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In this magazine be show all the compositions than we made in this grade. Also there is a composition than describes me, it describes my likes, leisure, my favorite sports, etc. Some compositions speak about me, my family, mi favorites places, mi pet, and etcetera. I invite you to watch and read these compositions.

This work helped me because thanks to this, I memorized some words than I don't use or are new words in my vocabulary Also I can improve my orthography, grammatical rules, consistent sentences, sentences more long than others and many rules more.

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Hello! My name is Jorge and I am from Mexico I need English at university, because I study Spanish and Letters. I can talk on the web cam, messenger, email, phone or letter. In my leisure, Iisten to music or practice basketball. If you contact me, my full name is Jorge Reynoso and my address is Prol. Progreso Sur, Mexico D.F. My email is Good bye.

The days starts at 8:00 o'clock also the school day typically starts at 8:00 o'clock. People have lunch at 3:00 o'clock or 4:00 o´clock. At 7:00 o'clock or 8:00 o'clock people have dinner. In the middle of the afternoon, shops and business are open until 9:00 o'clock or 9:30 pm. At 10:00 o'clock or 11:00 o'clock people go to bed.

This is my pet. His name is Jack, he is about five years old. He likes to eat cookies and chocolate, he also he likes play with a ball in the park, he doesn´t like sleep on the bed, he likes to sleep on the floor.

He´s mi cousin Raul Emanuel, he´s 13 years old. He studies in the secondary school , he likes to play basketball also his favorite hobby is to watch the T.V. or documentaries of dinosaurs. He likes to listen to rock music and rock pop music, he is very special for me.

Hi John! I write this letter because I need you help me. My family will go to Italy this weekend and they don`t have where sleep. They can sleep in your house? Only is a week. My family is my mother and my grandmother: My mother´s name´s Alicia She likes cook and learn new cymbals. She likes Italian food. My grandmother´s name´s Alicia too My grandmother likes the clothing and exotic shoes. She doesn´t like the Italian clothing. Can you guide my family in Italy? They like the European architecture, the museums, monuments (Tower of Pisa, Roman Coliseum), the shops, the restaurants and the typical food. Can you visit these places with my family and be a guide? Please John P.D. They love the museums and Italian history.

Dear Jose I’d like to know some information about the apartment to rent. My family and I going to visit Veracruz beach. We plant to stay from December 14th to December 21st. we need two small rooms. Could you send us a photo of the rooms? Also we need the rooms with kitchen, bathroom, internet access, fridge and T.V. Are there any in the rooms? I’d like more information, for example: How far is it from the beach? Does the hotel have a swimming pool? Does the hotel have car park? Please send the information at my email. Best wishes

It’s a program for Young public. It has may topics, for example, has a section for musical videos, documentaries, concerts, series, also always is transmitted from a baccalaureate school and the students can participate with the conductor. It’s on channel 11.2 at 2:30 every day and on 11 but only weekends. I recommend it, because the topics are interesting for us, and it`s funny.

I saw your advertisement for computer courses. I would like to apply for a course in computer. I’m interested in the course, because I like to change my studies and for homeworks. I study English in the school. I have a lot of experience of online learning, also I’m available for telephone, internet, email, letter or webcam interview. I can talk from Monday to Friday, from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Best wishes Jorge Reynoso

Hello My name is Jorge Reynoso, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Mexico. My cousins have a restaurant in Mexico, and I cook with my cousins in the kitchen. I can cook cakes, spaguetti, also Mexican food. I can cook tacos, pozole, chilaquiles and more. I like to cook food and talk with the people, also I’m efficient. I would like to work with you in your restaurant. Best wishes

This happened three years ago when we were at mountains on holiday. We arrived at the lake and the weather was fantastic. But in the afternoon the weather was very bad, the weather in the mountains changed very quickly. At night, the weather was bad too. The next day in the morning we decided to go to the hotel. The weather in the hotel was very good.

Jorge Reynoso

Last 19th February opened the book fair. In this event the UNAM organized a campaign to promote reading among young university students. In this fair participated people such as the president of CONACULTA and the secretary of public education, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The rector of UNAM, JosĂŠ Narros Robles opened the fair. He spoke about the progress in reading which is slow and insufficient. In the fair participated more than 600 editorials and more than 300 authors.

I travel by bus, sometimes by car. For work I usually use the metro because the traffic is very heavy. I use the taxi for the capital city. Sometimes there is no traffic and the journey is faster. But usually traffic is horrible. When I need to travel between cities the best option is the bus. It’s fast and cheap. I really love to travel by bus.

The Mexican Independence In September, people visit the Zocalo. There is a festival in Mexico City. In this event many people go to see the military parade, military airplanes, soldiers, and more. I like to travel by bus, but is very slow, by car too. A good option is to travel by metro, it is fast and cheap. The metro is faster than the car. I like the Mexican festival, I like to see it.