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Here at Chase Robotics we realize that some people just want to build their own plumbots and we are okay with that. Maybe you are a bot building hobbyist, maybe you are helping your child build a bot for a school science fair project or maybe you are hoping to build your bot building skills enough to come work for us one day. Whatever your reason, we have provided this guide to creating the very best plumbot possible.


• A Bot Workshop

The bot workshop is the single most important thing that you will need. It allows you to design and customize your plumbots, research and design your trait chips and engineer nanites. • Trait Chips - There are 21 possible chips that you can customize your plumbot with depending on what you need/want from your bot. You can always buy your trait chips (or if you are the unscrupulous sort you can steal them from other plumbots). Your local Bot Emporium will have many in stock, but you never know what quality they are or if they will have what you want/need so it is always best to make you own. That way you don't have to wait around for them to get what you need in stock and you are ensured of their quality.

• Nanites

Nanites are not needed if you are going to be purchasing your trait chips. The kind of nanites you will need will depend on what trait chips you are designing for your plumbot. There are a number of ways to obtain nanites. • Crystal Flowers

Again, these are optional if you plan on buying your trait chips and the kind that you is dependant on what trait chips are you designing.


Plumbot building is like anything else. The more you do it, the more you study, the better you are going to get at it. You can purchase bot building books at your local Bot Emporium that will get you started. No matter your level of skill there is always an element of chance of what quality plumbot will come out of the bot workshop. The more skill you have in bot building, the greater the chance of creating a high tech, next generation or future tech plumbot.

Plumbot Quality

Base Value w/ no Chips

Fragile (1)


Duct Taped (2)


Weak (3)


Average (4)


Decent (5)


Awesome (6)


Fantastic (7)


High Tech (8)


Next Gen (9)


Future Tech (10)


The higher the quality your plumbot, and the higher the quality chips that go into it mean less chance of the bot breaking down and longer time between tune ups. It also means your bots will be worth more if you plan on selling them.

Next let's talk a bit about what you can do at each step as you climb the plumbot building ladder and get better and better at bot building. The simpler chips can be made early on and as you gain more experience you can build more complex chips.


Skill Unlocks

Learnable Trait Chip Recipes


Design Nanites, Create Nanites, Tune Up Plumbot, Adjust Trait Chips



Design Trait Chips

Competent Cleaner


Create Plumbot

Handibot, A.I. Angler


Reverse Engineer Nanites

Steel Chef, Fear of Humans


Earn more Tuning Up non-Household Plumbots, Chance of Increase in Quality when Sim does Tune-Up

RoboNanny, Friendly Functions


May use Upgrade Trait Chip Slots on Plumbots and all Plumbots now start with 4 Trait Chip Slots

Sinister Circuits, Sense of Humor


Chance of better improvement in Quality with Tune Ups.

Office Drone, Musical Machine, Mood Adjuster,


Plumbots may be upgraded to/start with 5 Trait Chip Slots

Solar Powered, Capacity to Love, RoBotany Gardner



Limitless Learning, Simulated Emotions, Algorithmic Artist


Plumbots may be upgraded to/start with 6 Trait Chip Slots

Holo Projector, Efficient


Plumbots may be upgraded to/start with 7 Trait Chip Slots

Sentience - required for Lifetime Wish but may be bought/stolen from a Plumbot as well.

Depending on what you want to do you may never need to become a full blown bot expert.


The first thing we are going to talk about is nanites. Nanites are these little robot-like insects that every bot builder needs. The are an integral part of trait chips. There are four ways to obtain them:

1. Buy them at your local Bot Emporium - chances are they aren't going to have every nanite available at one time, as there are 20 different types.

2. Catch them in the wild 3. Design them yourself - There is one "problem" with this route. You have to first obtain the nanite you want to create and reverse engineer it to be able to design one.

