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Music is the best medicine, it is the ally when people decide to do exercise, help to take advantage in a healthier and happier lifestyle. To each his own, it is not easy to have a discipline and compromise with ourselves and start with a better life, but I find it interesting, the key is to choose the music that you like the most and concentrate to have the healthier way. Follow these simple tips to enjoy different music that you can use while taking care of your health:

How do you like that!. First, running is one of the main sports that people are using these days. Now, we have generated more awareness, and you can get a good partner while you are running, and this one is the music, it is a relaxing and fascinating sensation that drives you to do more, to be stronger and get to your goal. Well, depending on the difference between people, each one can choose the music that they feel motivated and enthusiastic with

For example electro-house is one of the best genre to listen to while you are running, this music is exceptional and people can focus on their effort level and their surroundings. Believe it or not, Zumba is other genre that is one of the kinds of music that help us move our body in a healthy way. It is more Latin Music. Zumba is a fun and energetic danceworkout. It is a combination of fast and paced music to easy learn dance steps. In the same way, Zumba is an enjoyable and upbeat way to tone the body through effective cardiovascular exercise.

People always have the idea that this kind of music does not work to improve our life and to be healthier, but I do not think so!. Perhaps, I should also mention that there are more kinds of music as Merengue, Salsa and Bachata that are fascinating and they are used to having control over people´s bodies, besides Latin dancing are aerobics class and tremendously beneficial in keeping us young.

I strongly believe that music is a complement to have a health, active, emotional and happy life. I´m sure that people have to have an ally when they decide to have a change in their life, and that is not my exception. When I decided to start with an active life in sports, I refuged in music, it was a good decision. It has been a new way in my life

The music has been my friend when I had had to run and when I had had to ride a bike, there are the sports that I practice, so, music it is the stimulant to drive people to get their goals. I definitely think that no matter what the situation is, music it is the best medicine in life.

Owing to this, the different kinds of music that people can use while there are doing exercise or practicing some sports, always will be a good option to have a better experience. Also, it can be a useful method of discipline. This is why I decided to take on this challenge in my life, so, I invite you to look forward and to find your best genre of music as an ally and part of a healthier life.

SALSA AND GLOBALIZATION Salsa is a global phenomenon this genre was borned in Santiago de Cuba and arrived in the 1900’s. I love this rhythm because they combine the Latin musical genres. When people hear salsa this music changes your mood and with the globalization in the planet this sensations are transmitted by people, creating a phenomenon in many places. For me, the variation of melodies that salsa has accompanies the different moments and puil out the spirit of the lover of this genre.

In salsa groups rhythms, the son cubano, jazz and other Caribbean music were mixed and this new genre conquered the evenings at mayor New York ballrooms. These sounds are created with different instruments like trumpets, timbales, piano, bongos, flutes, trombones and some others. The acceptation was wonderful, and many people became dancers and other melomaniacs. With the arrival of some groups and singers, for example, hector Lavoe, La Fania All Stars, Cheo Feliciano, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Ismael Rivera, Ruben Blades, salsa took glory.

The globalization is a social process that consists of the elimination of cultural barriers, social barriers and geographical barriers. Salsa was borned as music for all the classes, and for the world and with this phenomenon New York was that launched mixed these different rhythms with the modernity. When salsa was renewed, the Fania All Stars began the tour all over the world teaching salsa style in the five continents.

Salsa style created a good feeling in many places of the world. Their rhythms impacted this other cultures. For example, orchestra of the light, they are Japanese and took the Latin culture. Many people describe that when they listen to salsa the mood changes. This style actives the senses and generates a kind of liberty that is manifested by the dancer. When the deferent rhythms were mixed, the Salsa styles were born and with this event this music grew and conquered those countries where Hispanics live. Salsa is a way of life in many places because it represents beautiful melodies that are accompanied by a funny and artistic dance. Finally, many artists have composed the great successes of the international salsa. In my opinion, Salsa has revolutionized the music of the world because it has incentived and impulsed to new composers and singers to innovate and has added the genre new forms new ways to show the flavor of the Caribbean.

Colombian music is a clear demonstration of the diversity of culture in our country. In fact, traditional Colombian music can be divided into four district zones: The Atlantic (caribean) coast, the Pacific coast, the Andean region, and the Eastern Plains, although it is very common to find several musical styles within a single region, mainly due to different factors influencing the culture. For instance, the influence of indigenous elements, european and African is evident after a long process miscegenation that gives rise to Colombian people today, and because of this, there are many famous musical groups that express in their songs much of the essence of our culture.

MUSIC IN COLOMBIAN CULTURE First, I will talk about Caribbean music: This type of music is very cheerful and it has a very strong rhythm that invites you to dance. The instruments that are characteristic from this region are influence from the three races: Percussion instruments; are from African influence; flutes and bagpipes: that come from the Colombian influence; and diverse modern instruments like the accordion: that comes from Europe.

To this region belong: champeta, cumbia, Bullerengue, Mapale, Porro, Tambora and Vallenato. The last one being the Colombian musical rhythm that achieved more national popularity and it has great representatives of this genre like Carlos Vives, Jorge Celedon, that are known nationally and internationally. Certainly, Pacific region is the second region of Colombia with fewer habitants and most of them African-Colombian. Since the slaves who managed to escape from slavery, arrived at the Pacific and could live there in peace. This ethnic compositions are manifested in the music of this region that is the Colombian music with the purest African influence. This music is rhythmically, high in complexity and the instruments used in this region are mostly percussion. To this region belong: the Abozado Chocoano, Bunde, Contradanza Chocoana and Currulao, that means “cununao� which refers to African originated drums and which play an important role within the folklore of the Colombian Pacific Region. Herencia de Timbiqui and Choquibtown are groups that represent the culture of the Pacific Region and that have a great reception in our country and world wide. The music of the Andean region takes African and Indian rhythmic elements, but it has a very strong component of Spanish influence, that can be seen in the typical instruments that are mostly stringed.

