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Men’s Fitness Tips To Quickly Blast Away Belly Fat

Getting that all important six pack is crucial for men. Being able to nonchalantly take off your shirt and impress the ladies with your body fitness is a wonderful thing. Getting that level of fitness is something else entirely. Well, you’re in luck, because in this article, we’re going to learn exactly what to do to get you some head turning levels of body fitness. Be clear, though. Men’s fitness is more than about just plain looks. Men’s fitness means having healthy energy, skin, deep and resting sleep, as well as some decent numbers were you to take a look at your blood. After all, we want muscle and fitness not just for getting more female attention, but we crave muscle and fitness live longer as well. So, we’ll start off with inner fitness. What you eat, and how you live. First of all, getting plenty of sleep is crucial. It’s much better to go to sleep early, and get up early, than it is to be a night owl and get up at the crack of noon. What you eat is also crucial. Lean proteins, healthy fats, and as few carbs as you can get away with. If you do eat carbs, make sure they are in the form of fruits, which contain slow burning fructose. Stay away from breads, pastas, and any kind of sweetened foods. Now for the head turning body fitness. Stay away from weights, unless you plan on winning Mr. Universe. Instead, do some body weight calisthenics instead. This will give you the lean, ripped look that satisfies female desires on a deep evolutionary level. Most girls aren’t all that attracted to muscle heads anyway. But those lean, ripped guys who play beach volley ball? That’s what we’re after. For ultimate body fitness, do exercises that work many muscle groups at once. Working your stabilizers will get you a much better look that isolating any muscles. Any kind of exercise that you did in gym class is perfect. Push ups. Sit ups. Pull ups. Consider doing a neck bridge as well. Shoot for 3-5 minutes every day. Also, consider investing in a Power Wheel, or anything similar. This is a wheel a bit smaller than a bicycle wheel, and a little bit bigger than a wheel barrow wheel. It’s got handles on both sides. What you do is get on your knees, and hold your hands on the handles. When you start, the wheel should be directly under your chin. Then roll the wheel forward, until your chest and belly is about an inch above the floor. Keep your knees where they are. Then simply roll back to the starting position. Do this as many times as you can. When you get up to fifty a day (no mean feat) you’re doing pretty good. This works your chest, shoulders, abs and core, giving you an incredibly good workout in a very short amount of time. If you really want to accelerate your fat loss, finish up your calisthenics with ten or twenty minutes of jump rope. You’ll be ripped in no time!

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Men’s fitness tips to quickly blast away belly fat  
Men’s fitness tips to quickly blast away belly fat