to terminate to other party


In the event of a termination under this agreement, each party’s rights and responsibilities will cease immediately


In circumstances such as liquidation and there like, that become beyond the control of the party, obligations of this agreement will be suspended whilst the circumstance continues, provided that the party uses its best efforts to overcome the circumstance preventing their obligation being carried out


Each party shall indemnify the other against any claims arising from any breach of this agreement by either party.


This agreement shall not be disclosed to any third party without prior written consent of both parties


Under this agreement the rights of either party shall not be transferable or assignable to a third party.

Signed: _______________________ The Sponsor (Business)

__________________________ The Sponsee (Organisation)

________________________ Name

__________________________ Name

_______________________ Title

___________________________ Title




Organisation/Business Name: ________________________________ Contact Name: _______________________________ Address:____________________________________________________ Mobile:_______________________E-Mail:__________________________ Phone (BH):_______________AH: _________________FAX: ___________ Marquee Fee: Single ($500)...............Double ($750)……………….. Or Umbrella: ($250)....................... No. Tables ($20): ........... No. Chairs ($5): ............. Please note that stalls cannot be occupied unless we have received correct payment in full. Total Cheque Amount Payable to Harmonious Youth Participation Festival (HYP Fest) Inc What type of display or product will you be having? __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ What equipment will require power? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Public Liability Attached (Certificate of Currency) (Please circle Yes or NO) Stall holder Acknowledgment I/We have carefully read all the conditions of stall hire attached and hereby agree to adhere and comply with all regulations and conditions stipulated. Stall holder’s signature: ____________________________ Thankyou for your support. Please return this form to:

HYP Fest Inc. PO Box 353 Coburg, Vic, 3058 email:


Harmonious Youth Participation Festival (HYP Fest Inc.) February 28th 2010 2nd of January 2010 Closing dates for stall bookings Conditions, Rules & Regulations and Responsibilities of Stallholders

STALL 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Stall Bookings to be done by completing and signing the Vendor Application Form. Vendor Application Forms will not be accepted without full and correct payments. Unsuccessful applicants will have the hire fee refunded. Payment is to be made by cheque and be received by mail to HYP Fest Inc. by the 2/01/10 to PO Box 353 Coburg, Vic, 3058. Receipt will be issued. HYP Fest Inc. Reserve the right to reject any application for the hire of stalls. Cancellation of Stall Stalls cancelled by stall holders prior to 1/2/10 will incur a cancellation fee of $30. No refunds will be provided by the committee after 1/2/10. The decision of HYP Fest Inc. will be final and binding on Stall hiring matters. One contact person to be nominated for their stall to co-ordinate with the HYP Fest Inc. Committee members.

EQUIPMENT 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Stallholders shall bring their own utensils, power leads, appliances all tagged by qualified electrician. All electrical leads and cords to be tagged and tested and kept above ground for safety issues. A generator will be supplied to all stall holders Gas stoves must be operated by gas cylinders. Electric hotplates are allowed. All stallholders need to comply with all Statutory Regulations and requirements related to all OH&S regulations and requirements. All stallholders are advised to have public liability insurance which shall be at their own expense. Stalls Must be set up before 1pm on Sunday 28/2/10 Stalls to trade from 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm (unless otherwise agreed upon)


All food stalls must complete a copy of the Notification to Operate a Temporary Food Premises and Application to Register a Temporary Food Premises and send to Health Services Branch, City of Melbourne, PO Box 1603, Melbourne 3001. All Food stallholders must read and comply with Melbourne City Council laws and regulations prior to 1/2/10. 18. Health inspector or an HYP Fest Inc. Committee member reserve the right to close a stall and forfeit the hiring and deposit fee with the event of any breach or non-compliance with food safety regulations without any refund. 19. Any charges and fines imposed by health inspectors from Melbourne City Council for non-compliance with the laws and regulations is the responsibility of the relevant stall holders 20. HYP Fest Inc. Committee will not be responsible for any power failure on the festival Day. 21. Cleanliness must be maintained throughout the whole day. 22. Food stallholders must ensure all Food items and disposables are properly disposed of by themselves and their customers in the bins provided. INSURANCE (Public Liability & Indemnity) 23. HYP Fest Inc. will not be liable for any losses sustained by the stall holders, their agents, employees or anyone that is in a relationship to the stall that impacts on the operation of the stall. 24. Any damages caused whatsoever to the venue by the stallholder, intentionally or unintentionally, the stallholder will be held solely responsible and liable. After inspection of the registered stall by Council with HYP Fest Inc. Committee members, the stall holder will be advised of any damage and any associated costs. LOSS AND DAMAGE CLAIMS 25. HYP Fest Inc. Committee accepts no liability for any damages or costs whatsoever arising, either directly or indirectly, from products sold by Stallholders. 26. HYP Fest Inc. Committee accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever occasioned to, or suffered by, the Stallholder, their relief assistant and/or staff as a result of the use and occupation of the site or in connection with any activity carried on at the site. 27. By signing this Agreement Stallholders hereby indemnify HYP Fest Inc. Committee in relation to all and any claims for damages or costs whatsoever arising from the provision to them of a site, or the sale by them of any product at that site, whether by the Stallholder or any person representing them or their product/s. 28. In the event of any action involving a Stallholder, their staff or their product/s, to which HYP Fest Inc. Committee is joined as a party to the dispute and/or litigation, HYP Fest Inc. Committee and/or its insurers will pursue the Stallholder to recover all costs and expenses incurred by HYP Fest Inc. Committee.

Signed by the Stallholder: ……………………………….……………. Full Name of Stallholder:…………………………………………........... Witness:………………………………………….. Date:……………………

Please Initial:........................................



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