One of the mos significant bambucos is “La Ruana” that was composed by Luis Carlos Gonzalez and José Macias. To this region belong: Bambuco, Guabina and Pasillo. On the other hand, the Eastern Plains is a cattle region by excellence and the life of the people of this region is around the cattle, the horses and the plain. An important detail about the Eastern Plains is that they are not located exclusively in Colombia, but in fact 60% of the plains are in Venezuela; due to this the folklore of the Plain is shared by Colombia an Venezuela. The Joropo is the most popular rhythim and represents manifestations of colonial music.

Finally, I want to talk about Colombians: we do not know our roots, we do not value them. However, The great number of Colombian famous singers and groups that allow us to know more about the essence of the Colombian regions, and they manage to mix the tradition of their people with modern music that have a great reception, it is recognized in Latin America and worldwide, such as a Shakira, Juanes, Herencia de Timbiqui, Carlos Vives, Andres Cepeda, Fonseca, Bomba Estereo, among others. My favorite musical groups are Choquibtown and Herencia de Timbiqui. Actually, I think that these groups manage to transmit the essence of the African-Colombian culture and makes it clear that tradition must continue to be presented and that it can be enriched by merging with other elements, such as the sound of Latin music, rock, jazz or funk, making this music transcend through the new generations.

Colombia’s Passion and Folk on the Coast Folk on the Colombian coast is one the most important in the country. It has been an interesting rhythm. However, a lot of people enjoy watching and dancing folk because folk has different sounds. For instance, Mapale; a traditional African combination with fishallegory if you like listening to folk, you can visit Barranquilla take particular advantage of Barranquilla’s Carnival.

The coast consistis of different departments: Atlantico, Bolivar, Cordoba, Cesar, Valledupar, Riohacha, Magdalena and San Andres. Spanish were the first people who populated the coastal area.Their outfil was smooth and cool nanadays. Men always wear a combination of shirt that emphasizes the colour and linen pants. Men wear “ veltiaos” hat that are very popular in the departments of: Bolivar where it is tradicional folk for example:white pants, white shirt and backpack, “Voltiao” hat and women wear large skits. Mapale was introduced by African slaves brought in ships by the Spanish.

The rhythm has characteristic typical African sounds. This is combination perfect of ours culture. Barranquilla’s Carnival is considered to be the most folk and cultural event of Colombia. If you want to participle in this Carnival that begins on the Saturday before the ashes Wednesday , when they begin the public holidays and it finishes on the next Tuesday. It is an event in which people express all the Cultural varieties and the folk of the Caribbean Colombian Coast, as the popular music and the dance. You can see a variety of traditional music and dances. Some of the most traditional customers of Barranquilla’s Carnival are the Marimonda, the scrawl, the Congo an the Monocukoo; The Cumbia is the main pace of the carnival, especially in the parades as the Battle of flowers and the great stop. Besides the Cumbia, the Mapales is outlined, pace that is based on the movements of a fish and where the woman and man move contracting the belly.

The Mapale is a dance of free pair. It is danced by short steps, intensive pace and constant hand clapping of the dancers. The routines begin with the formation of two individual rows one opposite to the other one, of men and women; to perform movements towards ahead and backwards. It continues with free and individual positions of exhibition of the men with the intention of pleasing their pairs, who turn and to correspond the clashes.

The movements are frantic and with ahigh place contained of eroticism. Those of the women are rather different and are outlined for being more exciting and erotic. In the compases, one speaks about a binary pace, with impressive percussion to two tones, with which the splendor of the pairs was looked by the help of the instruments, typical dance of the coast.

To conclude, If you want to have an amazing trip to Barranquilla, you have to come to Barranquilla’s Carnival, you are going to see how they are really traditional culture. Barranquilla’s Carnival is located in the best place for your holidays in the coast, and you enjoy walking around this place maybe you can try typical food, sometimes a lot of people learn about the carnival’s traditional music and dance. You can find a lot of rhythm, no matter if you don’t like it.

We all know that Colombia is a rich country in musical rhythms. Unfortunately, traditional instruments have been disappearing as time goes by. What do you know about it? Each traditional instrument has its own sound and size, also it can be found in just specialized regions of the country, each region has its instruments, rhythms and musical richness. In this article I am going to talk about the Pacific Music for its attractive and wonderful sound, it is going to help you recognize how marimba, cununo and guasรก, play a key role as pacific musical instruments.

Pacific region has been shaping its music with a mixture of cultures, such as indigenous communities that are living in the zone, African people that arrived as slaves to this zone bringing with them their traditional rhythms, and Spanish people who colonized the region 500 years ago. As a result, Pacific music has been mixed in the same pot during several centuries, religion, social fights, melancholy for their roots, and tragedy feeling for slavery and colonization suffered throughout its history. Have you ever heard all the pacific instruments playing together al the same time? Marimba is one of the most featured instruments of the Pacific culture, daily you can hear its sound playing on the radio or television.

It has usually rhythmic and slow sounds, its attractiveness catches your attention, making you want to stay in the same place for long time listening to its notes. This instrument looks like a wooden organette, with 24 boards, each one of 7 centimeters. It is made with different materials like chontaduro palm, chonta or macana. In addition, it is played with two sticks covered with rubber. Making its sound a spectacular experience charged of culture and tradition.

