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Non-Contact Tonometry Jorge J., González-Méijome J.M., Queirós A. Fernandes P.

Department of Physics (Optometry), School of Sciences, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.

Purpose: Present the actual state in tonometry with particular emphasis on non-contact tonometry. Methods: We carry out a literature review which is considered the most recent published papers on tonometry, particularly on comparison and validation of new tonometers. Results: The most recent publications were analysed comparing the different types of tonometers with the Goldmann tonometer (considered the “Gold Standard”). The air-puff or noncontact tonometers have improved a great deal since the first models. When compared with the Goldmann tonometer the latest models showed a mean difference of less than 1mmHg. From the either models of tonometers the iCARE is the one that presents the best results when compared with Godmann tonometer. Conclusions: We are now on the verge of a significant progress in non-anaesthetic tonometry. Current non-contact tonometers models can reach values of intraocular pressure similar to those obtained by the Goldmann tonometer.



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Proceedings for the International Conference of Optometry and Visual Science 2009 (CIOCV'09). University of Minho, Braga, Portugal