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Dangerous Liaisons

Nom: Jorge Nuñez y Adrian ………………………………………………..Herraiz

1.You've got the technical details of the film in Valencia. Translate ………in into English, so you can learn/revise the basic vocabulary ………related to audovisual prodductions. Techinical details: Length: 119 min Nationality: United Kingdom and EEUU Year: 1988 (Color) Address: Stephen Frears Production: Warner Bros Producer: Norma Heyman and Hank monjean Guion: Christopher Hampton (Based on the work of Choderlos de Laclos) Photographs: P.Rousselot Muntatge: Mick Ausdley music:George Fenton Art DirectionStuart Craig I Gérard James Wardrobe: James Acheson. 2.Write about 3 of the main characters (Madame de Merteuil, Viscount of Valmont Madame de Tourvel, and Cecile de Volanges). Incude their physicals and personality description. Viscount of Valmont: He is a short man, with dark hair and eyes. It is also sexist, womanizing and extroverted. Is our favorite character Cecile de Volanges: is the daughter of Madame de Volanges one child I Innocent and affected by Viscount Valmot. She became pregnant and had a …………. miscarriage. Madame de Tourvel: She is young, beautiful, beautiful hair, slim, average height and very shy. She is a good person who did not lie and she falls in love with the Viscount of Valmont. She is married 3. Write a description of the most representative locations of the age, like the lounges ( livign room ), the bedrooms or the gardens. The gardens: The gardens in the movie were quite spacious for walks, and colorful flowers as both grass The Living room: The halls of the movie halls were great to have gatherings, and well acclimated The Bedrooms: The rooms were very luxurious, according to the . The rooms are what we liked owner

4. -

Do you think they are genuine people? What do Madame de Merteuil and the Viscount of Valmont use to dress up in front of the people? Which physical or material elements do they use to build their social identity? They are genuine people trying to fool everyone because. Viscount helps her dress and Madame supplements helps using.

5. - In the film you can find people who aren’t what they are supposed to be. The society of that age was based on rules, conventions and traditions which stopped people from being what they really were. What are the objectives that each character wants to meet? What means do they use to use to get those objectives? Are they really happy? Viscount of Valmont: Hisobjective was to have more and more power with women. Madame de Merteuil: She is very wrong with people, and has many men for her.

Madame de Tourvel: She was in love with the Viscount We do not think that will be happy because they do not show


Quina dona de les que hi apareix a la pel-lícula et sembla més moderna, més atrevida, més d’acord a l’esperit del Segle de les Llums reflectit a l’expresió Sapere aude? Madame de Merteuli, Madame de Tourvel, Cécile de Volanges, sa mare…? Justifica la teua resposta. Pensem que la dona mes moderna es Cecile de Volanges perque te els pensaments menys antics, i per els seus actes.


Diríeu que Madame de Trouvel és una persona “major d’edat” d’acord a l’ètica de Kant? Hi ha algún canvi en aquesta situación al llarg de la pel-lícula? Justifica la teua resposta utilitzant els teus coneiximents. Nosaltres pensem que si que es major de edat ja que afronta el problemas com si el fora . .


La és una crítica a la moral i els costums de l’aristocràcia durant el segle XVIII. Elabora tú aquesta crítica. Un element molt important tés l’escena final de Madame de Merteuli, el desenllaç de Valmont, etc. Em pareix una pel-lícula que crea una expectativa molt influient de l’epoca, personalment creguem que l’escena final la veguem molt justa ja que acaben vegent com es ella de veritat fora de corsets i de jardins.


Dangerous liaisons  

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