Another instrument is the cununos, you can find two types of cununos, once you recognized them you can distingue if it is a female or a male. The male one has a hoarse sound, and the female one has a loud and clear tone. Perhaps one of the biggest difference between it and a drum is the size, a cununo is bigger from 70 centimeters to one meter size, while a drum is around 55 cms lenght, it would be great if you can identify them and understand their sound differences. Cununos also are characterized for the material, it is made with balso wood and in the bottom part are opened.

Another instrument are the Guasas, they are small musical instruments, similar to a wooden tube. Their measure could be from 40 to 60 centimeters in length and up to 10 centimeters in diameter. Another important characteristic is their movement that goes from the top to the bottom, which generates a similar sound to rain, due to the pomegranates and seeds that they have inside. If you would like to listen to this music, do you know where to go? In Colombia, people used to listen chirimia, currulao, pango or anderele (these genders use all these instruments), in fairs and popular celebrations, but now people prefer to go to Petroneo in Cali, because it’s a festival that gathers all the music of the Pacific. And I hardly recommend you to go, because it’s a great opportunity to know all these Finally, If you don’t have rhythms. I hope you go there and opportunity to go to you can dance these mixture Petroneo, you can also between African and Colombian enjoy Pacific music in your rhythms. I’m crazy about the daily routine, for working, Pacific rhythms, especially to relaxing, reading or walking listen to traditional genres and at the park or in the forest I different types of music mixed suggest you to listen Bahía with modern notes and electronic Group or Herencia de music, groups like Chocquibtown Timbiquí. However, if you and Bahia are good examples of want to listen more lively or dancing music, have a it. look to Choquibtown.

MORE ABOUT COLOMBIAN MUSIC Colombia has many places that you can visit and you can listen to different types of music. For example in each city there are different lessons: salsa ,reguÊ, merengue etc. When you choose a city you learn new experiences and new music. If you travel a lot you need toto learn about the music. The music is a human inspiration. People use music in their Jobs, sports all time and different types of music. Music is very important around the world. People and children also like music. Relax you never get bored. San andres is famous for it’s caribean rhythms the Calipso socca, el reggae and churen music,all celebrated in may in the festival moon.the reggae in the decade of the xx century.

San andres has two important groupas The rebels home boys and solution and those are a mix between traditional and local music. Orange Hill , Mento and Calypso music gropu is more traditional.The island is conforted by formers and fishers in the zone orange. The reggae is a music genre ,the beginning of jaimaquino nowodays it is very diffused for all the world, this thythm and resident the island neighbour in Colombia perfrm as typical music.

The salsa was born in 1966 by Phidias Danilo escalona announcer venezuelean that gave the program “ The flavor time” in the 50’s it apperared Federico y su combo and was released to the market The salsa choke was born in the in 1966. Cali became village cali ,Cali is know the capital of salsa. The internationally like the capital global first group was “Fruko y the salsa. One new tipe of music was sus tesos” after the stole the show and boring in “La group “Niche” lead by sucursal del cielo” however a new Jairo Varela and Alexis type apperars , salsa choke. In cali the Lozano. In 1974 cuban salsa choke is same as salsa ,some burnalist Jose Pardo songs are La tusa, chichoki,El Llada suggest show that bochinche they arrived in 2008. the salsa is a musical Chichoki is a melody that mixture genre that was born. with other rhythm. This rythm was Salsa World called salsa choke in 2011 was championship organized expanded for all world with some by Jose Pardo Llada and team: Casanova ,Son de Vicente Gallego Blanco aka,chocquibtown, Cali flow latino. in that some year. In conclusión the three types of music are very interesting . The salsa choke and salsa are a kind of thet music that you can dance and are more know around the world. As the salsa choke in this momento is the type of music that is dreaming in all Colombia. It can be listened in the more traditional places of salsa , for example in La sucursal del cielo and clubs.

MUSIC AND DRUGS Drugs in the world are devil for the society and Colombia is not the exception because every day a lot of people are carring and managing for the drugs and sometimes some people mix the drugs with music. A good example is rock music, heavy metal, hardcore. In these genres it is common to see people addicted to drugs like cocaine, weed, heroin and stuff like that. These drugs produce changes in the personality. I can’t take drugs. I have never bought drugs but I love listening to rock music, metal. Anyway, my only drug is the beer. It is flavorful and addictive. As for me, the government does not have any solution to stop this problem. The consequences are heavy. Nowadays, I do not see results, every day I see a country with different problems. Drugs are a substance that are used to get obtein enjoyment. Futhermore these drugs produce changes in the personality.For example rude attitude, angryness, pushy, disrespectfulness.

The person does smokes drugs does not feel anything but when the moment passes they are pretty crazy and dangerous for the society. Sometimes, they need to steal to get more drugs. Smoking for many people is nice. I avoid trying this but I think, this is more a choice. I have no idea why a lot of people love this. However, the troubles are huge exactly in the System and the brain. These ilness are unrepairable. There are places that help people in drugs. A few people get over this crisis. It is a slow process but unfortunately some people continue consuming different drugs and damaging their bodies. On the one hand friends have to do with these problem. I have a friend that changed his life to talk to drug addicts.

