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THE 4HWW ACTIVATION MAP Based on the book The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss


CAUTION: This map is meant to be a supplement to the book, not in any way a replacement. If you don’t have the book – Go Buy It Now! – and then come back to the map for a visual guide.

Clearly Define How Your Performance Is Measured First

Complete Your Most Important Task Before 11am

Check Email 2 Times Per Day (Ideally at 12pm and 4pm)

Focus On The 2 – 3 Most Important Tasks Daily Until They Are DONE!

Single-Task, Never Multi-Task

Ask Forgiveness… Not Permission

Batch Like Tasks For Efficiency

Be Remarkable… Not Impressive

Empower Others


Outsource If You Can Pay Someone 50% of Your Value Or Less


Plan Life Well In Advance (Use the 80/20 Rule)

“People will abuse your time to the extent you let them.”

Tim, if you ever happen to read this map – take this as my request for forgiveness if necessary.

Avoid Information Overload (but read Forbes)

Stop Wasting Time Maximize Productivity Most Important Tasks First Delegate for Efficiency Batch Like Tasks Eliminate Distractions Get Excited Again!

4hww map  

4hww map