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Workshop 1 – Ocular Fundus Examination Dr. Alejandro Cerviùo1, Dr. Paulo Pinto2 1 2

Universidade de Valencia, Spain University of Minho, Portugal

It is well known that the ocular fundus observation and evaluation, at least the central portion of it, should be done in every elementary optometric exam. Independently of the patient exam expectations, age, symptoms or sins the ocular fundus exam must be done very often. There are nowadays several techniques that allow the examination of the ocular fundus which are very useful in the detection of ocular anomalies. These techniques are grouped in two distinguished groups: direct and indirect observation techniques. The goals of this practical session are: 1. The understanding of the differences of the direct and indirect ocular fundus examination using a slit lamp; 2. To understand the structures and theirs normal parameters using the two different techniques; 3. To understand the procedure to execute the technique correctly.




CIOCV'09 Proceedings  

Proceedings for the International Conference of Optometry and Visual Science 2009 (CIOCV'09). University of Minho, Braga, Portugal