In my humble opiniรณn, this is awful but for me and for my partnes it is impossible that my friend recovers but he is OK with me moreover he studies and he is a father. A very young father. By the way bad frinedships are harmful. In my case, I had cigarretes, cannabis in my hands but I have never smoken this. On the other hand, I love to smell tobaco, it smells terrific this is strange. In this topic there are a bunch of consequences like problems in their bodies. Also the people that do drugs lose their family, this is hard but it is the truth. Maybe the girlfriend. These people are a kind of zombies. The face changes, the chest and the legs are very thin. This is a torture for these people when they start to overcome the addiction. From y point of view those people have anemic. I think that our community tries to avoid this problem but there are always results, I mean, zero results.

Lately, some people try to find solutions, it is good like rehabilitation centers, campaigns, presentations, games for relax, anything. Finally, I think that it is not neccesary to change the family, the common habits in our lives just because of stupids things, it is bad I want that the people only listen this genre of music and enjoy every moment without drugs, it is easy, it is not impossible but some people confuse the rock music with other things. In my opiniรณn the music is a thing awesome, you could relaxing, kick off your stress, free your mind of way healthy.

The rock and roll is my favorite music genre. You can dance it and play it, in a camp. You can play only with a guitar, bongoes and a flute if you want. This genre is very comfortable for all likes. You live a new experience when you play it or sing it with your Friends. This music genre usually is conformed by the drums, guitars, bass and piano. It’s very listened in the USA. In that country the rock and roll was born and this genre was very listened in the 80’s and 90’s .The bands most listened in those years were: Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin and Queen. If you ask me I prefer to listen to it in concerts and when I travel with my Friends. I believe that this genre shows to you what happens in real life and you can have fun with this kind of music.

Queen is a rock and roll band formed in 1970 in London by the guitarist Mercury and the drummer Royer Taylor, with the bassist John Deacon. The band was noted for its musical diversity vocal harmonies and de corporate public participation during their live performances. It’s considered a band of great influence in the development of Rock and Heavy Metal and the band put a Little of Glam rock. Progressive, Rock, Folk, Blues and Pop. They have 15 studio albums, 7 live albums and numerous compilations. And as a curious fact, all Queen members have written a song that has been number one as a single, including the drummer Roger Taylor, who composed Radio Ga Ga and A Kind Of Magic.

Led Zeppelin was a British hard rock group Founded in 1968 by the guitarist Jimmy Page; he included the band at John Paul, Jones as bassist and keyboard player, the vocalist Robert Plant and John Bonham Drummer. Led zeppelin played a Little of blues, Rock and Roll, Soul, Celtic music, Indian music, Folk and the country. It’s the second band with more discs of diamond of the music history just behind the Beatles.

Guns n roses is a hard rock band from United States founded in Hollywood in 1985 and it was founded by Axl Rose and the rhythmic guitarist Izzi Stradlin. The actual formation of the band is conformed by the vocalist Axl Rose, the rhythmic guitarist Richard Fortus, in the keyboard Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese, the drummer Frank Ferrer, in the bass Duff McKagan and the lead guitar Slash. Those last ones are considered the classical members of the band and 23 years later they got together again the band has sold more than one hundred million of albums all around the world. These bands were very influential for many generations of youth, because their songs talk about many problems that the youth has and they were like a voice, thy were a way to express their selves and sometimes to protest about many things sometimes politics as for me is very complete way to express myself and to relax and I like it because it Works for any moment of your life These bands were very influential for many generations of youth, because their songs talk about many problems that the youth has and they were like a voice, thy were a way to express their self and sometimes to protest about many things sometimes politics as for me is very complete way to express myself and to relax and I like it because it Works for any moment of your life

I love her music, she has a wonderful voice that alone She did can do in time and in that genre. She did make feel diferents emotions. When you are in this situation of loneliness and depression. I recomeded listen to this music for its contents, Her personal story is interesting for me because even though her sad life, she always desmostrated be good, happy without regard as She feeled with her lyrics identify the search feminist, also, She was considÊrate the most important Singer in the Rock and Roll and blues genre in the 60 s. Jorma Kaukonen and his wife She was born in January 19 th of Margaret, with whom She 1943 in Port Arthur Texas, She recorded the Blues home was a Rock and Blues american made and She started in the sonwriter, She studied in Austin drugs world. Rock lover but University, Where She made her also Flock and Blues, style first incursion in the university that She practiced in solitary music world. Some interesting on in her life because She Joplin, is when She was 15 years Dosen’t have tru Friends but despite that, Joplin She started by acting in clubs. influenced by big singers as Since 1963, She made her home Odetta and Bessie Smith and in San Francisco where she lived by magnificent soul Singer Otis Redding. with Guitarrist


Janis Joplin was a Big Brother & The Company’s vocalist, Thanks to that, She was too popular in 1967, That situation motivated to crating her own musical band called ”The Full Tilt Boogie Band”, with Joplin dubbed as “The Kosmic Witch”, Song in that band, open the door to succes for that group whos enjoyed a good name, appeared in the Best Festival as Monterey Pop and Woodstokc. However, even though she was celebreted, her personal Story was submerging in drugs, sex and alcohol. In 1969 She launched “I Got Dem Ol’Kosmic Blues Again Mama” her first record. In 1970, She createdwith Paul A. Rotchild “The Pearl” next to “Full Tiit Boogie”. Joplin died in October 04 TH of 1970 by an overdose of heroin was her cause of death.

The personal story of Joplin, taught me that perseverance and passion for I do things, can be possible with dedication and purpose, It hasn’t always easy accomplish with goal out, but the most important isn’t defeat.

