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Jorge Raedó email: Finland: +35 8(0)445566041 Spain: +34 687585758 skype: jorge.raedo

Jorge Raedó was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1969. He lives in Helsinki. Main works on arts education for children and youth: Currently is director of the project “Rakennetaan kaupunki!”, premiere: March 2012_Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki ( Cofounder and member of the net “What is A? Arts education for children and youth” ( Founder and director of the project “What is Architecture?” ( Main works on theatre for children and youth: Direction, set, costumes: “Have I None” by Edward Bond (Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona 2003). Set, Costumes and lights: “Gàbia” by Cia Frec a Frec (Granollers 1999). Translations into Spanish: Edward Bond: Have I none, The Children, At the inland sea, Eleven Vests. Advisor on arts education for children and youth: X Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Docomomo Iberia. Main works on theatre: Direction and playwright: “Leocadia” by Jorge Raedó (La Cuina, Barcelona. 2000). Direction, set and costumes: “Teatro para minutos” by Juan Mayorga (Teatre de L´Escorxador, Lleida. 2006). Costumes: “Quatre estacions” by Joan Baixas (Teatre Lliure, Barcelona. 2001). Dramaturgy: “Evitant quedar-nos immòbils en els racons de les nostres habitacions” by Atolladero Teatro (Sitges Teatre Internacional. 2003). Translations into Spanish: plays by David Mamet, Chejov-Mamet, Samuel Beckett, Sarah Kane, Richard Foreman. Main works on visual and spatial arts: Photography: “Swsus serie”, workshop and collective exhibition at Celfeden, Wales. “Lonjer serie”, workshop and collective exhibition at Arteden, Lonjer, Trieste. Painting: Drawings for the film “Mercados de futuros” directed by Mertxe Alvarez, 2011. “Architecture serie”, Charcoal on paper, 30 x 40 cm. Architecture: “Garden of Mist”, Idensitat Competition 2006, Calaf, Barcelona, in collaboration with Solange Dalannais. “Teatre Tantarantana: partial renovation”, Barcelona, built 2003-06. “Pine forest: Plaça de Brugada, La Barceloneta_Barcelona”, finalist, Competition Racons Públics organized by Foment de les Arts Decoratives 2003. “Marea”, third prize, Streets Christmas Lighting Competition, Barcelona, in collaboration with Jesús Vázquez, 2002. Main works as teacher: Teachers education: Visiting teacher, Helsinki University_Faculty of Behavioural Sciences_Department of Teacher Education. Visual theatre: Visiting teacher at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (second cicle). Theatre-Architecture: Visiting teacher at Escola Tècnica Superior d´Arquitectura de Barcelona (third cicle). Design for children: Visiting teacher at Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona. Studies: Theatre: Graduated in Stage Direction and Playwriting from Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Architecture: three courses at the Escola Tècnica Superior d´Arquitectura de Barcelona and at the Università di Architettura_La Sapienza of Rome. Karate: schools Kushin-kai and Shito-Ryu, 1981-91.

October 15th, 2011



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