4. Cloning - you will also need to have a nanites on hand to clone. Types of nanites: there are 20 different types of nanites ranging from common to rare. They can all be caught in the wild, although it will take time. Various nanites can always be found at the Bot Emporium. In order to be able to design a nanite you must first reverse engineer it. Reverse engineering will give you the circuit boards needed to build trait chips. The boards you get will be random but the rarer and better quality the nanite the better chance of getting large circuit boards. These are always the hardest to obtain. Reverse engineering is always a way to "recycle" the extra nanites you have sitting around for parts you need because there is no guarantee that your local Bot Emporium will have what you need. When designing nanites there will always be a cost involved with making them. This needs to be considered when bot funding is limited or if you get into the business of bot building to maximize your turnover in selling them. NOTE: You can also sell your spare nanites, circuit boards, and trait chipss that you have laying around for extra cash.

Out of all the possible ways to get nanites, here at Chase Robotics we highly recommend cloning nanites. Yes, this means you need to invest the time to learn science but it will be worth it. After much research we have found that the only way to produce the highest quality nanite is to clone them. You can spend months trying to build the perfect nanite and it will never happen. Science must intervene. If you are serious about bot building and want to be more than a hobbyist, invest in a science station and keep one of each type nanite around at all times. Cloning has no expenditure and despite the fact that it may take several tries to get a perfect nanite, there is good money to be made in selling excess nanites at the Bot Emporium.




Max Value (Perfect via Cloning)

Cost to Make


















































































Another integral part of trait chips is the crystal flower. These are used all chips that have something to do with simulating an emotional state. There are three ways to get them:

1. Harvest them from the wild 2. Buy them at the Bot Emporium 3. Grow them yourself As always, you never know what the Bot Emporium is going to have in stock. You also can not be guaranteed their state. There are 5 varieties.

1. Clear - no emotional charge 2. Red - anger charge 3. Green - happiness charge 4. Pink - love charged 5. Blue - laughter charged Crystal flowers require charging with emotion. Finding flowers in the wild and charging them before picking will ensure that they are fully charged, however, chances are they will have come from a standard quality plant. Once a flower is picked it does NOT loose it's charge. Growing crystal plants yourself you can ensure they are perfect quality with a 100% emotional charge prior to picking. Each plant produces a decent number of flowers so there is no reason you would ever need more than three of each type of crystal plant. TIP ON GROWING CRYSTAL PLANTS QUICKLY: Use of the QuickGro Gardening Station and the PvZ sunflower greatly accelerates the growth of the crystal plants. You can be harvesting crystal

flowers in less than 24 Sim hours! It normally takes 4 to 5 days for the plants to reach a harvestable state after planting them.


Now that you have all your supplies, your nanites, your black circuit boards and your crystal flowers it's time to talk about putting it all together. Once your bot exits the bot station check on it's quality. Give it it's first tune up and upgrade the trait slots if you are able. Depending on the quality of plumbot it may require a number of tune ups before it is future tech quality (the best there is). Adding chips does not effect the quality of the bot, however, the quality of the chips will play some part in determining how many tune ups are required before future quality is reached. The following chart will provide you with all the information on what is needed for each trait chip. Lvl



Trait Chip Name


Trait Chip Effects

Competent Cleaner

Any Nanite

Allows cleaning interactions, makes Plumbot prioritize household chores



Any Nanite, Small Processor

Max Handiness Skill and makes the Plumbot autonomously do repairs on home appliances and electronics. You may use their experience in Handiness to upgrade your household.


A.I. Angler

Any Nanite, 2 Small Processor

Max Fishing skill and enables all Fishing interactions


Steel Chef

Lite Nanite, 3 Small Processor

Max Cooking, all recipes including Ambrosia, autonomously cooks for hungry Sims


Fear of Humans

Any Nanite, Small Processor

Plumbots with this unfortunate Trait Chip will faint around regular Sims and get a nasty negative moodlet.

Scalar Nanite, 3 Small Processor

RoboNannies are able to take care of children in the household and raise young Sims while the Parents pursue their Skills, Career etc. They are able to teach toddlers to walk, talk and



potty just as Parents can and will autonomously care for them. Bots CAN NOT pick up or interact with babies without this chip. (As of the writing of this, I have not tested with toddlers or children).








3 Small Processor, Kindness Crystal

Gives the Plumbot a large range of Social Interactions and the Social Need. Without Simulated Emotions or Sentience, they will not have a mood and get LTHP.