Janis always liked vents her sorrows permorm her lyrics how for example the next to ten songs: Call on me (Big Brother & The Holdin Company) Down on me (live). (Big Brother & The Holdin Company) Piece of my heart. (Big Brother & The Holdin Company) Ball and chain. (Big Brother & The Holdin Company) Summertime. (Big Brother & The Holdin Company) Turtle blues (Big Brother & The Holdin Company) Try (Just a Little bit Harder). Mercedes Benz Geting while you can Me & Bobby McGee. Joplin for my, Was an excelent woman Singer of the 60s, because in spite of time and her story joplin motivated feminist by herselves, also, She did put her heart and soul into her concerts without regard her mood.

Enrique Bunbury is a vocalist, his music is kind of rock and roll and other styles of music. In his adolescence he had a group named “Heroes del silencio” and wrote a lot of songs, the most famous was “La chispa adecuada”. This group was famous because they were controversial with the press, with the time and after his songs were a success, he separated apart from his band and continued his career in solitary. Currently, he is a good artist because he is a heavyweight artist shocking the world with his wonderful lyrics and he has a lot of songs that have impacted and impressed with his voice color. He hopes to create a change in the people with his songs of his new album “Palosanto” where it seeks to raise awareness. First, I will talk about how the lyrics can behind this shell and enjoying this influence the lyrics thanks to his paradoxes and community. The vast some people find even personal majority of their lyrics meaning in his letters. are very complex because, they bring with them a double intention, masking his lyrics that anyone will not understand but, that only people who have the wit, they will understand the essence

The song more important and are more known for everybody is “La chispa adecuada”. This song talks about of what feelings he feels thanks to her and how he can flatter him very subtly. Among other lyrics, we can find that the vast majority of his lyrics are not only an idea that is captured but, always his intention is to decorate the words to carry to the maximum possible lever his letters to more metaphorical image in his letters like a book that anyone would enjoy reading, he environment that Enrique Bunbury transmits is like a romantic for his poetic letters, also environment a festival thanks to his song crazy. He created one album with the name “Palosanto” and this songs talk about the how people can open to the eyes and shed of the problems with the government and not be left to control of the This artist is very good for government, he wants to transmit people who like literature, liberty and revolution with his new poetry, subtle and which songs. A curious fact is that he generates double meaning changed drastically his style that and intrigue, thanks to his always had but, actually this new acoustic, rhythm, will songs are very good because the allow anyone who hears a comfort and environment that generates these feeling new songs are a bit of what everyone who wants to generated Bunbury before a know, will enjoy his music to the fullest, also, this slightly reflective atmosphere. artist change my life because this music motivate me.

Michael Jackson Since 1964, Michael Jackson began his career. From this moment, his life and his music have been very important in the music’s world. Michael Jackson was a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, record producer, businessman, and philanthropist. Called “The king of pop”. He got a lot of honors and awards for his music and his humanitarian aid. I consider that Michael Jackson is the most important artist of pop, because all his life he made his music like art, and he influenced a lot of singers to create good music. Here you will read some things about his life and some controversial cases he had. Michael Jackson was born on August 29th 1958, the eighth child of the Jackson family. He grew up with three sisters: Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet. And five brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy. Michael Jackson had a terrible relationship with his father, Joe, because Joe abused Michael physically and emotionally. I thing that his relationship with his father was important to some of his problems and changes in Michael Jackson’s life but if that wasn’t so his life would have been completely different.

His first marriage was on May 1994 with Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, the marriage ended two years later. In 1996 he got married with Debbie Rowe, then three months later Rowe gave birth to his first son, Michael Joseph Jackson then was known as Prince (February 1997). One year later his daughter was born, Paris Michael Katherin Jackson (April 1998), in 1999 the marriage ended. His third son born in 2002. Prince Michael Jackson II. Michael Jackson changed his appearance because he was diagnosed with vitiligo in 1984. The treatments he used for his condition further lightened his skin tone, and the application of an special makeup to even out blotches he could appear pale. He was accused in two cases for child sexual abuse, the first was in 1993 by Jordan Chandler and his father, Evan Chandler, the second was in 2003 when in the documental “Living with Michael Jackson� he was seen from the hand of a young boy named Gavin Arvizo. But in both cases Michael Jackson was found guilty. Since I was a child, I have listened to Michael Jackson and I have read about his life, despite all his controversy I really like his music because he never stopped to create the best songs. In some of his songs he says the importance to help the world and to take care of our children and for me these two things are really important.

La fete de la musique a funny festival for the music lovers Fete de la musique or make music day is an annual music celebration taking place on june 21st. This festival was born in France, the concept is all day a musical celebration in the streets and different concerts around the city, named after “The music everywhere and the concert nowhere� This festival has an interesting purpose and became very popular around the Word. First, the professional musicians and amateurs play music in the streets and in unusual places, everybody can listen to them for free. Second, right now fete de la musique is celebrated in more than 120 countries. Finally, if you would like to participate as assistant or musicians you can follow some recommendations. This musical day has a non This festival has been lucrative purpose spirit. The celebrated for 35 times in performances are free, for the France, it gets together all amateur musician is also the people: those who listen to opportunity to show their music, those who play it, abilities, the musicians professionals or amateurs, encourage the public in places small and big. Fete de la which are not traditional for musique is addressed to all concerts like metro stations, the public and contributes to museums, hospitals, public familiarize in all the musical buildings, etc. The people can walk through the streets to expressions, classic and new. visit each show and you can attend to the one you select.

