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hen babies are born, a great number of them suffer from problems that require immediate and often lifesaving care in neonatology. Infants, premature and sick babies are cared for in neonatology and practitioners in the field often work in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). In this section of a hospital, you will be directed by one or more neonatologists, the management of a large team of professionals in nursing, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and medical assistants. The larger units are used several more junior officials. Neonatology is, of course, an impressive to specialise in one field and has a tremendous strength of character. The NICU is for babies who have very little time of birth, rather than it has been brought home and return to the hospital, in these circumstances, the baby is usually admitted to the Hall of Pediatrics, depending on the severity of the disease.

The baby preterm and term in neonatology


Once admitted in a neonatology unit, a baby usually remain there until they are fully rehabilitated, though this may take several months. About half of the babies who enter are born prematurely and the other half are considered to be at term, i.e. births after 37 weeks. Premature babies almost always have to be brought to the Neonatology unit to ensure that their bodies are developed enough to survive. Several problems with the lungs, liver, brain and other organs should be monitored in neo-

natology to ensure that the baby safely can go home with their parents. Babies born at term often have to go to neonatology for different reasons. Their bodies are fully developed, where premature babies often are not, but may have some birth defects that can, in some way, be even more difficult to handle. These may include pneumonia, meningitis, injuries caused during the process of birth, birth defects, and infections in the blood.

A career in neonatology mething that many professionals rediscover frequently. One of the aspects of the Neonatology which is important for neonatologists is coming to manage your patient completely, and skillfully to handle all of your attention. Many of the procedures in neonatology can be carried out by the own neonatologist, without having to call an army of support staff. The majority of Neonatologists working in hospitals or large medical centers as full employees and is divided his time primarily between the NICU, the kin-

dergarten and the delivery room. Some neonatologists

in private practice and divided his time between the diferenteshospitales. They will quite decide instantly if a baby needs special care and shall be responsible for their transfer accordingly. Just as with a large number of medical disciplines in neonatology hours are long and it can be very stressful and demanding work. But the rewards are worthwhile and as an extra bonus, neonatologists can earn very high wages, especially if they have many years of experience.



career in neonatology is not for the faint of heart. As with any other medical profession, is a very complex field that requires many years of training and commitment. But it can be a very rewarding career. Taking into account adequate support of a neonatology unit, an infant can have surprising resilienc e , so-


here are probably many more of today’s diets. If you are one of the countless legions of people that will work for you, it is better be sure that ladieta that you will do it is good for your health, really help you lose weight and will not do damage to your body. Whatever diet program tries to, you have to know some rules of the diet, or if there will be an error in your goal of losing weight. These are the five basic elements of effective weight loss. 1. Metabolism is the key determinant of weight loss: always take into account that the metabolic rate of the body is what will determine how much weight will be able to get at a given point of time. If your metabolic rate is high, you may lose much weight, even at rest. On the other hand, if your metabolic rate is slow, then you must find ways to increase. One way to speed up your metabolism is through the use of pills to lose weight ysuplementos. 2 Make exercise a part regulate your time. Only diet alone will make his much slower weight loss. It is much more difficult to increase their metabolism when you stay motionless during the entire day watching television. Whatever your exercise program get in the habit and make it a regular schedule. Start slowly at the beginning so that it does not feel defeated by pain. You can gradually increase your activity and that will feel proud of their progress.


3 Forget the phrase “crash diet” unless you like to collide!. Get in shape of swimwear is the goal here, but don’t try to do so in

a short time. One or two pounds a week should be his goal. More than that and you’ll be feeling bad tired mood, and losing the necessary vitamins. A program that too hard leads to failure. 4 Focus on foods low in fat only. experts in emphasizing this point weight loss and there are many good reasons. You can eat only a small amount of junk food fatty before reaching its limit of calories and you’re still hungry. Why make it more difficult than yourself? Eat foods that are lower in fat and feel more full sooner. 5. We know that hereditary obesity can make his task more difficult. If you look at your about and see everyone in his family tends to be overweight, there is the possibility that genetic factors may be at stake. This will not be impossible to make you lose weight, but hoping to be ultra thin is not a realistic goal. People who say that weight loss is probably easy to not be honest with you. Staying with him for the long term is what usually discourages people and prevents them from achieving their goals. Find the right diet plan and the establishment of achievable goals can make all the difference to win the game of weight loss.







t is essential that a person is aware of what constitutes good food health vitamin product. The federal drug administration produces a daily amount recommended for the majority of vitamins which considers an intake of vitamins from foods. These figures vary depending on a person’s age, sex and other factors so the healthy intake of food vitamin for a young woman who is going to be different from that of a man of seventy years. Food healthy amounts vitamins from foods intake are included in the nutritional labelling. This labeling is important for a person to consider and helps ensure they are getting the food health right intake of vitamins in the food they eat. Nutritional information is often represented as a percentage of the recommended daily amount of each vitamin and mineral, and they can help assess the value of the food in the search for a good intake of vitamins from foods.