3 Small Processor, Rage Crystal

Plumbots that are programmed to be Sinister will perform mean interactions against Sims, yet have a Social Need. This is the bot version of the evil trait.

3 Small Processor, Laughter Crystal

Gives the Plumbot a wide range of joke interactions, along with a Social Meter. Control the Plumbot and click it to Perform Comedy Show, which will attract nearby Sims who will all get a 'You Got Served' +10 Moodlet for 3 hours after watching the show.

Office Drone

Lepton Nanite, Quantum Nanite, 2 Small Processor

Allows the Plumbot to take up a Career or Profession and earn money for the Household. Plumbots don't get stressed out and will excel at their chosen Profession, especially given how well they can do with certain Skill Chips installed.

Musical Machine

Caustic Nanite, Heisenberg Nanite, 2 Small Processor

Allows the Plumbot to autonomously play music (like a Radio) and sing. They also get max skill in all Musical Instruments.

Mood Adjuster

Neutron Nanite, Any Crystal, 4 Small Processor

The Mood Adjuster gives the Plumbot a Social Meter and gives them the ability to give a Sim a massage for a +10 3h Moodlet or use their Happiness Beam to give them a +40 3h moodlet, but this may backfire.

Solar Powered

Condenser Nanite, Medium Processor

Gives the Bot +10 Energy per hour while outside in the day time. Negates the need for a bot charging system if the bot spends enough time outside.

Friendly Functions

Sinister Circuits

Sense of Humor


Capacity to Love

2 Medium Processor, 5 Love Crystal

Plumbots with Capacity to Love will have a Social Meter and may perform a lot of different Romantic Interactions with Sims and other Plumbots. You may even marry a Plumbot if you choose.


RoBotany Gardener

3 of Any Nanite, Any Crystal, Medium Processor

Maximizes the Gardening Skill for the Plumbot and gives it the ability to fertilize your Plants.


Limitless Learning

Tunneling Nanite, 3 Medium Processor

Allows a Plumbot to take up any Skill you choose. This makes some of the other trait chips redundant


Simulated Emotions

3 Each of Kindness, Laughter, and Rage Crystals

Gives a Plumbot emotional states it can simulate along with the Social and Mood Meters - Happy Mode will give it a constant positive moodlet of +20, Sad/Angry Mode -10. Along with Sentience, it's the only way to get your Plumbot gaining Lifetime Happiness points for Lifetime Rewards.


Algorithmic Artist

Torque Nanite, Polar Nanite, 2 Medium Processor

Maxes the Painting Skill and lets Plumbots autonomously Paint pictures that can be sold for profit.

Induction Nanite, 2 Medium Processor, Large Processor

Allows the Plumbot to project the requesting Sim's Friends and Acquaintances that are not present in the World, so while in the Future, you could talk to and gain relationships with Sims from the past that are not really there. The hologram will visit with your Sim and allows normal Social Interactions.

Thermo Nanite, 2 Medium Processor, Large Processor

Gives +50% Skill Gains to the Plumbot (with Limitless Learning also installed), while also making the Plumbot 3x more likely to get a raise at work with Office Drone. Their Maintenance stat falls at 75% of the normal level, and they'll gain energy 50% faster when recharging. This even makes Shutdowns gain power rather quickly, meaning the Plumbot can recharge anywhere



Holo Projector


(or Syphon Power). Lastly, Efficient Plumbots will perform better in competitions at the Bot Arena.



Uber Nanite, 5 of Any Crystal, 2 Large Processor

Enables Social and Mood Motives. This is also the only Trait Chip that allows a Plumbot to have Fun, allowing it to boost its mood further to get more LTHP. Sentient Plumbots are much more like Sims. This is required for the Pioneer of Plumbotics Legacy Statue.

Quality of nanites and crystal flowers that are used in making chips will increase the value of your bots (if you plan on selling them) but will have no direct effect on the quality (future tech, high tech, next generation, etc). It will also determine how often your bot will need a tune up and how quickly the bot will be upgraded by tune ups. If you have any further questions about plumbot building please feel free to contact Chase Robotics. We are here to answer all your plumbot questions.

* Thanks to Carl's Sim 3 Guilde for the basic charts on plumbot building, although they have been revised, corrected or expanded upon..*

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