The festival has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 700 cities in 120 countries, including, India, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Japan. In Bogotรก this festival is also celebrated in two days to promote different cultural expressions. In previous occasions the festival has convened more of 60.000 persons in different places like in historic center, malls and parks. Fete de la musique permis than the amateur musicians participate in the festival, but there are some general rules you should follow: you need to find a place which could suit to your project. It is recommended to choose several places because the demand can be refused of reasons safety, tranquility, law and order or if it is already reserved. In a private place, you should ask for the authorization and for the collaboration of the owner. If the realization of your project requires financial supports, you need to find them by yourself. If you want to attend to different presentations it is necessary to look for the programming and choose a route for better appreciate each performance. For all these reasons fete de la musique is the biggest global music event, the concept attracts the attention those who love the music and enjoy dancing and listening. Today, there are a lot of countries in the world than celebrate this music festival on every June 21st to live together the celebration of a universal language: The Music. And everyone can show theirs talents in different places. You should be part of this amazing celebration

CONCERT HALLS If you love the music, perhaps any time on your life, you stay in a concert or an event related to music. It is fascinating to know about the spaces that offer good experiences when you enjoy your favorite genre. There are a lot of types of buildings that contain a concert halls or only have this function, and depending on the event needs. Now I present the spaces around buildings and interesting places in the world that show the importance of better constructions and experiences in our lives. I am utterly convinced that this will improve your experience in the next concert.

A concert Hall is a place that offers an activity oriented to music. Not in all cases, the activity can change and still it is good for theater, dance or other spectacles. Is important to say, that the stage requirements satisfy: acoustics, comfort (spectator, actors and artist). Referring to this, it is necessary that the building has spaces to satisfy all types of users.

For that, the program of building (no matter other uses) want spaces like 1. Backstage: spaces dedicated for performers and artists that serves to develop the show. 2. Stage: space to develop show and performance, the main feature in this space is the light an acoustics, it will be clear, functional and allow transformations. 3. Auditorium. Contains the seating and circulations for the public, the visibility are the main characteristics. 4. HALL. This space is to receive the public and distribute to auditorium or out of building, have a filter function. Those are the minimum requirements in spaces that was make better concert halls. The concert halls are not unique spaces that may presents concerts, There are many types of buildings that convert the uses for make better scenes for concerts, like stadiums, theaters, parks and churches. These places, for instance, the concerts at stadiums depend on the magnitude and number of viewers. Many people think that pop music concerts are developed in big scenaries, but it is not a rule. The advantage in stages less than 500 viewer it is the quality of sound and comfort.

Around the world we may enjoy emblematic constructions now i present some buildings that maybe result interesant. The first for me, the most iconic building of this type of constructions is the philharmonic in berlin, built by architect Hans Scharoun at 1960, the seating offer a good disposition for apreciate a concert in all positions, and the stage are located at center of space, brings to public and artist a special atmosphere.the second build are the Disney concert hall in Los Angeles California. Designed by frank Gehry, the first piece of his particular style that consider an sculpture evocative to music. another construction in another context is a Metlife Stadium in new Jersey, this stadium offer multiples uses like sports concerts and conventions, the complexity and size, there develops event like superbowl that combine sports shows and concert at the same time.

Finally the knowledge about the concert halls at first look result nothing interesant but maybe result useful to travel and improve your knowledge about general culture and music. Explore the different alternatives to know places and be more critic with our environment.

When I get in this event I feel good because it is really my passion: it sets me free. When the competition starts it is emotional. Seeing the car with all instruments. The drivers know about the topic and speak about the experience in the process and modifications of the car, and the audio is great. The car audio is for the people that feel excited to listen to music when they go on the road and they want to enjoy the music with: higher quality, emotion and realism. So, it appeared we know as the “car audio.” The car audio needs different techniques and instruments to improve the sound quality, and people can participate in car audio’s event, so we need to know about some basic concept and we will understand, What do drivers do? How can we do it?

“Car Audio y Rock Festival” is the event most important in Colombia, and Latin America for car sound. The next festival will be on January, 27-28-29, 2017 and they will celebrate the 21th edition of it. Also, there will be the presentation of the final XXII national championship of sound on wheels, and there are three categories that will participate: “Sound Quality”, “Open Show” and “Tuning”.

In the competition IASCA International Auto Sound Challenge Association- is the official entity to head everything related to it. And its goal is to promote in the world the car audio industry. Also, it is part of the decision when there are competitions and they decide who the winner is. In the world there are different types of competition depending on the category, the cars, the elements and the drivers. There are official competitions in different cities and small towns but also there are street events and they have their own rules. There are different types of competition: Rookie, Amateur, Pro, Ultimate and each there are subdivisions. Rookie is the first time of the competitor and there is a special event “Clase 1 Rookie� to welcome

beginners. Amateur is between 1-4 time in the competition, they can make more modification inside the car. Pro, in this all competitors of the industry, or non-industry and can make a higher level modifications to the vehicle. The last one, UltĂ­mate: all competitors can make the highest level of modification in the car. Each category has to designate different cars as: Hatchback, Sedan, Van, Montero, Prado, Cherokee, Renault 4, Renault 6, Renault 12 break, Renault 18 break, Fiat 147, Fiat Uno. 2

IASCA is the entity designated to judge the audio quality, electronic format competition, etc., and, there are criteria as: safety, integrity, manufacturing, and creativity, knowledge about building.

