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Easy Yoga Pose (Sukhasana) - Basic Yoga Exercise Share your Experiences

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After relaxing in the Corpse Pose for a few minutes, come up and sit in the Easy Yoga Pose or Sukhasana for Pranayama and the neck, shoulder and eye exercises. This Yoga Asana is one of the classic Meditative Poses, which help to straighten the spine, slow down metabolism and still the mind. If you find that holding the Yoga Pose is uncomfortable, place a folded Yoga Blanket under the back of your buttocks. In order to stretch the leg muscles evenly, be sure put each leg alternately on top in this Yoga Posture. When you are ready, substitute the Half Lotus or Lotus at this point.

Easy Yoga Pose (Sukhasana)

Sitting on the floor, bend your knees and. Clasp your arms around them and press them to your chest to make the spine erect. Now, release your arms and cross your legs, letting your knees drop down toward the floor. Keep your head and body straight.

Neck Exercises - Yoga Exercise and Poses Share your Experiences

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Neck Rolls 1. Head back; head forward, chin to chest (X5) <BR< 2. Right ear to right shoulders; left ear to left shoulder (X5).

3. Neck circles; head forward, chin to chest; right ear to right shoulder; back; left eat to left shoulder (X5); then opposite (X5).

Shoulder Lifts - Yoga Exercise and Poses Share your Experiences

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Introduction Many people hold tension in their necks and shoulders, leading to stiffness, bad posture and tension headaches. Repeating these five Shoulder Exercises Do them slowly and keep your spine straight. Your neck relaxed and your shoulders facing forward. Raise your right shoulder, then drop it down. Repeat with the left. Lastly, raise both shoulders at once, then drop them down again. Shoulder Lifts

1. Right shoulder up; down; left shoulder up; down (X5).

2. Both shoulders up; both shoulders down (X5).

Eye Training - Yoga Exercise and Poses Share your Experiences

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Introduction Like any other muscles, the eye muscles also need exercise to be healthy and strong. Most of the time, we only shift our gaze minimally from left to right, as when reading, and turn our heads if we want to look elsewhere. By moving the eyes in every direction, without turning your head at all, these Five Yoga Eye Exercises will strengthen the eye muscles, help prevent eyestrain and improve eyesight. Breathe normally while you practice. First look up, then look down. Now look to the far right and then look far left. Next look up to the right, then look diagonally downward to the left. Repeat in the opposite direction. Now imagine a large clock look up at 12 o'clock, then circle around it clockwise, quite slowly for two rounds then quicker for three. Repeat the exercise in a counterclockwise direction. Lastly, hold your thumb up about a foot from your face, and move your eyes from the thumb to the wall beyond and back. To end, always "palm" your eyes as shown below.

Rolling the Eyes

1. Look up; look down (x5). 2. Look far right; look far left (x5). 3. Look top right; look bottom left (x5); look top left; look bottom right (x5). 4. Look up, circle around clockwise (x5); anticlockwise (x5). 5. Look at the thumb, then wall, then back, near to far focusing (x5).


Rub your palms together vigorously until they feel warm. Now cup your hands over your closed eyes, without pressing. The heat and the darkness will soothe and relax your eyes.

Sun Salutation Yoga Pose (Surya Namaskar) - Yoga Exercise and Poses Share your Experiences Email Article Print Version Introduction The Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar limbers up the whole body in preparation for the yoga asanas. It is a graceful sequence of twelve yoga positions performed as one continuous exercise. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the body in a

different way and alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing. Practiced daily it will great flexibility to your spine and joints and trims your waist. One round of Sun Salutation consists of two sequences, the first leading with the right foot in positions 4 and 9 (as illustrated), the second leading with the left. Keep your hands in one place from positions 3 to 10 and try to coordinate your movements with your breathing. Start by practicing four rounds and gradually build up to twelve rounds. Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) 1. Stand erect with feet together and palms in the prayer position in front of your chest. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed. Exhale. 2. Inhaling, stretch your arms up and arch back from the waist, pushing the hips out, legs straight. Relax your neck. 3. Exhaling, fold forward, and press your palms down, fingertips in line with toes - bend your knees if necessary.

4. Inhaling, bring the right (or left) leg back and place the knee on the floor. Arch back

and look up, lifting your chin. 5. Retaining the breath, bring the other leg back and support your weight on hands and toes. Keep your head and body in line and look at the floor between your hands.

6. Exhaling, lower your knees, then your chest and then your forehead, keeping your hips up and toes curled under. 7. Inhaling, lower your hips, point your toes and bend back. Keep legs together and shoulders down. Look up and back. 8. Exhaling, curl your toes under, raise your hips and pivot into an inverted "V" shape. Try to push your heels and head down keep your shoulders back. 9. Inhaling, step forward and place the right (or left) foot between your hands. Rest the other knee on the floor and look up, as in position 4.

10. Exhaling, bring the other leg forward and bend down from the waist keeping your palms as in position 3.

1. Inhaling, stretch your arms forward, then up and back over your head and bend back slowly from the waist, as in position 2. 12. Exhaling, gently come back to an upright position and bring your arms down by your side.

Easy Yoga Pose 2  

Easy Yoga Pose (Sukhasana) Introduction Sitting on the floor, bend your knees and. Clasp your arms around them and press them to your chest...

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