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  A  rebreather  friendly  facility  has  to  provide  the  following  filling  and  gas  related  features  to  the  divers:       

Booster pump for O2 and partial pressure gas blending Range of CCR tanks and valves Range of aluminum bailout tanks and rigging Range of absorbent grain or cartridges Clean high pressure air (oil free and tested) Basic toolkit

In addition to these basic features, a CCR minded operation needs to provide the following infrastructure:    

Well ventilated, cool, clean and grease free area for assembling for the units. A fold down table is preferred. A well ventilated and safe storage area for units while not assembled Space and water hose dedicated to rebreather rinsing. This area does not need to be exclusive but it cannot be the same used for rinsing wetsuits, BCD’s, etc. Trim soft weights.

The following features need to be considered for tenders and in-water procedures:   

Tenders need to have a long ladder with good handholds to get out of the water A line in the water to clip bailout or stage tanks to. Every CCR diver has to be provided with a CCR friendly SMB and Epirb.

The staff of a CCR friendly operation needs to be:  

A captain and Guide who understands the principles and needs of CCR Divers. Tenders that know the underwater profile of a dive site, that understand there are no bubbles to follow and that can estimate the position of the divers depending on the currents and particular dive site.

 

Offering a CCR Guide who is appropriately trained for whatever depths the customer desires to venture to and knows the local dive sites. Individual attention is essential; CCR divers cannot be rushed to get in the water.

Consumables available for sale:    

Disinfectant for CCR’s. Fresh R-22 cells O2 Lube Support and some extra spare parts for major rebreathers

Compiled by: Jorge A. Mahauad

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CCR Friendly Diving Facility  

A compilation on what a CCR friendly facility needs to have

CCR Friendly Diving Facility  

A compilation on what a CCR friendly facility needs to have