And there are distinct ways to assessment or sound judging; as the tonal features: 4 frequency ranges: sub bass, mid bass, mid and treble. Also, to assess the instruments pertaining to each one of the bands: Intensity: it is the magnitude of auditory sensation produced by the sound. Pitch: It is the subjective quality of a sound that determines its position on a musical scale. Timbre: It is the interaction of the harmonics of a sound, which give the same its sonic architecture. Modulation: It is the variation of amplitude, phase or frequency that can happen on a sound. Duration: it is sound persists after its attack. Attack and decay: These are times to take a sound to reach pre-established levels in increasing and decreasing sense respectively. So, the best audio must be articulated, free of distortion and easily identifiable. Judges should concentrate on evaluating the human voice, metal instruments, wind and string, bass notes of bass, electric, and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, piano, small drums. Tonal precision of system, audio spectrum and natural fluid. What to listen to? IASCA has an official CDs with the notes included in the booklet that allow the judges a fast and precise evaluation of the width of the scene. But, when the competition is not official or there are street events normally they listen to electronic music, or depending on the rules and the music: reggaeton, vallenato, ranchera, rock.

We will do a brief description of the car Audio components: The Head Unit: the sound source is CD Radio, multimedia player. It is responsible for reading the music (CD, USB, iPod, radio, etc.) it converts the music in an electrical signal. The amplifier: The amplifier increases the power of the audio signal. But, if we want is a highlevel equipment, we will have help of an external amplifier will be essential to try a better sound, depth, realism and dynamic. Speakers: The speakers convert the electrical signal from amplifier, into a mechanical movements of the cone, then, this movement against air cone just translating into sound pressure variations, and therefore into audible sound. So, the speakers are known as drivers, and there are different types: individual speakers; Tweeter: it is designed to reproduce high pitched sounds or high audio frequencies; Woofer: it is designed to reproduce midrange and bass sounds. Subwoofer: it is designed to produce sub bass sounds.

Car audio is an emotional event in which the fans can participate in the most creative event of sound on wheels and other topic related to it. The preparation to participate is difficult and accurate because the audio must be perfect in all frequency ranges. And the instruments are key to have a good sound, it is important because each category has rules, each car has a number of speakers, woofers and subwoofers and each competition of car audio can be in official events or in the street; it has rules to assessment techniques and instruments. IASCA is promoted different event in the world but also there are competition on the street, so each drivers can choose their category, event, elements and music. Car audio is an emotional event to listen to music with a great sound, realism and you can feel all the emotions in few seconds.

I like motorcycles and I love the music. This is my topic.When you look at a motorcycle on the road. Do you think about their music? I think of people with Harleys. They are very heavy in the case of them, I think that people are very angry and serious and in other cases, for instance, the people with motorcycles are very fast and large. I feel that people are bold and risky and they listen to electronic music. It’s fantastic. Additionally, at the competition that people focuses in his race. I don’t know, what they listen to pop, rock, country or classic, it is possible. But when you search for them, you find and discover that people have different styles of music and I should discover and explain this. In conclusion, for me I feel that people are judged by an image but it isn’t the idea, you should know more of this topic. Do you know a car audio? You know that there is a category for motorcycles and their sound. In


this first it is classified by the motorcycle and then by the amount of speakers that it can store and the maximum volume that reaches, there are different ways of putting the speakers for example on scooters the speakers are under the seat and if the bikes are bigger they can be put in different places; the source that produces all this is the electrical system and obviously consumes enough gasoline.

In most cases bikes Harleys are in These events are groups or fraternities in which seek made around out rolling by long stretches of Colombia may be road and travel long-term with legal and illegal. To motorcycles and most of these get into these groups listen to different kinds of events you must be music in which the most known is invited by the rock. someone. These These groups have a great events are toon community. For instance, I find out secure in the event about the group “Las Cobras” I saw that they are illegal. this group four month ago on the On Facebook you road to Guatavita, Cundinamarca. can find This group takes leather jackets information about which have the symbol “the guns them but they do and roses” with a big cobra in the not say where the background and in their large next stop will be. motorcycles with speakers You have to find out listening to good old rock. This and to compete you group based on listening to good just have to go and old rock and drive their bikes by try your motorcycle road. with the others. All in all, types of music listened by motorcycles are varied and depend on the class of motorcycle because there are a lot of kinds. For instance, people in competitions with their motorcycles depend on the type of motorcycles and what we do or the groups to which they belong to. For example, the groups of Harleys; an example is “Las Cobras” but I don’t know much and remember don’t judge a book for the cover..

LEARNING WITH MUSIC The magazine ¨semana¨ published an article about music and how it is a too for teachers when they want that their students learn new things so the music is an ally in the educational process and their effects have something the music is a form of expression however it can open minds and make you see it is easier. For that reason when I think of music as a teacher I can see all the opportunities that I have to improve the process that I am carrying with my children and helping with their learning.

It is important to know that when the body feels the music it reacts in a way that for a lot of people have been a research method for that reason, when the person listens to different rhythms, melodies and harmonies his or her body changes and allows to receive and deals with all that you want. All this happens because the body releases ¨dopamina¨ that travels along in the body and this creates spaces for learning and if you are a teacher it is the moment for your children to learn and enjoy the classes.

When we talk about learning we arrived to a very interesting topic because it is there when you know if the child learned.

As a teacher you have a lot of strategies to work an a topic in different ways; the best and easiest is the music you find memory attention and movement among other functions. For children it is easier to process information when they learn with music because the music facilitates memory and works the long-term memory and I can assure that your classes will be the best if you want an excellent process it doesn't matter what the subject is Math, Spanish, English etc. You need to use the music as a way the learning. Now I am a teacher and I can say that my children learn easier when they have a song to remember the things that we worked on the previous class. We work on more songs in English because it is the idea in the school but I have seen that in all the To sum up the music was subjects it is important to created by singers as a tool work with music because that not only to get distracted children learn easier they in the free time but also to remember and it creates a help with the educational space for learning that process if you are a teacher children enjoy and that when however, it is important to you evaluate you can be sure know the benefits that that the child learned. I bringing the learning for consider that the music and children it is a combination the learning are the perfect prefect because you have broken paradigms and you combination for a teacher. teach in different ways and you can become life.


