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How to play paintball in 5 steps. Paintball is one of the most popular sports nowadays. It involves a lot of tactics and strategy, so if you want to get into this interesting sport, we will teach you how to play paintball in 5 steps. 1-Guns

gloves, because it really hurts when you get hit in the knuckle or palm. The rest such as vests and pants are extras. 3- Mobility Keep yourself behind cover, and move quickly. Also, when you are on the field, make sure that you are not in a position that can be targeted easily. If you are sniping, brush and thick woods are ideal for your role.

First you need a gun to play for example the A5, g4 is recommended for beginners, but if you feel that you can use a better gun should buy a etek, dye or luxe, these last ones being the most expensive. 2-Safety gear

What is really needed is only an official paintball mask, helmet and

4 -In addition to navigating the field, communication is necessary. Communication is key when playing on teams of any number. However, Using hand signals and gestures are the best way to operate.

5-Rules: This step is the most important because you can’t play a game without knowing the rules. If you got a hit you must leave the game. You always need to use a safety gear. Your gun must be on 300/psi

How to play paintball in 5 steps