There are also a number of elements which a person may want restricted in their diet as part of their intake of vitamins from foods. Once again, the nutritional labelling of foods can help a person to see how high is a product of these unwanted content. Salt and fat, for example articles, may be that a person wants to take into account the limitation as part of their intake of vitamins from food in good If a person is on a diet restricted for health despite the fact that they are some reason, they have to pay even not strictly vitamins. The majority of more attention to their intake of the people actually relate to nutrients vitamins from foods. Obviously, some when they use the word vitamin and food foods contain nutrients than others and manufacturers are aware that a person is this is applicable to vitamins, as well looking at minerals and other elements and perhaps more difficult for a person when they are taking into account their to achieve their good state of health good state of health food vitamin product. food vitamin product if you can not eat The fiber is another element that many certain foods. Vitamin supplements people are more aware that they form an may form an essential part of an intake essential part of a balanced diet and it is of vitamins from food in good health necessary for a good intake of vitamins for people who cannot obtain vitamins from foods. from their normal diet. Also it is worth remembering that healthy vitamin for a person food intake varies throughout his life his general State of health.

ANXIETY IN CHILDREN’S • Anxiety is a normal emotion. All have felt and it helps us deal with stress in life. Anxiety improves our behavior in these circumstances and helps to overcome them I. But there are times in which the level of anxiety is too high, both adults and children.

Normally, children opt for withdrawal and begin to avoid people and situations because they do not know how to deal with a panic attack. Sometimes want to stay at home and not see anyone except her parents. The first thing to do is to recognize the panic attack. You can then request consejomédico, to make sure that there is no other health problem that causes the symptoms. You may prescribe medication to his son. Psychiatric drugs in children have many side effects and problems generated by the withdrawal. Some have been associated with thoughts suicide in young people. Try to find out all you can about the medicines that have been prescribed to his son to take a decision with criteria. Many doctors believe that it is better to begin intervention with psychotherapy and later add medication if necessary. Parents can also help their children. You

can teach them to breathe and relax when they face certain situations of tension. Diaphragmatic breathing techniques may be useful to achieve this. Also, parents can teach their children to accept uncertainty, it is impossible to remove it. At the same time, uncertainty should not be always lead to negative thoughts about the possible results of an activity. Perhaps not as well, and is always worth the try. Promotes physical activity in children. Exercise reduces anxiety levels and they can pass it very well. Perhaps pointing to a sports team or just playing with them or going by bike.

Kids need sleep enough. When they are tired, concerns appear to be older and do not have enough power to handle them. And not to avoid the situations that trigger your anxiety. What is more, that they are aware of when their own them are avoiding. Avoidance techniques worsen things, that the next time that they have to deal with the situation, fear and anxiety will be more intense. The best thing you can do is help them to cope with what creates the problem and try to reduce the level of anxiety to ensure that the next time, feel less anxious. , Then know his son who is always there to help you manage your anxiety .



hey may have nightmares and problems sleeping, headaches and stomach, trouble concentrating, breathing difficulties, etc. A panic attack is nothing more than an attack of acute anxiety. In children, panic attack occurs when fear is extremely intense. Many times there is a trigger for the attack, but at other times it is impossible to know what has happened. The child loses control of himself, feels an intense fear, shakes, have nausea, finds it difficult to breathe and begins to hyperventilate .


Natural remedies (also known commonly as “herbal medicine”), who sit under the umbrella of “alternative medicine” are healing natural substances derived from plants or plant extracts and they are becoming more and more popular as alternative health options because their effects are becoming more widespread. Compared to conventional drugs, natural remedies can be less costly and in many cases, less risky for the patient!



he origins of natural resources is not known with accuracy, that they predate the written human history, but are typically associated with the countries of Middle East and far both with China as the source for the widest range of herbal cure of all countries. The natural resources within the Western civilizations is a relatively new form of Medicine (in comparison with the countries of the East!). Natural remedies are a popular choice among people around the world and some of the natural resources success stories are pretty amazing. People have reported positive reactions to the use of natural remedies to treat infertility, arthritis, hair loss, epilepsy and even cancer.

Fewer side effects



atural remedies tend to be more pleasant to people taking the high-tech medicines and also have fewer side effects. They can also be more effective. For example, ginger has proven be more successful in the treatment of motion sickness than its competitor pharmaceuticals, Dramamine. St. John’s Wort has been reported as more effective than the synthetic in the treatment

of mild depression. So you can see, the natural remedies offered a lot of recommendations. Many people opt to try natural remedies before they come to your health care professional and this can save time, effort, and even money. Of course, we are all advised caution to manage natural resources and make a lot of research before taking any remedy. It could be that it requires medical attention urgently and in these cases, it is always better to visit your doctor.


can help giving advice If you want more information about natural resources and discover if they are the right choice for you, you can visit a herbalist who is trained in the administration of natural resources and can properly advise you. They will be able to offer various natural resources for their status and monitor the success of them. You must keep a watchful eye to reactions to resources such as from time to time, people may be allergic reactions or show unexpected side effects. Anaphylactic reactions to natural remedies are very rare but can happen which is why if you are prone to violent allergic reactions, the approach of natural resources with the same care as you would with anything else.

If you wish to obtain a balanced view of his condition, which is perfectly reasonable that you consult your doctor and an herbalist to see what both suggest. You may prefer the recommendations of your doctor that you may feel more comfortable with natural remedies proposed his herbalist. Ultimately, the choice is yours and is as well informed as possible is always a good idea. However, always remember to tell both his botanist already your health care provider you are taking. It is always better to give them both full information so they can offer the safest treatment for you.

Natural remedies in your kitchen


It is possible that they already possess some natural remedies and not even know! For example, cardamom can be a mild stimulant, cinnamon stomach upset, teeth provide antiseptic properties and turmeric can be beneficial for people who suffer arthritis or diabetes. So do your research and have a look in your kitchen the next time that you have a complaint or minor ailment and see if they have the natural resources exact you need.


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