The benefits of the music on babies and children are amply shown. You can know how, during the pregnancy you can stimulate your baby with music. The baby can hear from the 20th week of pregnancy, for that reason although the baby cannot understand the words from his mother yet, it is advisable to talk to him, because in this period he will get to gain the musicality, the tone and the feel of his mother give in her words.

On the other hand, some researches shows us that all the feelings from the mother are transmitted to the baby in seconds, feelings like fears, Angers and stress and those originate bad chemists hurting the baby. But it happens with bad feelings and good feelings too. The music has many good benefits on humans like: it helps fight against the pain, it relaxes us, it reduces the blood pressure, it stimulates the dream, and it helps fight against the depression, among others, and all these wellness’s feelings are also transmitted to the baby. Additionally, some scientist studies affirm that the baby is able to remember for a year the melodies that he had listened while he was in the belly of his mother.

So, what kind of music is the best during the pregnancy? After studying many years the reactions of the fetus with the music, the English researcher Michele Clements concluded that the baroque music, especially the harmonics and spehight-pitched sounds of Vivaldi and Mozart are calm and relaxing for the baby. The Clément’s conclusions was affirming with the Don Cambbell searches, author of the book “Mozart effect”, in this book he describes the experiments that show, ho the music of the Austrian composer, and in general the baroque music stimulates the new connections of the neurons in the brain of the baby, because it is rich in symmetries and recurring models, and these allow to develop the left hemisphere and the right to complete his functions.

Its rhythms and its melodies stimulate the creativity and the zone of the brain, specialized to strengthen the motivation in the baby. But, if you ask me, I can say that you can listen to any kind of music that you like, if it makes you feel good. Your baby will feel good too.

Everyone some time passes for relationships and all that you do with your couple is beautiful and special; you go out to eat, play sports, go to the cinema, or watch movies in your home. You can do a lot of things together and spend some wonderful moments, but one day your girlfriend or boyfriend says the typical words “I need to talk with you” and you know what the meaning of these words is. It is moment to say goodbye to the relationship. You know which the solution to the problem is? You need to listen to music; you should listen to these stages of your life? I have some song that you could listen to. So you feel better and you don’t cry, or maybe you cry, but you don’t have a problem with that, because this is normal. Everyone cries when they break with her or his couple

SONGS FOR BROKEN HEARTS First, you need to learn about your relationship. In most of relationships there is lack of confidence and this is the big problem. Because if a couple does not have confidence they do not have a stable relationship and it is the cause to break with your partner. Have you ever been with the wrong person? Have you given you heart to a callous person? But it happens to all of us. After that you may feel alone and depressive. But you can not finish your life in this moment. You need someone sweet and charming that makes your life a little more fun. Would you like to listen to music in these cases? Maybe in this text you will find the solution to feel better and less unhappy.

I would like to say that the music transports you to another world. A better world, where only you are and the words. However, you need to listen to music but not whatever kind of music. The best music for these cases by reason if you listen to music this remembers you about your ex-boyfriend and exgirlfriend and we don’t want this. To explain better you should listen to more exciting and less depressive music. The music helps you feel good, in some moments to identify yourself with some songs. I mean, it depends on which kind of genre of music you listen to, if you like to feel sad maybe you can listen to Adele, “someone like you” I’m sure if you listen to this song you will cry, or listen to Yelsid and you will dance.

When you listen to music, you feel the song, because some time it identifies you with this one. You can feel how your heart is hurt with each sentence and you do not conform with this, listen to more songs, but you need to stop to feel bad and you have to overcome this. A lot of people have been through this stage. Have you ever listened to Taylor swift? She is an amazing singer and she is a specialist in songs for hurt hearts.

The music causes a big effect in the feelings. For that I recommend her. Another singers that I recommend are a Adela, Carla Morrison, Yelsid, sin Bandera, Maelo Ruiz and more. They are incredible singers and they have one thing in common: their songs are for people with the broken heart, to dedicate, to cry or plainly to say goodbye. So, if you at some point of your life, you have been sad for a person, it is not a problem, the only thing that you need to do is to listen to music, a lot of music, this encourages your life. The music is the best solution for your soul. You should try leaving everything back and going ahead, without any memories in your head, and being happier than ever before.

THE REPTILIAN MUSIC Some people believe ( like me ) that outside the earth there are another forms of life like Martians or Aliens, some do not believe it, but what if I say to you that I’ve Heard music created by Reptilians ? Would you believe me? I think not, just think how it could be, maybe it has something strange inside, like a message or it could be a big lie created by humans let’s see this interesting topic.

There are many things you can find on the internet, specially about aliens, OVNIS and stuff we are interested specifically in the music from the out of the earth or the outer space like martians or in this case a kind of aliens; the reptilians. The Reptilians are a myth from the internet that explain a kind of raze tan comes from the space and is into us hidden taking the appearance of a human or living under the earth controlling us through the television or the music.

I was searching on the internet for a new kind of music to listen to, something strange, something different and I found a theory about some people that created a band named: The Reptilians like the raze from the outer space but the members of the band look like humans, maybe some serious or like a robot. That band (The Reptilians) just has one album, with twelve single songs, strange songs with rare instruments and no voices. We do not know what they want to say, maybe it could be something to control us. Some people say that if you listen to this strange music you start turning angry.

In my humble opinion the reptilians exist you just have to see the signals and listen to much about this things, read and explore, and as for me this kind of music do not make you angry but turn you like a robot with no emotions.

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